JOSEPH CAPUTI was born in Genoa, Italy on June 4, 1876, and came to the United States in 1890. He appears in the 1910 Census in Camden as owning a home at 827 South 3rd Street in South Camden. He had been married to his wife Rose for 12 years. The Caputi family then included two children, Minnie and William. Joseph Caputi Sr. was then working as a traveling salesman for a cigar company. He had already become an American citizen.

Not long after the 1910 Census was enumerated, Joseph Caputi secured an appointment to the Camden Police Department. A Detective by the end of 1927, he was often partnered with Detective Frank Truax

The Caputi family had moved to 1012 South 3rd Street by 1914. By the time the census was taken in April of 1930, they had moved to 1263 Park Boulevard in Camden's Parkside neighborhood, not far from Frank Truax's home at 1139 Kenwood Avenue.

After an illness of six weeks, Joseph Caputi passed away at a Philadelphia hospital on November 13, 1932. His widow Rose then still resided at 1263 Park Boulevard. Son William Caputi lived at 1311 Park Boulevard, and was involved in real estate in Camden.

Joseph Caputi's nephew, Joseph V. Caputi, served as a Camden policeman from 1940 to 1970. He retired in 1970 as a Lieutenant of Camden Police Department, then joined the Public Defenders office and became a Principle Investigator . Joseph V. Caputi died on February 25, 1989. His son, Joseph R. Caputi joined the Camden Police Department in 1968, and retired in 2001 as a Sergeant.

Philadelphia Inquirer February 5, 1912
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Camden Courier - July 28, 1913
Joseph Caputi - O. Glen Stackhouse - Walter Bee

Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928

Camden Courier-Post - January 11, 1928

Revelation Comes after Police Inquire Into Family Stabbing Affray

Waiving reading and hearing of a warrant charging him with committing a serious offense on his 14-year old niece, a South Camden man this morning was held in $1500 bail for grand jury. 

Joseph Pennino, 50 years old, of 14 South 3rd Street, a hot-dog vendor who has a stand at Third and Arch Streets, went to the county jail ion default of the bail fixed by Judge Bertman in police court. 

Evidence which City Detectives Frank Truax and Joseph Caputi Sr. obtained from their questioning of Anna Bongino*, of 325 Walnut Street, and which they say involves her uncle, will be presented to a grand jury later. 

Pennino’s arrest yesterday followed a day’s investigation of a knife slashing at the Walnut Street house.

George Bongiono, 48 years old, Anna’s father, is being held by police charged with assault with intent to kill Peter Di Pise, his brother-in-law.

Di Pise is recovering from knife wounds at Cooper Hospital, where he was treated following the fight of Sunday night.

Although police had said that Bongiono would be given hearing today, his case was not called in police court.

* Spellings are as they appeared in the article

One year Later

It was reported in the Bucks County Courier-Times, on January 17, 1929 that Annie Bongiorno was murdered by her uncle. The paper reads: 

KILLER-SUICIDE: Photo shows Pietro de Piso, of Camden, N. J. Who, angered by an argument with his niece Annie Bongiorno, 15, seized a pistol and shot her to death

Camden Courier-Post - February 22, 1928
Crashes Glass of Barber Shop at No. 210- Two Boys Escape Missile
Joseph Caputi - Paul Draper - Market Street
The Ghost Sniper

Camden Courier-Post - March 8, 1932

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Camden Courier-Post - March 19, 1932

Police Say Defendants 'Butted in' During Probe Into Accident

Two men were arrested yesterday by a Camden policeman, who charged they interfered with his investigation of an automobile accident at Ninth Street and Kaighn Avenue,.

Richard Mayer, 28, of 373 East Gowan Avenue, Mt. Airy, Pa., and Joseph Meraglo, 23, of 1016 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia, were fined $25 each by Police Judge Pancoast. Both were charged with disorderly conduct. Mayer also was charged with reckless driving.

Joseph Devlin, 42, of 1919 Mifflin street, Philadelphia, was held in $1000 bail by Pancoast to await the outcome of injuries suffered by a woman passenger in his car. The woman, who gave her name as Miss Jane Glenn, 36, of 2506 South Twenty-second Street, Philadelphia, is in West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital. Doctors say her condition is not serious.

The accident occurred at 2:20 AM. Motorcycle Policeman Earl Wright and other policemen were at the scene in investigating, when an automobile flashed by. Wright in court said he blew his whistle and declared the car was unable to stop within 100 feet. Wright said he was questioning Mayer when Maraglo "butted in," and stated, "I'll get this fixed up tonight". Wright testified he searched Mayer for a gun and Mayer replied, "I haven't got it on me tonight."

In court both Mayer and Meraglo said they were not speeding, and didn't interfere with the officer.

Devlin was released for court by Detective Joseph Caputi. Devlin's automobile was in collision with the car of Edward Kaligian, 30, of 1251 North Twenty-eighth street.



Camden Courier-Post
November 14, 1932



Camden Courier-Post * November 23, 1932


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