JAMES V. PARADISE was born in New York around 1892. His father, John Paradise, brought him and his siblings to Camden in 1893. John Paradise was politically active as a Republican and worked in Camden's highway department for many years. James V. Paradise was also politically active and was appointed to the police department in 1918.

James V. Paradise married at the age of 21, his wife Angelina a New Jersey native. By January of 1920 he was serving as a member of the Camden NJ police department. The Paradise family, which included a daughter, Mary, then lived at 439 Division Street in South Camden, a short walk from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church

In 1928, brother Anthony "Babe" Paradise was arrested in 1922 and in 1928 on drug-related charges. He was set to state prison both times, and was sent up for a third time in 1935 for receiving stolen goods. 

James V. Paradise had been promoted to detective 

by April of 1930, when the Census was taken. At that point he and his wife were renting a home at 441 Cherry Street in South Camden. His neighbor at 447 Cherry was Joseph Mardino, who also had a long career as a Camden policeman. He appears to have been reduced in rank late in 1931 or in early 1932.

James V. Paradise retired from the police department in 1943. He was then living at 569 Spruce Street. He last resided at 1030 Collings Road. James V. Paradise died in June of 1957. Angelina Paradise, last a resident of Oaklyn NJ, passed away in 1981.


April 2, 1928

John W. Golden
Theodore Guthrie
James V. Paradise

Spruce Street

Camden Courier-Post * June 3, 1930
Catherine Christman - Joseph Conti - Nicholas Bartluci - John Fisher - Mary Reginelli - Marco Reginelli
Garfield S. Pancoast -  Clifford A. Baldwin
William "Big Bill" Wierman - Ralph Bakley
C. Leonard Brehm - Louis Schlam
Clarence Bunker - Clarence Arthur
Wilfred L. Dube - Andrew Zopesky

From Left: Howard Smith - James Paradise - Theodore Guthrie - Joseph Mardino - Walter Welch
Vernon Jones - Walter Smith 
Highland Avenue
South 33rd Street
North 34th Street

Camden - Courier-Post
June 24, 1957

Collings Road
Paul Paradise

Anthony Paradise