OLIVER SHARPLESS GUTHRIE JR. was born in Camden, New Jersey on August 19, 1875 to Oliver S. Guthrie and his wife, the former Mary Matilda "Tillie" Bennett. He was the oldest of five children, coming before Theodore F. "Dorrie" Guthrie, Mary D. Guthrie, Frank F. Guthrie, and Samuel F.B. Guthrie. The 1878 City Directory states that Oliver Guthrie lived at 536 Liberty Street. The 1880 Census shows the family living at 512 Kaighn Avenue, with elder Guthrie employed as a "shoe worker", probably for John Baker, the proprietor of a shoe business who lived next door. The 1881 and 1883 City Directory has the family at 1134 Newton Avenue. City Directories from 1885 to 1887 show the family at 512 Chestnut Street. Oliver Guthrie Sr. built a shoe factory in the 500 block of Kaighn avenue in 1886. By 1888 the Guthries had moved across the street to 511 Chestnut Street, where they stayed through 1893. The 1894 Directory shows the family at 524 Kaighn Avenue. The elder Guthrie was working as carpenter. Oliver Jr. is listed as a stone cutter, while brother Theodore shows up as a laborer. When the 1896 Directory was compiled the Guthries were at 1156 Baring Street. Oliver Guthrie Jr. was then working as a shoemaker. another move in 1897 took the family to 1029 South 5th Street. Between 1897 and 1914 Oliver Guthrie Jr. worked at different trades, including an enlistment in the United States Army during the Spanish-American War. The 1900 Census shows the Guthrie Family at 1117 Baring Street. Oliver Guthrie was at that time still serving in the United States Army. The family spent time at 1819 South 8th Street, then a move to 934 South 6th Street from 1901 to 1903. On August 8th, Oliver S. Guthrie Jr. married Mary Eva Schock at Kaighn Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. The young couple lived at 428 Sycamore Street in 1904, 939 Newton Avenue in 1905, 935 St. John Street from 1906 through 1910, 906 South 7th Street in 1911, and 914 South 6th Street from 1913 through 1915.

On April 14, 1911 Oliver Guthrie Jr.'s father, still working as a carpenter, was badly injured when he fell from a shed from at the home of Dr. Wesley J. Barrett, 510 Broadway. Oliver Guthrie Sr. sued, but the suit was dismissed in November 17 by Judge Frank T. Lloyd. Oliver Guthrie passed away on December 16, 1911, but nor before seeing son Theodore F. "Dorrie" Guthrie being appointed to the Camden Fire Department. Not long afterwards, Oliver Guthrie Jr. was hired as a special officer by the Pennsylvania Railroad. In this capacity he worked closely with the Camden Police Department, and his name began appearing in local newspapers. After two years of fire fighting, brother Theodore also went into law enforcement, taking an appointment to the Camden Police Department, where he served until 1932.

By 1916 Oliver and Mary Guthrie had a family of six children, beginning with Oliver S. "Ollie" Guthrie in 1906, who became a very well-known athlete in Camden and South Jersey. A daughter, Clara, came in 1908, and son Theodore Norman Guthrie was born in 1915. Directories and Census record from 1916 through 1920 show family at 943 St. John Street. Daughter Edith was born while the family lived on St. John Street. Shortly after the 1920 Census Oliver S. Guthrie and his family moved to 911 Fern Street in North Camden. Two more daughters were born, Grace in 1921 and Betty in 1925. 

Sadly, on 1926 illness began to plague Oliver S. Guthrie. He died on October 29, 1926 at the age of 51 and was buried at New Camden Cemetery.

Son Theodore N. Guthrie was one of the first 17 men who were drafted into the United States Army in 1940 when the draft was re-instituted in anticipation of America's entry into World War II. He served until 1945, then returned to Camden and was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. Tragically, he was struck by a car while waiting for a bus in Gloucester and died from his injuries on March 16, 1946.,

Camden Courier-Post
October 30, 1926

Oliver S. Guthrie & Family
Camden Police Dept & Pennsylvania R.R. Detective
Oliver & Mary Eva Guthrie
Oliver S. "Ollie" Guthrie III
Clara Guthrie - Edith Guthrie
Grace Guthrie - Betty Guthrie
Theodore Norman "Norm" Guthrie

St. John's Episcopal Church
Hoyle-Butcher Post 148, V.F.W.

911 Fern Street