JOHN ANDERSON was born in Camden around 1861 to William and Eliza Anderson. The family was living near the iron works along the Cooper River near Pine Street as early as the 1860s, and when new homes were built in the 1000 block of Line Street in the 1880s, William Anderson acquired 1032 Line Street. This would be the family home as late as 1947. 

William Anderson generally worked as a factory laborer, but was active in politics, and served as County freeholder from Camden's Seventh Ward in the 1890s and 1900s. During that time John Anderson served on Camden's police force. He later returned to work at the nearby iron foundry where his father had previously worked, decades before.

John Anderson married Delia Fowler around 1888. Their first son, Thomas B. Anderson, was born on June 5, 1889, followed by Charles F., Henry, Elizabeth, and Lydia.  He lived with his father, who by 1900 was a widower, as late as 1910. John Anderson passed away on October 11, 1919, not long after his father William had died, both having lived their days out at 1032 Line Street.

Thomas B. Anderson was killed in a freight car accident in Philadelphia in March of 1932. Daughter Elizabeth later married Harry Strauss. The couple was living at 1032 Line Street as late as 1947.

Camden Daily Courier
May 8, 1888

 Joseph Logue
John H. Stratton
 Henry Mellon
Charles H. Peters
John Anderson

Camden Daily Telegram
May 8, 1888

 Joseph Logue
John H. Stratton
Ross Court
Henry Mellon
Point Street
Samuel Dodd
Jesse Pratt
Charles H. Peters
John Anderson

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 28, 1890

Samuel Dodd - Charles O. Pedrick
Samuel E. Lee -
George Horner
John Anderson - Samuel S. Bakley (Baker)
William Parker
Royden Street
Maurice Hinchman
Charles H. Mead
North 2nd Street
Mabel Gray 


Philadelphia Inquirer - July 22, 1898
Benjamin Middleton - John Anderson - Thomas Brothers - William Butts
Alfred Hayden - Edward Cooper - Richard Golden

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 26, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch
William Lyons
William Thompson
A. Lincoln James
Isaac Toy
James Tatem
Casper Hart
Thomas Brothers
George Purnell
John Anderson
Alfred S. Snow
David Clark
Thomas Reed
Howard McPherson
Edward R. Thomas
John Zane
William Horner

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 12, 1919

Line Street
William Anderson