Yeoman (F) First Class Louise Turner
She was later promoted to Chief Yeoman (F)

LOUISE CATHERINE TURNER was born at 605 Avon Street in Camden, New Jersey on August 8, 1897 to Charles Frances Turner and his wife the former Emma Catherine Zattau. Her grandfather, Frank Turner, was a member of the Camden Fire Department. On June 12, 1898 she was baptized at the First Methodist Church at 301 South 6th Street in Camden. Louise Turner was the first of five children, coming before sister Evelyn,  a son who died as an infant in 1901, and sisters Emma and Elinor. 

By the end of 1898 The Turners had moved to 406 Berkley Street, and the family stayed at that address through at least 1910, when the Census was taken in 1910. By 1914 the family had moved to 404 Berkley Street, where they resided through at least 1926.

Louse Turner's educational background is not known as of this writing, but it is probable that she attended Camden public schools and the Camden Manual Training and High School at Haddon Avenue and Newton Avenue

The Naval Reserve Act of 1916 had conspicuously omitted mention of gender as a condition for service, leading to formal permission to begin enlisting women in mid-March 1917, shortly before the United States entered the "Great War". Nearly six hundred Yeomen (Female) were on duty by the end of April 1917, a number that had grown to over eleven thousand in December 1918, shortly after the Armistice.

Louis Turner entered the United States Navy in May of 1917 and was on active duty at the Receiving Ship of the Philadelphia Navy Yard until being honorably discharged on August 8, 1919. She had been promoted to the rank of Chief Yeoman (F) prior to her discharge. Louise Turner continued working at the Navy Yard as a civilian employee.

Sadly, on April 22, 1920 Louise C. Turner, died of the Spanish flu. On July 26,1926 father Charles Turner passed away.

Younger sister Evelyn Turner graduated from the Camden Normal School, the city's teacher preparation school, in June of 1919. That year she began teaching at the Broadway School on Broadway and Clinton Streets in Camden, and stayed for 37 years, retiring in 1956. She was married to Paul M. Stewart, and died in November of 1984.


Louise Turner, age 8, and
Evelyn Turner, age 5

Philadelphia Navy Yard - 1918

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 2, 1920