MITCHELL SADOWSKI was one of Camden's "bad boys" of the 1930s and 1940s. He was born around 1918 to John and Rose Sadowski, both natives of Poland. The family lived at 1200 Sycamore Street, the corner of Sycamore and Louis Streets, a neighborhood where many other Polish immigrants had settled.

Mitchell Sadowski's criminal career fist brought him into scrutiny in 1933, when, in January, he was arrested for car theft. In 1934 he was convicted of armed robbery, and was sent to state prison, where he served less than 4 years. He went back after a two-year stretch for a hold-up in Atlantic City. He then drew five-years probation for his participation in a bank robbery in Marlton with, among others, John Lenkowski. In 1938 he was again arrested in possession of a stolen car.

Sent back to prison, Mitchell Sadowski was back in Camden by the November of 1945. He was working at the Camden Pottery plant at Mount Vernon Street and Orchard Street when, leaving work at the end of the midnight shift of Friday, November 30 he was gunned down as he left the building. There was speculation at the time that his murder was connected to the February 1944 robbery of the Casablanca nightclub on Marlton Pike in nearby Delaware Township.  

Camden Courier-Post * June 19, 1934

Stanley Powell Stanley Geda John Lenkowski Mitchell Sadowski
George Ward - Gustav Koerner - Genova Cafe - Central Airport - William T. Feitz - Joseph Schultz
Stephie Ciesla - Chase Street - Ellis Parker - Young & Metzner Co.

Trenton Times * July 2, 1934

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski - The "John Doe" was Stanley Geda
Stanley Powell - Edward Guedryc (Gedrich)

Trenton Times * July 3, 1934

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski
The "John Doe" was
Stanley Geda

Camden Courier-Post - 1938
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August Pflederer - William Casler - Clifford Carr - Joseph Mardino
Thomas Murphy
- Stanley Krause - Stanley Geda - John Lenkowski
Calvin Hunsinger - George Mayo - Genova Cafe 
Park Boulevard - Kaighn Avenue - South 9th Street
South 15th Street - Mickle Street - North 3rd Street Arch Street 

Camden Courier-Post * March 22, 1939

Mitchell Sadowski - Stanley Krause - John Lenkowski - Stanley Geda - Genova Cafe


Camden Courier-Post
December 1, 1945

Ex-Convict Shot to Death Leaving Job at Plant

Seized in Roundup

Sadowski was taken into custody last April when police were conducting a checkup of alleged gangsters following the shooting of Romeo DeSanctis, chief witness to the holdup of the Casablanca roadhouse last February.

City and county police were attempting to link killing to the recent escape of "Mickey" Quinn, alleged to be the leader of the gang that robbed the Casablanca. 


Camden Courier-Post - December 2, 1945
Thomas Murphy - August Pflederer - Romeo deSanctis
Mickey Quinn - Mitchell Sadowski - Leon Grenkwicz






Camden Courier-Post

December 5, 1945


Mount Vernon Street

Orchard Street








Gettysburg PA Times

December 5, 1945