JAMES ELBERSON  was born in Pennsylvania on October of 1851. The family name also comes up as Elverson and in at least once source Elbertson. 

James Elberson married around 1886. His wife Lydia gave birth to a son, Raymond Louis Elberson on January 7, 1892.

James Elberson first appears in Camden City Directories in 1887, working as a bartender and living at 118 Elm Street in North Camden. He next appears in the 1891 edition, working as a carver and living at 619 North 2nd Street, where he stayed through 1896. During this time he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department.

James Elberson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in 1893, and assigned to Engine Co No 4 at 320 Vine Street in North Camden. In 1894 Engine Co No 4, consisted of  Foreman Amidee S. Middleton, Engineer Francis Turner; Driver Walter Browning, Stoker Robert Steer; and Hosemen, Howard Currie, William Patterson, and James Elberson.

The 1897 Directory shows the family at 731 Elm Street, and 1899 has them at 417 Vine Street. The 1900 Census shows the family living in what was then Camden's Tenth Ward, at 627 North 6th Street. The 1904 Directory shows 624 Vine Street, 1905's edition has them at 628 North 4th Street, 1906 at 418 Vine Street, and 1908 at 540 Pearl Street. The 1909 City Directory and the 1910 Census shows the Elberson family had moved around the corner to 518 Vine Street. 1911 and 1912 Directories have the Elbersons at 514 Vine Street, while the 1913 edition shows them back around the corner at 613 North 6th Street. The following year the family was at 620 North 4th Street. By the time the 1915 City Directory was being compiled, the Elbersons had moved to Cramer Hill, taking up residence at 1016 North 24th Street.

James Elberson was an active member of the New Jersey Firemen's Mutual Benefit Association, a precursor of today's firefighter's unions. He served as treasurer of the Association from 1903 through at least 1906. 

In March of 1906 James Elberson was injured in the fire that took the lives of three Camden firefighters, George Shields, William Hillman, and William Jobes. He returned to duty and was later promoted to Lieutenant, a position similar to today's Captain. 

Heart trouble caused James Elberson to retire from the Camden Fire Department at the rank of Lieutenant on June 1, 1915. He passed away in November of 1915. His wife and son remained at 1016 North 24th Street through 1917. Mrs. Elberson is not listed in the 1918 Directory. Raymond Elberson remained in Cramer Hill into the early 1920s before moving to Gloucester City and later out into Gloucester County. He died in 1962.

Daily Telegram

May 31, 1894

James Baird
 Joseph Logue
William Patterson
George Cox

David Andrews
John A. Dold
William Jobes
William O. Sawyer
Albert James

Samuel Curriden

James Elberson

Charles J. "Jeff" Kay

Camden Post
December 28, 1894

First Ward Republican Club
Harry T. Walker - John H. Tway
James Elberson - William C. Ford - J.W. Kinsey
Albert E. Keyser - Charles Tway - George Tash
J.J. Lindrod - Jacob H. Leon - John Opfer
William Mattix - D.P. Williams - H.H. Bisby
William Hand - Jacob Gnang
Robert Brice
Keyser's Hall



Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1901

William O. Sawyer - James Elberson - Lewis Buzine
Alfred Hayden - David Andrews - John Renner
Robert W. Colkett

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 7, 1903

William Hertline - William O. Sawyer
James Elberson

Trenton Evening Times October 22, 1905

Trenton Evening Times October 30, 1905

Trenton Evening Times October 31, 1905

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 31, 1905

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1906

George Shields - William Hillman - William Jobes
Josiah Sage - Seth D. Monnell - George Quinn
Martin Carrigan - J.W. Simpson - James Elberson
William Elberson - Charles Worthington
Harry Dease - Isaac Toy -
Harry A. Haines Sr.
Joseph Ernst - Joseph Daley - Samuel S. Elfreth
William SchreglerCharles H. Ellis 

West Street - Mickle Street - Beckett Street
Kaighn Avenue - Line Street - South 8th Street
Mt. Vernon Street - Clinton Street - Cedar Street
North 4th Street - Taylor AvenuePenn Street
Haddon Avenue - Bridge Avenue

Engine Company 1 -  Engine Company 2
Engine Company 4 - Chemical Engine Company

6th Regiment, New Jersey National Guard
Farmers & Merchants Market
Camden Opera House

"Joseph Gail" was actually Joseph Daley




Frank G. Hitchener - William Morgenweck - Sperry & Hutchinson - Camden Bowling Alleys
M.W. Taylor Theatrical Agency - John Sherwood - Louis Certain - Richard Carpenter - Daniel Mehlin
Mrs. Ida Paul - Mrs. Farley - John Campbell - Harry Chase - John WIdden - H.W. Wilson
Gardner Corson - Mrs. Borquin - C.M. Alcott

Gardner Corson was appointed to the Fire Department in November of 1907.

Camden Daily Courier
February 2, 1914

Robert Brice
James Elberson
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley


Camden Daily Courier
September 23, 1914

Robert Brice
William W. Patterson
James Elberson
Robert Steer
Ephraim T. Hires
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley
James F. Walton
Matthew Tenniswood
James Neeley
Adrian Bateman
Engine Company 4

Camden Daily Courier
January 25, 1915

Robert Steer
William W. Patterson

James Elberson
Robert Brice
Ephraim T. Hires
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley
Howard Street
Rev. J.L. Surtees
Rev. Isaac Bagley
State Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Engine Company 4
John A. Stockton
Peter B. Carter
Walter Browning
Daniel Grimes
Charles Watkin
Engine Company 5
Robert Steer Jr.
Carrie Steer

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 21, 1915

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 22, 1915