JOHN LEIGHTON WESTCOTT served as Mayor of Camden from 1892 to 1898. He is not to be confused with John W. Wescott, who served as a judge in Camden for many years, beginning in 1885.

John L. Westcott was born in Cumberland County NJ on June 10, 1850. His family moved to Camden when he was 14 years old. He learned the printer's trade with his brother, and followed that line of work until becoming Mayor of Camden in the election of 1892, succeeding Jesse W. Pratt. Reelected in 1895, he served a second term, leaving office in 1898. 

On January 28, 1897 Mayor John L. Westcott  was one of several dignitaries who were in attendance at the opening of the Catholic Lyceum, attached to the the Church of the Immaculate Conception on Broadway at Market Street. Other attendees included the-New Jersey Governor John W. Griggs, late Attorney-General

Samuel H. Grey, Camden city solicitor J. Willard Morgan, Senator H. W. Johnson, Sheriff David Baird Sr., then- Assemblymen Louis Derousse and Scovel, Postmaster Harry B. Paul, ex-Judge Armstrong, Architect Henry S. Dagit, J. J. Burleigh, George A. Frey, and H. L. Bonsall. The Lyceum would evolve into Camden Catholic High School

During the Westcott administration, Cooper Park at 2nd and Cooper Streets was purchased by the city. This park was renamed Johnson Park in later years.

John Westcott was married to Deborah Fortiner, a member of a prominent Camden family. The Westcott family made its home at 315 Pearl Street in Camden in the 1880s and 1890s. This home was razed to make way for the Delaware River Bridge in the 1920s. Deborah Westcott passed away in 1898, leaving him with three grown daughters, Mary, Helen and Melvina "Millie" Westcott. In his later years he lived at 221 North 3rd Street.

John Leighton Westcott died of appendicitis on January 12, 1906. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery (plot N127).

Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens
Camden and Burlington Counties

Hon. John Leighton Westcott, Mayor of Camden, was born June 10, 1850, in Cedarville, Cumberland County, son of Joel and Mary (Leighton) Westcott. The Westcotts are an old Cumberland County family. Of English extraction, they came to New Jersey from Long Island. Joel Westcott, who was born in Cumberland County, and resided there during the greater part of his life, was in business in Philadelphia for a number of years. He also lived for some time in Cedarville and later in Camden, where he died at the age of seventy-seven. He was quite a successful man, took a lively interest in town affairs, and he was honored with election to several local offices. His wife, who was born in Philadelphia, passed away in her sixty-third year. Both were members of the Presbyterian church. They were the parents of eight children, as follows: Ames, who was engaged in business in Philadelphia when a young man, and died at the age of forty-nine; Henry, a wheelwright in Media, Pa.; Robert, a graduate of Princeton College, and a clergyman of the Presbyterian church, settled at Clarinda, Ia., who recently died; George, who enlisted for service in the Civil War as a private in the Third New Jersey Regiment at the age of eighteen, was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant, received in the neck a bullet that could not be found, and died of the effects in his thirtieth year; Mary, who died at the age of eighteen; Margaret and Anna, unmarried, who reside in California; and John L., the subject of this sketch, who is the youngest of the family.  

John Leighton Westcott, having received his early education in the common schools, entered a printing-office in Philadelphia at the age of fifteen. He learned the printer's trade with his brother, and subsequently followed it until he was elected Mayor of Camden. He cane to Camden with his father when about fourteen years of age, and has since made his home here, winning general respect and popularity. A member of the Republican party, he has been active in local politics for a number of years. He represented the First Ward in the City Council for four years. He was first elected Mayor in 1892, and his administration throughout the ensuing term was such as to greatly increase his popularity. In 1895 he was re-elected after a hot contest. At that time the Republican party was divided, and the Democrats nominated a Republican candidate for the mayoralty in order to catch a part of the Republican vote.  

However, Mr. Westcott's personal record was such that he was endorsed not only by the members of his own party, but also by a number of Democrats; and his re-election was hailed with enthusiasm.

