JOHN K. R. HEWITT was born in Camden on January 29, 1855 to Sarah and Aaron Hewitt. His father was a carpenter. He pursued his early studies at home and at the public schools. He then engaged in business and began the study of law some years later. He was made an attorney in June, 1876, and a counselor in 1880. 

The 1878 City Directory shows the family at 5096 Bridge Avenue, and the family was living at 734 Carman Street when the census was taken in 1880.  J.K.R. Hewitt, as he was professionally known was considered a promising young attorney in Camden. He was involved politically as a Democrat, and had been elected City Solictor for Gloucester City in February of 1878. He served as clerk and solicitor for the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Camden County from May, 1880 to 1881. In 1881, with fellow young lawyers John L. Semple and Howard Carrow at one time ran a baseball club in Camden. The 1881 City Directory shows that his office was at 311 Market Street, and that he made his home in Merchantville.

J.K.R. Hewitt, ran into controversy in 1882 when he was tried  in United States District Court for defrauding an illiterate pensioner. He was acquitted, and returned to law and politics. Nominated for the post of Camden County surrogate, he declined to run for office.

The 1891-1892 Camden City Directory shows J.K.R. Hewitt maintained an office at 206 MArket Street. However, in the 1890s, things went badly. The 1894-1895 Directory shows his home and office was at 224 Market Street. He does not appear in the 1895-1896 Directory, however. At some point after the compilation of the 1894-1895 Directory J.K.R. Hewitt had been committed to the Camden County Almshouse at Lakeland. In October of 1897he  was declared insane and transferred to the County's insane asylum. 

John K.R. Hewitt was still a patient at the asylum as late as the summer of 1910. He apparently passed away during the 1910s.

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