JOHN MATTHEW MAKOWSKI was born Jan Makowski on June 5, 1911 in Plock, Poland, which was then a part of the old Russian empire. His parents were Wladyslaw Makowski and the former Teofila Wisniewski. The family, which included older sisters Arita and Genevieve "Jennie", came to America in 1914. A brother, Walter, was born in the USA around 1915. Sadly, Wladislaw Makowski, who took the name Walter Makowski once in America, died prior to the enumeration of the 1920 Census.

By January of 1920 oldest daughter Jennie had married Anthony Klimek, an upholsterer, who had his home and business at 1476 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, the corner of Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Everett Street. They had a son, Alfred, 18 months old. Jennie's mother and three siblings, Sabine, John, and Walter, also lived at the Mt. Ephraim Avenue address. When the Census was taken in April of 1930, the Klimeks had three more children, and John Makowski and his mother were still living with them at 1476 Mt. Ephraim Avenue.

Arita Makowski had an interest in dance, as did a girl her age who lived on nearby Newport Street, Kay Janasz. Kay's brother, Stanley "Ben" Janasz was about the same age as John Makowski. The two buys apparently spent a great deal of time together, which, sad to say, turned out very badly

In late November of 1930 Stanley Janasz, who had been using the alias Benny Jones, and John "Fingers" Makowski, decided to rob a grocery store at the corner of Louis Street and Lansdowne Avenue. On November 28, 1930 the same two young men decided to rob the store a second time. In the course of this crime, Stanley Janasz shot the manager, John William Cullen, in the chest. Arrested hours later, the two were in custody when, on December 1, Cullen died as a result of his wound. Janasz and Makowski were indicted on murder charges on December 8. Prosecuting attorneys announced to the press the next day that they would seek the death penalty. On March 28, 1931 they were found not guilty. On account of their youth, both Stanley Janasz and William Makowski were sentenced to life imprisonment. John Makowski became eligible for paroles in October of 1950 and was paroled at some point. Stanley Janasz became eligible for parole on December 29, 1950, and in due time, was also released from prison

Still relatively young when he was released from prison, John Makowski married Helen Shuler Kutylowski. There were four children born of this marriage. Last a resident of Williamstown, New Jersey, William Makoski died on January 10, 1991, survived by his wife, children, and sister Arita. 

Camden Courier-Post - November 29, 1930
Dorothy Austin - John Cullen - John Drexel - Gordon Feltz
  Samuel Johnson*
Russell Kaighn - Dr. Charles Ley - Irma Marconi
Sylvester McGrath - Alfred Shires
Walter Smith - Nathan Wine - Earl Wright - John Yovankin 
North 3rd Street - North 8th Street - Broadway - Friends Avenue
Lansdowne Avenue
- Louis Street- Penn Street - South Common Road

* Samuel Johnson was erroneously naed "Thompson" in the above article

Camden Courier-Post * December 1, 1930
(Morning Post)

Camden Courier-Post * December 1, 1930
Evening Courier)

Sylvester McGrath - John Cullen - Stanley Janasz
John Makowski - James Murray - Arthur Holl
Dr. Edward Rogers - Gordon Feltz
John Drexel - Lansdowne Avenue

Camden Courier-Post - December 2, 1930
Joseph A. Varbalow - John Cullen - Stanley Janasz
John Makowski - Clifford A. Baldwin

Camden Morning Post
December 9, 1930


Samuel M. Shay - John Cullen - Stanley Janasz - John Makowski
Earl Bundy -  West Jersey Hospital - Lansdowne Avenue
South Common Road

Camden Courier-Post
December 9, 1930


Frank T. Lloyd Sr. - John Cullen
Stanley Janasz - John Makowski
Rocco Palese - Joseph A. Varbalow - Clifford A. Baldwin
 West Jersey Hospital - Lansdowne Avenue - Newport Street
Mt. Ephraim Avenue - South Common Road

Trenton Times
March 31, 1931

Stanley Janasz
John Makowski
John Cullen
Frank T. Lloyd


Trenton Times
October 25, 1950

John Makowski


Trenton Times
December 2 9, 1950


Stanley Janasz - William Marieo - John Cullen - Ruth Lacomb