Mr. Westcott was married in 1873 to Deborah J., daughter of Samuel Fortiner, of Camden, a member of one of the old families of this city. He has now three daughters, namely: Helen A., a teacher in Camden; Mary Elma and Mellie A., still beneath the parental roof-tree.

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 28, 1890

John Leighton Wescott - Cooper B. Hatch  
James M. Lane - Mahlon F. Ivins Sr.
Dr. John D. Leckner
- John Campbell
Eugene B. Roberts - Joseph Starr
Charles H. Sharp -
John Furey





Philadelphia Inquirer
May 1, 1891

John A. Furey
James M. Lane
Frank Burdsall
Charles Helmbold
Edward E. Jefferis
Dr. John W. Donges
Dr. John D. Leckner
Charles Lederman
George A. Frey
Arthur Bedell
Florence F. Hogate
Dr. Philip W. Beale
Robert L. Barber
Cooper B. Hatch
Dr. William B.E. Miller
Robert F. Smith
Joseph A. Starr
Joseph A. Ross
Howard Lee
Charles H. Sharp
Eugene B. Roberts
John Leighton Westcott
Maurice A. Rogers
George F. Hammond
Benjamin Lawton
Isaac C. Githens
Isaac Lord
Cornelius Scheperkotter
Dr. William S. Jones
Isaac Ferris Sr.

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 1, 1892

John Leighton Wescott - E.A. Armstrong
Allie Calvo - Raymond Calvo

Camden Post - March 23, 1893

First Ward Republican Club - John L. Westcott - Robert Smith - George Barrett - Rev. A.G. Lawson
North Baptist Church - Engine Company 4 - Jesse Conley - James Dunn - Joseph Love
Samuel Elfreth - Amedee Middleton - Frank Turner - Edward Hartman - Walter Browning
Robert Steer - William Bogia - Charles Jefferson Kay - George Martin

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 30, 1893

John Leighton Wescott - Temple Theatre

Camden Post
April 14, 1894

John L. Westcott - George D. Borton
Samuel Iszard - Charles H. Ellis
James Hanson Jr. - Charles Hewston
James Elberson - Charles Wilbur
Samuel Sheer - John Sinclair
Elwin Steen - Albert Shaw
Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Abraham Jackson
Alfred Sayers - Edward S. Hyde
Thomas Buchanan - Jacob Hicks

Thomas Reed - Joseph Peall - Police Commission - John Beard - Thomas Mullane - John Painter
Harry Miller - Charles Sink - William Fish - William Ripley - James Ayers - Harry Richmond - Robert F. Miller

Camden Daily Telegram * April 14, 1894



John L. Westcott - George D. Borton
Samuel Iszard - Charles H. Ellis
James Hanson Jr. - Charles Hewston
James Elberson - Charles Wilbur
Samuel Sheer - John Sinclair
Elwin Steen - Albert Shaw
Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Abraham Jackson
Alfred Sayers - Edward S. Hyde
Thomas Buchanan - Jacob Hicks

Thomas Reed - Joseph Peall - George Horner John Beard - Thomas Mullane - John Painter

Police Commission - Benjamin Braker
Joseph Potter - Joseph B. Fox
Charles Sayrs - Arthur Bedell
William C. Figner 
William D. Brown - Frederick A. Rex
James R. Carson -
William J. Bradley
Harry Miller - Henry Moffett

Camden Daily Courier
May 5, 1894

John Sailor
John L. Westcott
Harry Miller


Philadelphia Inquirer - June 12, 1894

John L. Westcott - Coragues Diangro - William Banks
Beach Street - Erie Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 9, 1894

Harry Curtis - David Baird Sr. - John L. Westcott
Howard Butcher

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 18, 1894

John L. Westcott - Esther Tingle, alias Mary Wilson
Minnie Schoonmaker - Kaighn Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 25, 1894

John L. Westcott - Theodore Jackson - John Evans
Michael Turner - William H. Jones - Howard Johnson
Hugh Birchall

