LOUIS BRILL, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Marc 14, 1887 to Conrad Brill and his wife, the former Anna Walberger Steg. His father was a teamster. The family moved to Cramer Hill, which was then in the town of Stockton, shortly after his birth, and before the birth of his sister Emma, in January of 1889. They took up residence at 1120 North Union Street, which was renamed North 24th Street after Stockton was united with Camden in 1899.

The 1910 Census shows that Louis Brill was living at 1016 Division Street as a boarder, and that he was working for himself as a grocer. This venture apparently did not succeed, for by 1914 he had moved back to Cramer Hill. That year's city Directory lists him at 1032 North 24th Street, and states that he was working as a clerk. By June of 1917 he had been appointed to the Camden Police Department, where he worked for at least 25 years.

On September 9, 1919 Louis Brill married Anna Regina Hornung, whose family lived in the 2300 block of River Avenue, a short walk from his parents home on North 24th Street. The young couple lived at 2812 Tyler Avenue in Cramer Hill in January of 1920.

By 1924 Louis Brill and his wife and children had moved to 1019 North 21st Street in Cramer Hill. When the Census was taken in April of 1930 the family then consisted of Louis Brill, his wife Anna, and children Edwin, Ruth, and Warren. Sadly, Mrs. Anna Regina Brill died on July 26, 1936. 

Louis Brill registered for the draft for a second time in the spring of 1942. According to his draft card, he had remarried, and was living at 1019 North 21st Street with his wife Mamie. The 1947 City Directory also shows him at the North 21st Street Address. Sons Warren and Edwin are listed there as well. Louis Brill is not listed in the 1956 or 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories, however, according to the Social Security Administration, he was still a resident of East Camden when he passed away in May of 1968 at Cape May, New Jersey.   

World War I Draft Card

Camden Post-Telegram
September 13, 1923

Raymond H. Stark
Clarence Thorn
Louis Brill
William Boettcher
Joseph Shreeve
John T. Potter


World War II Draft Card


Camden Courier-Post - November 30, 1970