LOUIS JOSEPH MARTELLI  was born on July 30, 1913 in Camden, New Jersey. He was the second of ten children born to Frank Martelli and his wife, the former Carmella Ambrose, coming after Nicholas, and before, Frank, Anthony, Joseph, Dominic, Angelino aka Charles, Casper John,  Annie and Josephine.

Frank Maretlli had come to America from Sicily in 1899, Carmella Ambrose in 1900. They married around 1904. The 1930 Census shows the family living at 220 Mount Vernon Street in South Camden. Frank Martelli was then working as a wool packer. Son Nicholas was working as a plasterer's helper, and son Louis was working at Campbell Soup.

By 1935 the Martelli family had moved to the Chews Landing section of Gloucester Township, New Jersey, where Frank Martelli operated a farm along Chews Landing-Clementon Road. The family was still there at the time of the 1940 Census. By that time the three older sons had moved out of the family home.

Louis Martelli married Rose Irene Coliacovo at some point in the mid-1930s. The marriage produced a son, Frank, and two daughters, Carmella and Roseanne. The 1940 City Directory and Federal census shows Louis J. Martelli and family at 820 South 8th Street, and the Census indicates that they had been there since 1935. Louis Martelliwas working as a moulder for the RM Company in 1940, according to that year's City Directory, this could possibly be the R.M. Hollingshead Company, whose plant on Market Street was destroyed in an exlplison and fire in July of 1940. The Martellis were still at 820 South 8th Street when the 1943 and 1947 City Directories were compiled.

On August 4, 1944 Louis J. Martelli was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, and was assigned to Engine Company 8 at 619 Kaighn Avenue. The Martellis moved to 569 Line Street not long after the 1947 City Directory was compiled. 

On November 16, 1950 younger brother Casper J. Martelli joined the United States Army. He was discharged on December 5, 1952, and went directly to work with the Camden Fire Department.

The 1956 and 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories both show Louis J. Martelli residing at 569 Line Street. He was at that adress as late as the spring of 1967. During the late 1960s he moved to 322 Boyd Street. In 1968 Louis J. Martelli had moved to 2011 Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Sadly, on December 17, 1968 Rose Martelli passed away at the age of 54.

On December 1, 1953 Louis J. Martelli was promoted to Captain and assigned to Truck Company 3 (present-day Ladder Company 3) in East Camden. He served there until August 10, 1951 when he was assigned to the Fire Marshall's office. On October 9, 1964 he was transferred to Rescue Company 1, where he served until his retirement.

Tragedy struck on December 9, 1967 when Rescue Company 1, with Fireman Ernest Tartaglia at the wehhel and Captain Martelli in the passenge street, responding to an alarm for a grass fire at Point Street and Elm Street, was broadsided by a speeding car at North 6th and Cooper Street. Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, ejected from the apparatus, was killed when it rolled over and crushed him. Captain Martelli, slightly injured, was able to radio for assistance, and in time returned to active duty.

Late in 1964 Louis J. Martelli's son, Frank Martelli, was appointed to the Camden Police Department. He rose through the ranks and retired on January 1, 1990 with the rank of Captain.

Having completed over 27 years of service to the Camden Fire Department, Captain Louis J. Martelli retired on September 1, 1971. 

Last a resident of Magnolia, New Jersey, Louis J. Martelli passed away on April 29, 1982.

Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
October 19, 1948

Refresher Course for Firemen 

August Haverkamp (left), assistant instructor at the school conducted by the Camden Bureau of Fire at 9th Street and Morgan Boulevard, shows William Richardson (center), of Engine Co. No. 2, and Louis Martelli, of Engine Co. No. 8, the proper way to handle a fog nozzle.

Camden Courier-Post * November 30, 1953

3 Hosemen Made Fire Captains

Three hosemen were promoted to the rank of fire department captain today by Public Safety Commissioner E. George Aaron.

Aaron also announced the appointment of six new firemen and two new policemen. 

Thomas E. McParland, 1617 Euclid Avenue,, of No. 6 Engine Co.
Leonard F. Garbrecht, 5 Court G, Canterbury Apartments, of No. 10 Engine Co.; and Louis J. Martelli, 569 Line Street, of No. 8 Engine Co., were promoted to captaincies in the Fire Department.

The new firemen are Henry J. Keating, 3316 Lemuel Avenue, transferred from the Police Department; Thomas J. McCabe, 385 Garden Avenue; Orville Goldsboro, 293 Liberty Street; Carmen Ianelli, 310 Berkley Street; Michael Panelli, 802 South 6th Street, and Harrison W. MacNeir. 29 South 35th Street.

The new policemen are Michael A. R. Gimino, 925 North 22nd Street, and Vincent J. Wall, 12 Court H. Canterbury Apartments.

George Baxter - Louis Martelli - Edward R. MacDowell

Lobby Display at the U.S. Post Office - 1963
From Left: Mr. Espaland, Building Manager; 
Mr. Wallace, Personnel Manager; 
Chief George Baxter, Fire Marshall






Camden Courier-Post * March 8, 1967

Louis Martelli - Line Street - Charles Bates - N. 34th Street - Anthony Dariano - Mickle Street
Francis Stibi - Lemuel Avenue - Joseph Simpson - Garfield Avenue - Edward V. Michalak

Camden Courier-Post - December 11, 1967

Traffic, Hunting Mishaps Kill 5 During Weekend

Five New Jersey residents died in traffic and hunting accidents over the weekend. Two others remained in critical condition following major auto mishaps.

Ernest A. Tartaglia, 53, a member of the Camden fire department for the past 24 years, was fatally injured Saturday afternoon when his rescue truck collided with an automobile and overturned on him.

Tartaglia was responding to a grass fire at Point and Elm Streets when the accident occurred about 5 p.m. at 2nd and Cooper Streets. The drive of the automobile, identified as Norwood Allen, 24, of Vine Street near 6th, was slightly injured.

Fireman Louis Martelli, 54, of 322 Boyd Street was in the rescue vehicle when the accident occurred. Although shaken up by the crash, Martelli was able to use the truck radio to call for assistance.

A wrecking truck was brought to the scene and crewmen worked for 20 minutes to free the victim, who was pinned beneath the rescue vehicle. Tartaglia was pronounced dead at Cooper Hospital.

Allen was treated at the hospital for facial and scalp cuts and released. Martelli also was taken to the hospital but was later released after treatment for cuts.        

Fire officials said three vehicles responded to the Point and Elm Streets grass fire and that two of them had safely passed the 2nd and Cooper Streets intersection when the accident occurred. Officials said Tartaglia's truck was sounding a siren at the time of the crash

Tartaglia, who lived at 1909 South 4th Street, is survived by his wife Mamie, two sons and two daughters.

Camden Courier-Post - December 11, 1967

Wrecked automobile
Rescue Company 1
after it had been righted

December 9, 1967

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