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 28, 1894

John L. Westcott - Charles Steel - Kaighn Avenue - Mt. Ephraim Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 28, 1894

John L. Westcott - Charles Steel - Kaighn Avenue - Mt. Ephraim Avenue

January 20, 1895

Gottlieb Mick
John S. Smith
John Boyle
John L. Westcott
Colonel Edward M. Heyl
John Dugan

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 26, 1895

John L. Westcott - Matthias Martin - Philip Glassner
Line Street - Ringgold Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 18, 1895
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John L. Westcott - George Dietz -  - Dennings Clark - William H. Still - Albert Fleet - Samuel Harring - Samuel Harmon William Schregler - Mrs. J.M. Hare - Mrs. Joseph Cramer - Mrs. John W. Lyell - Mrs. S.M. Sampson - Mrs. S.O. Hugg
North 9th Street - North Front Street - Mount Vernon Street - 524 West Street - Clinton Street - Point Street - Elm Street
Liberty Park Republican Club -
North Baptist Church - Cooper Hospital

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 18, 1895

John L. Westcott - W.C. French - John Maguire - Clinton Street

Camden Post
July 24, 1895

Marwood "Sweeney" Derrickson
Charles Burton
Ida Parker
Harry Oliver
Mrs. Griffin
Mrs. Green
John L. Westcott
Baxter Street 
Chestnut Street
William Harvey


Camden Daily Telegram
October 14, 1895

David Durand
John L. Westcott
Rev. J.E. Sawn
Charles Farr
Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal Church

Camden Daily Telegram
October 14, 1895

Camden Horse Railroad Company
R.H. Comey
Jefferson Avenue
William Cook
Charles Martin
J.B. Van Sciver
John L. Westcott
Rev. J.E. Sawn

Camden Daily Telegram
October 14, 1895

Col. William H. Cooper
Carrie Ives Saunders
James R. Carson
Royal Roumanian Band
John L. Westcott



Camden Daily Telegram
January 9, 1896

Walter Jarvis - John L. Westcott
Harry Miller

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 20, 1896
Joseph M. Engard - Charles H. Ellis
 W.B.E. Miller - R.R. Miller
H.L. Hartshorn - George E. Martin - John L. Westcott
Benjamin Braker - E.E. Reed Jr. - A.F. Schultz
Joseph Potter - Edwin Hillman -
George G. Felton

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 1, 1896

John L. Westcott - William Gladding 
Thomas J. Farnan -
North 9th Street - Lawrence Street
J.A. Vansciver -
Arch Street - Federal Street - Fourth Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 23, 1896

John Foster - John L. Westcott - Stockton Park - Camden Turn Verein 
Emil Lingerman - H. Doerschner - Emil Doerschner - J. Scharf

Camden Post
August 4. 1896

Minnie Depew - Clara Green - Rachel Gibbs
John L. Westcott

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 19, 1896

John L. Westcott Samuel Albert - Charles Monroe - Alfred Robinson
William Ross - Kaighn Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 27, 1896

John L. Westcott - Charles Butler - Louis Tinson

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 6, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - William Mount - Carpenter Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 10, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - John Feerick - Burns Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 13, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - John J. Cox - Charles McCann
Mechanic Street - South 4th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 14, 1897

Caroline Hoelzle - John S. Smith - William C. Miller - Moses Hughes
Peter Petrick - Front Street - Vine Street - Liberty Street
Mechanic Street - Federal Street - Xavier Schnurr -
South 3rd Street - Spruce Street - John L. Westcott - Colonel William Cooper

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 16, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - Charles H. Ellis - Samuel Dodd
Mina Geist -
Second Street - Arch Street - Samuel W. Beldon

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 24, 1897

H. Frank Pettit
John L. Westcott


Philadelphia Inquirer - March 10, 1897

John Leighton Wescott
James Walker - James Foster - James taylor

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 8, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - John Bamford - Mrs. Annie Evans

