JOSEPH F. SWING was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 6, 1872 as Stoker with Engine Company 2 as a replacement for Barton Lane, who had been dismissed. He resigned from this position on December 2, 1872. Thomas McLaughlin was reinstated to take over his position. 

Joseph F. Swing was born June 26, 1826 in Salem, New Jersey to William and Clarissa Swing. A carpenter by trade, he married Mary Sheets on September 29, 1849 in Salem. The Swings were still in Salem when the 1860 Census was taken. By then there were four children, Ellen, Mary, Celestia, and Joseph, Sarah "Sallie", Anna, William, Albert, and Frank would follow.

The 1870 Census shows that the Swings had moved to Camden, New jersey, and were living in the Middle Ward. Fire Department records show that the Swing family was then living at 233 Taylor Avenue. As stated above Joseph Swing served briefly with the Camden Fire Department. Besides working as a carpenter, he was active in local politics as a Democrat in the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s.

The family moved around quite a bit in the late 1870s and 1880s. City Directories give the following addresses for Joseph Swing and family, in 1878, 521 Bridge Avenue and in 1879, 3030 Arch Street. The 1880 Census shows Joseph Swing living at 328 Taylor Avenue, with the five younger children all living at home. Directories for 1882-1883 and 1883-1884 show  416 Taylor Avenue. The 1885 Directory lists 112 West Street, the 1887-1888 edition has 113 South 5th Street, and the 1888-1889 book states that the Swings were at 14 South 2nd Street.

By 1890 Joseph Swing had moved to 509 Taylor Avenue. This would remain his home until May 13, 1900 when it was destroyed in a fire that destroyed almost fifty buildings and left about forty families homeless, including the Swings. Shortly after the fire the 1900 Census was taken. The Census shows Joseph and Mary Swing at 108 West Street. Sons William and Frank lived with them, as did daughter Ellen with her husband and child. 

Joseph Swing passed away on August 26, 1903 at the home of his son-in-law, 807 Kimber Street. He was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey.

Joseph and Mary Swing are not listed in the 1906 City Directory, however William and Frank were both living at 746 Pennsylvania Avenue. The brothers had moved to 215 Channing Terrace by 1910.

Philadelphia Public Ledger - December 19, 1872
Thomas A. Wilson
Henry F. Surault
Paul Anderson
James S. Henry
William Ross
Joseph Swing
Engine Company 2
Thomas McLaughlin
William H. Doughten
William Bassett
Charles Sawyer
Christian Tenner
Edward H. Mead
John Graham
F.W. Tarr

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1900
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Taylor Avenue
Federal Street
South 5th Street
Arch Street
Arthur Rose
Thomas Pinkerton
William Pinkerton
William Cowgill
William Grosscup
Mrs. James Morris
M.S. Irvin
B.F. Sutton
Charles WIlliams
Samuel Davis
Joseph Swing
Samuel S. Elfreth
Dr. Henry H. Davis
Cooper Hospital
George M. Beringer
F. Walter Toms
Camden Lodge of Elks No. 293
Edward Foster
S.B. Morris

Mrs. Robert Wible
Isaac S. Toy
Charles Foulon
Harry A. Miller
John Foster
John W. Cheney
C.W. Nichols
F.W. Potter
North Baptist Church
Thomas M.K. Lee Post No. 5, G.A.R.
New Jersey Safe Deposit & Trust Company
Berkley Street
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Philadelphia Inquirer - August 26, 1903