JOHN W. ELLIOTT was born in England in November of 1844, the son of William Elliott. He came to the United States in 1865 and married in 1868. The 1878-1879 Camden City shows the John W. Elliott at 239 Royden Street, where they remained through at least 1883. The 1880 Census shows John W. Elliott's family consisted of his wife Hannah, and daughters Marianna and Emily. John Elliott worked as a machinist to support his family.

John W. Elliott was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as a Engineer with the Hook and Ladder Company, replacing Frank Turner. John W. Elliott served with the Fire Department for two years, then was replaced by Judson Fish.

The 1884-1885 and the 1885 City Directory show John W. Elliott had gone into the saloon business at 520 South 2nd Street, the corner of South 2nd Street and Clinton Street. He remained at this location as late as 1892. 

The 1892-1893 City Directory shows John W. Elliott at 523 South 2nd Street. He remained at this address through 1898. After engaging briefly in a bottling business in 1893, he returned to work as a machinist. John W. Elliott worked as a bartender in 1898 at John Chambers' saloon at 18 Market Street. In 1899 he went back into business for himself at a saloon at 451 South 3rd Street, and was still engaged in business at that location when the Census was taken in 1900.

John W. Elliott passed away on June 20, 1901 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden. His widow, Hannah Elliot was living at 604 South 3rd Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled.. 

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 7, 1882

G. Rudolph Tenner
James McCracken
Daniel Bromley - John S. Kelly
Michael McCaffery
James H. Brown
Thomas McKenna
James Shinn - Smith Moore
William Irelan
William Bassett
John Hill - James Read
Robert Miller - William Marsh
George Moffett - John J. Logan
Isaac M. Shreve - Samuel Welsh
Lewis Ferrell - Logan Bates
Isaac Collings - Harry Miles
John W. Elliott - William Turner
Charles Holl - John J. Hibbs
John Seybold - James H. McCann
Edward Swope - William Suders

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 10, 1885

Elwell Yacht Club
South 2nd Street
Edwin F. Fields
John Armstrong
Michael H. Lindsay
John W. Elliott
Thomas Doorley
John Hebber

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Philadelphia Inquirer * April 16, 1892

Joseph S. Callem - Jacob Strassner - John W. Elliott - George Wasserman
John Keefe - Annie R. Cannon - Phillip Floucher 
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