JAMES F. WALTON was born in Pennsylvania in January of 1871 to Thomas A. Walton and his wife Caroline. The Walton family, which included brother William and Thomas and a sister Florence, was living in Philadelphia when the 1880 Census was enumerated. The family moved to 225 Bailey Street in North Camden shortly therafter. Another son, Jesse Walton, was born in North Camden. The Waltons moved to 227 Bailey Street in 1893, and stayed there until 1896.

On October 30, 1894 James F. Walton married Alwilda M. James  in Camden. The Walton's had three children, Raymond in 1896, Pearl in 1899, and Caroline in 1900. Sadly, Raymond and Caroline died in infancy. Alwilda Walton passed away on March 15, 1915 in Camden, at the age of 41.

James F. Walton and his brothers William and Thomas all mastered the plumber's craft. James F. Walton was well known in Camden in the early part of the 20th century. Trading as "Walton the Plumber" beginning in 1895 from his first shop at 125 Main Street and by 1901 at his second shop at 201 Main Street, he specialized in both ship and house plumbing, and steam and hot water heating. The second shop, at the intersection of Main, Vine, and North 2nd Streets, was directly across the street from John F. Daly's tavern (known appropriately enough as Daly's Cafe) and the Standard movie theater. By 1901 former prize-fighter Dan McConnell moved into 125 Main Street and opened an oyster house. McConnell's, who grew up at this address, was noted journalist Daniel J. McConnell. His parents, Thomas and Caroline Walton lived nearby at 314 Vine Street. Sadly, Thomas A. Walton passed away in 1905. The home on Vine Street remained in the family.

The 1896 Camden City Directory, the 1900 Census and the 1906 Camden City Directory all state that James F. Walton was then living at 217 Erie Street. The 1910 Census shows James F. Walton as residing at 302 State Street with his wife and daughter. He was still at that address when the 1914 Camden City Directory was compiled. Alwilda James Walton died on March 15, 1915 at the age of 41.

By the spring of 1918 he had remarried, and with second wife Sarah "Sallie" Walton resided at 314 Vine Street.  James F. Walton passed away in Camden on February 7, 1927, survived by his wife, daughter Pearl, and a granddaughter, Margaret L. Dennis. Pearl Walton Dennis passed away in 1928.

James F. Walton's shop at 201 Main Street was used as a Civil Defense headquarters during World War II, but was not listed in the 1947 Camden City Directory.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 7, 1911
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George Kleinheinz - James F. Walton - David A. Henderson - John T. Rodan - Charles Laib

1913 & 1917 Camden City Directory



During Word War II,
James Walton's old plumbing shop was  used as Civil Defense Headquarters for North Camden

State Street

House on the right is 302 State Street

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