JAMES PROCTOR SHINN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with Engine Company 1 on April 5, 1882. He replaced James H. Hunt. James Shinn served for one year, when he was replaced in turn by Charles Alcott. 

James P. Shinn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 9, 1856 to Stacy Shinn and his wife, the former Rebecca Pennington Proctor. Stacy Shinn was previously married to Jane Wextrim, who died in 1847. This marriage produced five children, Ann, Samuel, Mary Jane, Joshua, and Amanda Shinn. On September 9, 1851 Stacy Shinn married Rebecca Pennnington Proctor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Six children were born of this marriage, William Pennington Shinn, Francis Baker Shinn,  James Proctor Shinn, Anna Pennington Shinn, Rebecca Loveland Shinn, and David Brown Shinn.

Stacy Shinn and his family moved to Camden during the 1860s. The 1870 Census shows the Shinns in Camden's South Ward, where Stacy Shinn worked as a laborer. Five of the children on Stacy and Rebecca Shinn were living with them, William, James, Anna, Rebecca, and David. William had already gone to work as a laborer.

During the 1870s James P. Shinn began working as a carpenter. It is reported that on July 14, 1879 Stacy Shinn died while in Philadelphia. This date appears to be inaccurate, as the 1878-1879 Camden  City Directory lists Rebecca Shinn as a widow, living at 243 Mechanic Street with her son James, who was working as a carpenter. By 1879 the Shinns had moved to 217 Kaighn Avenue. The 1880 Census shows that Rebecca Shinn and her sons James and David Shinn were still living at 217 Kaighn Avenue. 

James Shinn married Elizabeth Hess in 1881.

The Shinns were still at 217 Kaighn Avenue when the 1882-1883 Directory was compiled. James Shinn was hen working as a wharf builder at the John H. Dialogue shipyards near the foot of Kaighn Avenue. By the end of 1883 James P. Shinn, his wife, mother, and brother David had moved to 1231 South 2nd Street. James P. Shinn is still listed in Camden City Directories at that address as late as the 1888-1889 edition. 

James P. Shinn died on July 30, 1888. The 1890-1891 City Directory shows his widow Elizabeth, mother Rebecca, and brother David living at 242 Sycamore Street.

James P. Shinn had been a member of the Sioux Tribe No. 25, Improved Order of Red Men.  Daniel N. Bromley and George Adam Tenner, who were appointed to the Camden Fire Department at the same time Daniel Bromley was, were also member of Sioux Tribe No. 25. James P. Shinn was also a member of Hope Lodge No. 93, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Avenue Social Club.

Sioux Tribe, No. 25, was instituted in Wildey Hall, March 23J, 1871, by Great Sachem John E. Cheeseman, with members of Sioux Tribe, Philadelphia, who presented them with a set of tomahawks, still in use in 1886. The officers were: .S., Silas Letchford; S. S., John A. Parker; J. S., John Fox ; C. of N., F. W. Wilson ; K. of W., David C. Vannote; Prophet, Theodore L. Parker. As of 1886 the Past Sachems were Silas Letchford, James Broughton, Aaron Hand, William T. Mears, William F. Mason, Samuel H. Deal Sr., John H. Mason, W. E. Campbell, Charles H. Hagelman, Henry F. Snyder, George A. Tenner, Isaac King, Theodore L. Parker, David B. Peterson, John B. Wright, William Hagelman, James Barton, Edward B. Chew, George W. Kleaver, J.P.R. Carney, James C. Mason, Edward A. Martin and John Barrett. The officers for 1886 were: S., James G. Smith ; .S. S., Franklin H. Drake; J.S., Daniel England; P., J.P. R. Carney; C. of R., John P. Wright; Assistant C. of R., David B. Peterson. 

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 7, 1882

G. Rudolph Tenner
James McCracken
Daniel Bromley - John S. Kelly
Michael McCaffery
James H. Brown
Thomas McKenna
James Shinn - Smith Moore
William Irelan
William Bassett
John Hill - James Read
Robert Miller - William Marsh
George Moffett - John J. Logan
Isaac M. Shreve - Samuel Welsh
Lewis Ferrell - Logan Bates
Isaac Collings - Harry Miles
John W. Elliott - William Turner
Charles Holl - John J. Hibbs
John Seybold - James H. McCann
Edward Swope - William Suders

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 4, 1888