JOHN D. SEYBOLD was born in New Jersey in 1854. He married his wife Cinderella in 1880, a daughter, Catherine, was born in May of 1882.

John Seybold first appears in Camden City Directories in the 1881-1882 edition at 816 Kimber Street and was still at that address in the next years edition. His occupation is given as milk dealer. 

John Seybold was appointed to the Department to serve as an extra man with Engine Company 2, taking the place of Peter S. Gray. John Seybold was replaced in turn in 1884 by James H. Carey


The 1883-1884 and 1884-1885 Camden City Directories show John Seybold at 836 Market Street, still in the milk business. The 1887-1888 edition show that he moved to 555 Pine Street. The 1888-1889 Directory states that he had moved to Atlantic City.

Atlantic City directories and Census records show that John Seybold was a member of the Atlantic City Fire Department from 1893 through at least 1910. He passed away prior to the 1920 Census.

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 7, 1882

G. Rudolph Tenner
James McCracken
Daniel Bromley - John S. Kelly
Michael McCaffery
James H. Brown
Thomas McKenna
James Shinn - Smith Moore
William Irelan
William Bassett
John Hill - James Read
Robert Miller - William Marsh
George Moffett - John J. Logan
Isaac M. Shreve - Samuel Welsh
Lewis Ferrell - Logan Bates
Isaac Collings - Harry Miles
John W. Elliott - William Turner
Charles Holl - John J. Hibbs
John Seybold - James H. McCann
Edward Swope - William Suders

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 23, 1884
William Wagner 
Adolph Foehl
George Pfeiifer Sr.
Charles Keen
Henry Wagner
Harry Miles
William Laird
Charles Sawyer
G. Reuben Tenner
South 4th Street

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