ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" GREEN lived in Camden in the early 1910s, one could easily say on the fringes of society. Little is known about her other than what can be gathered from newspapers, but what can be inferred is that she was ill-tempered, drank a lot, and jealous. Prematurely gray, possibly as the result of her hard living, she stabbed her erstwhile lover, John Gideon in or near rooms they both occupied in the 700 block of Baxter Street, to death in July of 1911, and was put on trial for his murder.

Apparently there were no witnesses to the crime, and Green, a white woman, claimed self-defense as her motive for stabbing Gideon. Whether bias on the part of the jury played any role in her acquittal is a matter of speculation. What is not a matter of speculation is that once released from jail, Lizzie Green returned to Camden and the antics that got her in trouble in the first place. She returned to the same neighborhood in Camden and may or may not have taken up with a widower, James Oliver, who had lived on Baxter Street in the 1900s, at 812 Liberty Street prior to the Gideon murder and at 505 Branch Street afterwards. In June of 1912 Lizzie Green was convicted of stealing three dollars from Oliver. She claimed that she had been drinking and was unaware of her actions. At her trial, Prosecutor William T. Boyle referred to her as a menace to society. Judge Howard Carrow sentenced her to six months imprisonment in the Camden County Jail.

Lizzie Green did not appear in the 1910 or 1920 Censuses in Camden, and living as she did, may well have not been counted. She just as easily could have been living outside of the city. No 
"Lizzie Green" or "Elizabeth Green" is listed in the area she haunted in the late 1900s or early 1910s. As to what happened to her after her release from the county jail, assuming she did not die in jail, is as of this writing unknown. 

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July 20, 1911

O. Glen Stackhouse
Lizzie Green
John Gideon
Baxter Street

Trenton True American
Trenton, New Jersey
July 20, 1911

The Trenton newspaper, appears to have gotten the name of the victim and the address where it took place wrong, as there was no house at 716 Baxter Street, and the victim's name was John Gideon.

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July 24, 1911

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Cooper B. Hatch - David Baird Sr. - Charles G. Garrison - Lizzie Green - John Gideon - Frank T. Lloyd Sr.

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Philadelphia Inquirer
December 20, 1911

Charles G. Garrison - Lizzie Green

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