ELIZABETH "LIZZIE McCREIGHT was born in Ohio around September of 1859 to John A. and Celia McCreight. She was musically talented and was a music teacher in Camden for well over 40 years.

John A. McCreight was in he real estate business. The family was living in Springfield Ohio when the 1860 Census was enumerated. The family was in Bolivar, West Virginia when the 1870 Census was taken.

The 1888-1889 Camden City Directory shows the McCreight family, which included a sister, C. Eva McCreight, living at 309 State Street. Lizzie McCreight remained at 309 State Street through 1890. John McCreight and his wife are not listed in the 1890-1891 City Directory, it could be that they had left the city. John McCreight had died by the time the 1891-1892 City Directory was compiled. That Directory, as well as the 1892-1893 and 1893-1894 Directories lists Lizzie McCreight and her mother at 517 North 4th Street. The 1895-1896 Directory shows them at 332 State, and the 1896-1897 edition shows that they had returned to 309 State Street. The 1900 Census show Lizzie McCreight, her widowed mother, and sister Mrs. Eva Holmes at 309 State Street. Lizzie McCreight and her mother were still there as late as 1906. The 1910 Census lists Miss McCreight and her widowed at 311 State Street. In the latter part of 1910 the two women moved to 321 State Street. This would remain Lizzie McCreight's home until her death in 1933.

1n 1895 Lizzie McCreight was a charter member of the Camden Womans Club, as was her mother. Lizzie McCreight was an active member, and served as an officer of the club on a number of occasions. She also belonged to the Camden County Historical Society.

Miss McCreight took her own life in October of 1933. 

Camden Morning Post
October 20, 1933

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