JAMES HOVEY TROUTMAN was born on July 12, 1927 in Hickory, Pennsylvania to William and Frances Troutman. He was second of at least three children, coming after William III and before Robert. His father worked as a lineman. 

James H. Troutman was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on December 30, 1955, and reported for duty with Engine Company 11 on January 1, 1956. He was transferred to Ladder Company 3 on August 21, 1959, then to Rescue Company 1 on April 16, 1960. His younger brother, Robert Troutman, was appointed to the Fire Department on February 1, 1960.

On January 31, 1961 James H. Troutman received a public citation from Commissioner Edward Garrity for saving lives during a chlorine gas disaster, during which time he exposed himself to deadly fumes, and for which he was hospitalized. James H. Troutman was promoted to Captain on April 23, 1961 and was assigned to Ladder Company 2.

On April 30, 1962 James H. Troutman sustained a back injury while on duty. This injury would in time render him unable to remain on active duty with his Company. He was transferred to the Communications Bureau in late October, 1965. Further trouble with his back forced James H. Troutman to retire on a disability pension on September 1, 1967. 

James H. Troutman was living at 2944 High Street in East Camden when he was appointed to the Fire Department. He later moved to 107 North 22nd Street in East Camden where he lived for many of his years with the department. Last a resident of Runnemede, New Jersey, James H. Troutman passed away on March 27, 1999.

Camden Courier-Post - December 30, 1955

Edward T. Irwin - North 24th Street - William J. Hopkins - Grant Street - Robert R. Rowan - Erie Street
Alchester Warren -
Walnut Street - John L. Sterner - Lincoln Avenue
Leon C. Puszczykowski - Congress Road - Joseph A. Verderosa - Thurman Street
William J. O'Connor -
Dudley Street - Westfield Acres - Kenneth Clark - Carl R. Szalkowski
Alfred Nigro - South 5th Street - Francis Stibi - Bailey Street - James H. Troutman - High Street

Engine 11's 1956 American LaFrance Pumper
Photo by Bob Bartosz
Engine 11's new pumper, 
From left: John Letts, John C. Voll, Captain Charles Patterson, James Troutman

Engine 11's 1956 American LaFrance Pumper
Photo by Bob Bartosz
Engine 11's new pumper. The car at right belonged to John C. Voll

Engine Company 2 with new pumper in front of quarters, 5th & Arch Streets, 1960. 
Bottom row, from left: Fireman
Harrison MacNeir, Chief Edward MacDowell, Fireman James Troutman, Captain Albert Weller, Fireman Charles Devlin, Fireman William Hopkins, Fireman George Hennessey; Top row, left to right: Fireman Francis Stibi, Fireman Robert Briggs, Fireman Bertram Dahl, Fireman Erwin Brennan, Captain Thomas Winstanley, Fireman Anthony Orme..

Director of Public Safety Edward Garrity presents
Chief of Department
Edward MacDowell with a municipal proclamation
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Witnessing, from left: Fireman George Wade, Fireman Harrison MacNeir,
Fireman John Gaffney Sr., Fireman James Troutman, Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, Captain Allen Hess, Fireman John Yates, District Chief Harry Wagner (obscured), District Chief Edward Michalak, Fireman Dominick Dalanni, Fireman
Howard Lewis, Fireman Henry Keubler

In the staff office at Fire Headquarters (kneeling from left) Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, Fireman Howard Lewis, Fireman Harrison MacNeir; (standing from left) Captain Allen Hess, Fireman Dominic Dalanni, Fireman Henry Keubler, Chief Harry Wagner, Fireman James Troutman, Chief Edward Michalak, Fireman James Smith, Chief Edward MacDowell, Fireman John Yates, and Fireman George Wade. - 1961