LOUIS SCHMIDT  was born on October 21, 1897 in Pennsylvania to Barbara and Ludwig Schmidt. His parents had benn born in Germany and came together to America in 1892. The elder Schmidt worked as a machinist. By 1900 the family, which included older sister Annie, had moved to 685 Morgan Street, a short walk from the New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyard on Broadway. Another daughter, Louise, was born to the Schmidt family around 1902.

By 1906 the family had moved to 669 Morgan Street. Ludwig Schmidt still worked at the shipyard, and Barbara Schmidt ran a candy store at that address. This arrangement continued through at least 1910. The 1914 City Directory does not show that Barbara Schmidt still operated the candy store at that time.

Louis Schmidt had followed his father to New York Shipbuilding by September of 1918. By January of 1920 Louis Schmidt had married. He and wife Laura lived at 837 Sylvan Street. His brother-in-law, James J. Monahan, was appointed to the Camden Fire Department shortly afterwards.

The 1924 Camden City Director shows Louis G. and Laura Schmidt living at 1174 Sycamore Street, and that Louis Schmidt was a Camden police officer. A son, Richard Schmidt, was born around this time. Louis Schmidt's occupational listing of police officer conflicts with his obituary, which states that he joined the force on November 26, 1926. The 1927 and 1929 Directories shows the couple living at 727 Morgan Street, not far from Louis Schmidt's parents, who were now living at 675 Morgan Street. Oddly enough, the 1927 directory lists his occupation as "riveter", a trade he had followed earlier. The April 1930 Census shows his occupation as policeman, and that that the family was still living at 727 Morgan Street

In 1942 Louis Schmidt was promoted to Detective by Commissioner Mary Kobus. He partnered with Detective Joseph Carpani for much of his career as a detective.

By 1947 Louis Schmidt and his family had moved to 1142 North 19th Street in Cramer Hill. This would remain his home until his passing in December of 1957.

Besides his activities with the police force, Louis Schmidt was well known as a breeder of beagles, and toured New Jersey competing in field trials with his dogs, along with brother police detective Paul Edwards. Officer John E. Opfer Sr. also belonged to the South Jersey Beagle Club, which, now located in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, is still operating. 

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Camden Courier-Post * January 4, 1935

Fred Klosterman - Joseph Klosterman - Dominick Mozzare - Highland Avenue - Louis Schmidt
Paul Edwards - Elwood Humphreys - Horace Gunby -
South 10th Street - John Garrity - Earl Cunningham
Frank F. Neutze - Garfield S. Pancoast - Rocco Palese - Samuel P. Orlando - Joseph A. Varbalow
Andrew Pointkowski -  Frank Martz - Erie Street - South 9th Street - Crawford Smith - Carman Street
Charles Simonin -
Fairview Street - John Studinger - Federal Street - Samuel Ford
Frank Terionova -
Beckett Street - Mary Angelo - Pine Street - Thomas Kirk - Carpenter Street
Walter Hart -
Thurman Street



 Temporary changes in the police department to offset the absence of Lieutenant George Frost, head of the First District, who is ill, and Lieutenant George Ward, of headquarters, who is away on police business, were announced yesterday by Chief Arthur Colsey

Sgt. John Potter, of the Third District, is made acting lieutenant and placed in charge of the First. Patrolman Louis Schmidt, of the Third, replaces Potter as acting sergeant.

Lieutenant Herbert Anderson, of the Fourth District, replaces Ward at headquarters, with Sgt. John Skolski acting as lieutenant in charge of the Fourth.

Sgt. Gustav Koerner, of the Second District, who has been working in plain clothes, is to report in uniform.

Patrolman John Kowal, of the Second District, is shifted to the First district, with Patrolman William Schultz going from the First district to the Second district. 

Camden Courier-Post
April 21, 1951

Stanley Powell
Mickle Street
Louis Schmidt
Joseph Carpani
South 5th Street
Ira Sands
North 2nd Street
Lillian Sands


Camden Courier-Post - December 18, 1957 
Mary Kobus - Joseph Carpani - Gustav Koerner - Paul Edwards 
North 19th Street - South Jersey Beagle Club 

Camden Courier-Post
December 19, 1957