ISAAC H. LOVETT JR. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April of 1856 to Isaac Lovett and his wife, the former Mary McIlvain, coming two years after his older sisters Elizabeth and Emma. Isaac Lovett Sr. supported his family by working as a carpenter. When the Census was taken in 1860 the Lovett family was living in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. A younger sister, Lousa, had been born in 1858 and Mary Lovett's widowed mother, Elizabeth McIlvain, lived with the family. The family returned to New Jersey in the 1860s. When the Census was taken on July 2, 1870 the Lovett family was living in Cinnaminson. By 1878 the family had moved to Camden. 


The 1878 Camden City Directory shows the Lovett family residing at 211 Market Street in Camden. The Lovetts had moved to 815 Market Street by the time the Census was taken in 1880. Isaac Lovett Jr. had married in the mid-1870s. He, wife Lizzie, and daughters Ethel and Alice lived with his parents and sister Emma at 815 Market Street at the time of the Census enumeration. Isaac Lovett Jr. was then working as a bricklayer. Isaac Lovett Jr. and his family moved to 924 Market Street in 1883 but only stayed there for a year or so before returning to 815 Market Street. He also became active in local politics as a Republican in these years.

Isaac Lovett Jr. was still living at 924 Market Street and working as a bricklayer when, in the spring of 1884, he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company, taking the place of Robert Miller. When the Fire Department was reorganized on July 1, 1885 and eighteen of the extra men were let go, Isaac Lovett was among those who were laid off. By that time he and his family had returned to 815 Market Street. Isaac Lovett was reappointed as an extra man on August 16, 1886 and served through 1890. He continued working as a bricklayer. The Lovett family remained at 815 Market Street through 1894. By March of 1895 the Lovetts had moved to 617 Market Street. Sadly, on March 12, 1895 Isaac Lovett Sr. passed away. The Lovetts were still living at 617 Market Street when the 1900 Census was taken. At that time the family consisted of Isaac Lovett Jr., wife Elizabeth, daughters Alice, Lulu, and Lea, and son Elmer. By March of 1903 the Lovetts moved to 833 Elm Street, where they remained through 1910.

Isaac Lovett Jr. had worked as a bricklayer during the 1890s. On May 26, 1898 he was appointed to the Camden Police Department. Isaac Lovett Jr. worked as a Camden Police officer for over eight years before resigning on November 19, 1906.

Still a staunch Republican, By 1914 Isaac Lovett had been appointed to a position as a bridge tender, working at either the State Street bridge or the Federal Street drawbridge.  Isaac Lovett Jr. is listed in the 1914 Camden City Directory at 809 Elm Street, and was still residing there when the 1918-1919 Directory was compiled.

The 1920 Census shows Isaac Lovett residing at 628 North 9th Street with one of his daughters. Sadly, he was by this time a widower. By 1924 he had remarried and was living with his wife Emeline at 427 North 9th Street. He was still working as a bridge tender.

Isaac Lovett is not listed in the 1927 or 1929 Camden City Directories, or the 1930 Census. It is probable, given his age, that he passed away in the mid-1920s.

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 17, 1886

Harry Curtis - Charles Todd - Thomas Walton - Isaac Shreeve - Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 14, 1887
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NOTE: "Mill Street" was Main Street

Camden & Philadelphia Soap Works - Main Street - Isaac Lovett - Ladder Company 1
Mrs. Mary Vanneman - Birch Street - North 6th Street - James Baird

New York Herald - July 19, 1888

Annie Stillwell - Carpenter Street - Charles Johnon - Joseph Butcher
Dr. Philip W. Beals - Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 15, 1895

Isaac H. Lovett - North 9th StreetIsaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 27, 1898

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Jacob Hicks - Frederick Laird - Isaac Lovett - Albert Keyser - Robert F- Miller - John Wagner
Isaac Brown - Thomas Moore - William Harrison - Albert Batten - Martin McNeil - John Wallace
Henry Taliefarro - Joseph Cline - Horace Huelings - George Riley - Owen Macey - Lee S. Mills
Albert Primrose - George Davis - Joseph Wagner - Henry Schafer - Henry Hertline
Joseph Wilgus - John T. Rodan - James Melon - John K. Esler Jr. - Harry C. Kramer - William L. Hurley

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 1, 1898

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Samuel Dodd - Alexander Osborne - Thomas Cunningham - John Lightenberg - Fred W. Triplett
Camillus Appley - John Sailor - Harry Miller - Josiah Sage - Charles Evans - Nelson Hubbs
Thomas Buchanan - Thomas Pooley - Thaddeus P. Varney - Isaac Lovett - George Pfeiffer Jr.
Charles H. Peters

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 27, 1900

Thomas Clayton's Saloon -  Mechanic Street - John Kane - John G. Peterson - Louis Coleman
North 36th Street - East Camden - South 3rd Street - Isaac Lovett - Samuel Flick - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 10, 1900

Isaac Shreeve - David Humphries - James Finley -  Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 14, 1900

Albert Matlack - Cooper B. Hatch - Mary Rose - East Camden
Isaac Shreeve - David Humphries - James Finley -  Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 24, 1902

H.G. Benson - John Painter - Cole Street - Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 26, 1903

Elmer Lovett - Elm StreetIsaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 1, 1903

Benjamin T. Cattell - Thomas Guthridge - Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 27, 1903

Isaac Lovett - Samuel Paul - East Camden - Baird Avenue - Marlton Avenue - Kaighn Avenue
Thomas Matlack - North 7th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 20, 1906

Charles H. Ellis - Isaac Lovett