JAMES JOSEPH SCHAFFER was born on August 3, 1898 to Albert and Hannah Schaffer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the third of six children, coming after brother George W. and sister Emma. The family was living at 3048 Amber Street in Philadelphia when the Census was taken in 1900. The Schaffers moved to New Jersey in the early 1900s, where three more children were born, daughters Ray and Sallie, and the last child, son John. The 1910 Census shows the family at 409-411 Division Street. Albert Schaffer worked as a paperhanger. Oldest son George W. Schaffer had gone to work in one of Camden's shipyards as a riveter. 

Albert Schaffer had passed away by 1914. His wife and children were then living at 717 Morgan Street. The family moved to 713 Morgan Street. by September of 1918. James J. Schaffer had gone to work in one of Camden's shipyards, most likely the nearby New York Shipbuilding Corporation yard two blocks from his home. He was, however, unemployed when he registered for the draft in September of 1918. By the end of 1919 he had returned to shipyard work. The Schaffers were still at 713 Morgan Street in January of 1921.

By the time the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled, James J. Schaffer had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was living at 706 Tulip Street and was still at that address when the 1927 edition was being assembled. By 1928 he had married and was living with his wife Florence, her mother Lillian and step-father Frank Zielinski at 804 Morgan Street. Florence's father was William Laute. who had owned a bar at 701 Fairview Street during the 1900s. By 1931 James J. & Florence Schaffer had moved to 814 Morgan Street

James J. Schaffer was still serving with the Camden Fire Department when the 1943 City Director was being assembled. By the end of 1946 he had passed away. Florence and James Jr. were still living at 814 Morgan Street into the 1950s.

James J. Schaffer and Florence Laute Schaffer's son, James J. Schaffer Jr., graduated from Camden High School in 1951, fought in Korea with the United States Army then returned to New Jersey where he had a long career in law enforcement, initially as a New Jersey State Trooper. He was the undersheriff of Salem County, New Jersey when he died in 2003.

World War I Draft Card
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