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 22, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - Margaret McDonnell
Stevens Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 25, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - Thomas Williams - Lydia Lecount

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 20, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - Frederick A. Rex
George Fithian -
Temple Theatre


Camden Daily Telegram
October 19, 1897

Sumner Derrickson - Charles Taylor
Marwood "Sweeney" Derrickson
John L. Westcott
Baxter Street
Ann Street aka Maurice Street
Kaighn Avenue
Sycamore Street
Mrs. Zane - Mrs. Shaw
Charles H. Fitzsimmons III
Andrew Blair Frazee
William Barnard
Albert Myers
George F. Kappell aka George Cable
John Hill - Joseph Dodson
Reed & Derrickson - Olive Park
John Foster
Edward Fortie - Ida Burton
Lawrence Anderson - Aubrey Thompson
Richard Golden




Camden Post * November 10, 1897

Michael McCusker - Florence CoffeY McCusker
Benson Street - Unjon News Company
Elwin D. Steen
Catharine McGahan - South 2nd Street
Richard Golden - John Zander
Harry Laird - Trenton Avenue
William Staas
"Daniel Hughes" was George B. Hughes
William A. Husted
Clarence Smith - Stephen McCusker
David J. Russell - Philip Schmitz
Francis D. Weaver - Wilson Jenkins
Isaac S. Carson - Samuel Dodd
John L. Westcott - Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 12, 1897

John Leighton Wescott - Atlantic Avenue
Cornelius Schlater - Vine Street Ferry - Andrew Gabala - Josephine Smith

Camden Daily Telegram
December 20, 1897

New York Flats - Kaighn Avenue
Rosie Woolford -
John L. Westcott
John Brothers - Josiah Sage
William Butts - Alfred L. Sayers
Mamie Firie - Bertha Bastian
Susie Quinn - Charles Brunner

Philadelphia Inquirer * January 11, 1898

John H. Trainer - Berkley Hall - James Ware Jr. - John L. Westcott - Samuel Cox George S. West - Frank H. Randall - Mary Randall - Eli Hudson
St. Francis Beneficial Society

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 2, 1898

John Campbell, Jr. - John Blows
Henry B. Wilson Sr.  
Harry Wolfe - J. Willard Morgan
Christopher J. Mines Jr.
John L. Westcott - Isaac Doughten
R.H. Reeve - Thaddeus P. Varney

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Cooper B. Hatch - Lewis H. Mohrman- Maurice Rogers - Charles M. Baldwin
Jesse C. Bond - Camden Republican Club

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 25, 1898

Henry B. WIlson - St. John's Episcopal Church
Rev. G.R. Underhill - Arthur W. Williams - Samuel T. Bailey 
Samuel H. Grey - Herbert C. Felton - Elias Davis
John Leighton Westcott - Dr. Henry H. Davis
Frank L. Vinton -
Mt. Vernon Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 14, 1901

Charles H. Peters

Camden Daily Courier * January 12, 1904
First Ward Republican Club - William E. Alberts - O. Glen Stackhouse - Joseph Kolb - Ephraim T. Hires
George F. Kappel - John Beard - Francis F. Patterson Jr. - George P. Pechin - Thomas Walton
Joseph Burt - Walter Banks - William Lyons - Charles Cook - William Weaver - Robert Finley
Samuel P. Jones - Antonio Mecca - John Leighton Westcott - William J. Bradley - Walter Banks
Joseph Potter - Joseph Baumeister - Dr. John F. Leavitt - Dr. William Iszard -
Joseph Logue

Camden Post-Telegram * January 12, 1906

John L. Wescott - Cooper B. Hatch - Joseph E. Nowrey
Rev. John Lyell -
Charles H. Ellis - North 3rd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 17, 1906

John L. Wescott - Cooper B. Hatch - Joseph E. Nowrey
William J. Bradley - S.S. Iszard - William Shillingsburg 
Rev. John Lyell -
Charles H. Ellis - North 3rd Street