JAMES J. MONAHAN was born in Pennsylvania on August 18, 1892. After coming to Camden, he met and married Anna Schmidt, the daughter of Ludwig (Louis) and Barbara Schmidt, who had come to America in the 1890s. The Monahans lived with Anna's parents at 675 Morgan Street in Camden's Eighth Ward, not far from the New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyards. During Would War I James J. Monahan worked at the shipyard, and he was still working there in January of 1920. Meanwhile, his brother-in-law Louis Schmidt had secured a position with the Camden Police Department.

While it is not known if James J. Monahan served with the military during World War I, he was  member of the Marine Corps Reserve and played clarinet in the Marine Band in parades in Philadelphia. 

In 1923 James J. Monahan was appointed to Engine Company No. 10 at Ninth and Morgan Streets, not far from his home at 675 Morgan Street. For much of his career he drove a pumper. He served alongside brother firefighters such as Frank L'Esperance, James Shaffer, Maurice O'Brien and Patrick Greenan, among others.

The 1930 Census shows James J. Monahan, wife Anna, and their children; Louis, 11; William 7; and Anna, 4; still living at the 675 Morgan Street address.

Sadly, James J. Monahan died of kidney disease on February 1, 1936 at West Jersey Hospital. He was replaced on the Fire Department by Albert V. Dukes Jr. 

Camden Post-Telegram * January 19, 1915

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James J. Monahan in Fire Department uniform with a deer he shot while hunting with his father-in-law and brother-in-law

James J. Monahan in his Marine Reserve uniform in the yard of
675 Morgan Street.

James J. Monahan in Marine Band uniform used in Parades in Philadelphia and elsewhere. James J. Monahan played clarinet,.

Camden Courier-Post * February 5, 1938


Appointment of Albert Dukes, Jr., of 3803 Westfield Avenue, as a fire man, was announced yesterday by Commissioner Mary W. Kobus.

Dukes father, Albert Sr., has been a Camden fireman for the past 18 years, connected with Engine Company No. 9, Twenty-seventh and Federal Streets.

Dukes, Commissioner' Kobus said, will replace James Monahan, who died last Saturday in the West Jersey Hospital of kidney disease. Monahan had been a member of Engine Company No. 10, Ninth and Morgan Streets, since 1923.

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