ANTHONY JOSEPH "JOE" HILLOP was convicted of taking part in the armed robbery of the Abe Fuhrman & Son jewelry store at 444 Broadway in April of 1930. Two of the robbers were given long prison sentences, while another, Joe Bielec was given only three months in prison. Joseph Hillop received an eighteen month sentence for his part in the affair.

This apparently did not sit well with other members of the underworld. Joe Bielec was taken for a ride in March of 1931. He was beaten, shot and strangled, and his body dumped in Oaklyn Manor. Joseph Hillop was released from prison in early 1932. Four months after his release, he too was taken for a ride, beaten, shot and strangled in the same manner as Joe Bielec, and dumped near the White Horse Pike in Ancora, New Jersey. Neither murder was ever solved.

In 1947, $92,800 was discovered in a North Philadelphia rowhouse. Joe Hillop's widow attempted to claim the money, stating that her husband had hid it. Her claim was denied.

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June 9, 1932

Camden Courier-Post * June 9, 1932

Joseph Hillop - Abe Fuhrman - Broadway - Clifford A. Baldwin - Arthur Holl
Lawrence T. Doran - Jules Derowski - Harry Ireton - Wilfred Dube - Ray Osborne
Joe Bielec - Frank Rock - Tommy Reilly - Alfred Ripka - Louie Frank
Howard Ripka - Frankie Ripka - Lena Hillop - Anna Hillop - John Kelly

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June 11, 1932

Clifford A. Baldwin
Lawrence T. Doran
Joseph Hillop
Anna Hillop - Lena Hillop

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February 8, 1948

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November 16, 1948

Joseph Hillop
Anna Hillop
Benjamin Lieberman

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