JOHN HILL was born in Pennsylvania in 1848 to Henrietta and John Hill. The family had relocated to Camden's South Ward by the time of the 1860 Census. When the Census was again taken, in 1870, John Hill had married and was living with his wife, Mary E. Hill, in what was then Newton Township, which was annexed to Camden the following year. John Hill then worked as a laborer. 

On April 5, 1882 John Hill was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company, taking the place of John Fine. John Hill served for two years. He was replaced by Amos Caverow in 1884. John Hill worked as a laborer and later as a bricklayer during his two years with the Fire Department.

The 1884-1885 Camden City Directory shows John Hill living on "Ferry Avenue near Fillmore" which quite possibly have been the same home as they had occupied in previous years. If it was a different building, it was certainly within a stones throw. The Hills are again listed here in the 1885 City Directory.

Directories for 1887-1888, through 1892-1893 are inconclusive, as two or more John Hills are listed, often both in South Camden, but none in the same neighborhood as were the family had lived in 1885. 

The 1893-1894 City Directory, however, lists Mary E. Hill at 257 Chestnut Street, as the widow of John Hill. She and her children moved to 1221 Locust by the end of 1894, and from 1896 through 1900 lived at 309 Sycamore Street.

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 7, 1882

G. Rudolph Tenner
James McCracken
Daniel Bromley - John S. Kelly
Michael McCaffery
James H. Brown
Thomas McKenna
James Shinn - Smith Moore
William Irelan
William Bassett
John Hill - James Read
Robert Miller - William Marsh
George Moffett - John J. Logan
Isaac M. Shreve - Samuel Welsh
Lewis Ferrell - Logan Bates
Isaac Collings - Harry Miles
John W. Elliott - William Turner
Charles Holl - John J. Hibbs
John Seybold - James H. McCann
Edward Swope - William Suders