JAMES H. McCANN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with Engine Company 2 on April 5, 1882. He replaced Charles Todd. James McCann served with the Fire Department for two years and was replaced when Henry Grosscup was reappointed. James McCann worked as a blacksmith prior to his his appointment to the Fire Department and followed that trade after he left, Later in life he worked as a machinist. 

James McCann was born in New Jersey in June of 1859 to John and Julia McCann, both Irish-born. A brother, John Jr. was born in 1861.

James McCann first appears in Camden's City Directories in the 1879-1880 edition, living with his mother, Julia Quirk and brother John at 130 Taylor Avenue. City Directories indicate that he remained at this address through 1882, the moved next door to 128 Taylor Avenue where he remained into 1888. He had begun working for the Pennsylvania Railroad during the 1880s.

The 1890-1891 shows James McCann at 438 South 2nd Street. By the time the 1894-1895 Directory was compiled he had moved to 229 Taylor Avenue and was working as a machinist. Directories from 1895 through 1897 indicate that James McCann has moved to 12 South 2nd Street. Still working for the Pennsylvania Railroad, James McCann had moved to 431 Emerald Street in 1898. He moved again in 1899, to 533 South 2nd Street

The 1900 Census shows James McCann and his wife, the former Isabella McKibbon, and children Annie, 19; Isabella, 17; Ellen, 15; and James, 9 at 533 South 2nd Street. Father-in-law Thomas McKibbon also resided there as well. James and Isabella McCann and young James were living in the 500 block of Kaighn Avenue when the 1905 New Jersey Census was enumerated.

James McCann's brother, John "Cap" McCann, was a notorious character in Camden, and was in and out of jail on a number of occasions. The two brother fought in May of 1903, and John died shortly afterwards. It was determined that he died of a stroke, and James McCann was not prosecuted.

James McCann does not appear in the 1906 City Directory or the 1910 Census. He appears to have either passed away or left the area. Thomas McKibbon, however was still living in Camden in 1910.

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 7, 1882

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John Seybold - James H. McCann
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May 29, 1903

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