HOWARD LEWIS CURRIE was born in Camden, New Jersey on July 21, 1880 to Howard H. Currie and his wife Rose, of 434 Arch Street, Camden. His father was working as a bartender when he was born. Howard H. Currie became involved with the Camden Fire Department by 1886 as a "Call Man", although City Directories from 1887 through 1890 also state that Howard H. Currie worked as a lithographer in Philadelphia. During these years the family lived at 326 Taylor Avenue. Howard H. Currie eventually went to work full time for the Camden Fire Department.

Howard L. Currie married around 1901. His wife Sarah (also known as Sadie), bore a son, John H. Currie around 1904. Howard and Sarah Currie lived with his parents through at least 1906.

When the 1906 Camden City Directory was published, Howard L. Currie was working as a conductor for either the streetcar line or the railroad. His father, Howard H. Currie, was at that time on the Fire Department. The family was living at 109 North 4th Street. The 1910 Census shows that Howard L. Currie had moved with his wife and son to 214 Point Street. he was then working as a switchman for the railroad.

By mid-1912 Howard L. Currie had joined the Camden Fire department. He was still living at 214 Point Street with his wife, Sadie. His father was still with the Fire Department as well, however, by 1914 Howard H. Currie had retired from the department. He was still living at 109 North 4th Street

By September of 1918 Howard L. Currie's marriage had ended in divorce. He was living with his parents at 220 North 3rd Street, and no mention of a wife is on his draft card. Howard H. Currie died at some point in time between September 12, 1918 and January 1, 1920. The 1920 Census shows that Howard L. Currie was living with his son John and by this time widowed mother at 220 North 3rd Street

Shortly after the Census was taken Howard Currie remarried. The City Directory for 1924 lists him at 933 North 4th Street with his wife, the former Millie Ericson. His son John remained behind to take care of his grandmother. The Curries had moved to 1135 Beideman Avenue in Cramer Hill by 1929. By April of 1930 they had again moved, to 1059 North 31st Street, also in Cramer Hill

Howard L. Currie had retired from the Fire Department by the summer of 1942. He was still living with his wife Millie at 1059 North 31st Street in Camden's Cramer Hill neighborhood. He was still residing at that address, and supplementing his income working as a watchman, when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled. It is unclear as to when Howard L. Currie passed away. He was still listed in New Jersey Bell Telephone directories at the North 31st Street address as late as the fall of 1980. His wife, Millie Currie, died in September of 1981.


Camden Daily Courier
June 14, 1910

Howard L. Currie
Robert Brice
Clarence Madden
William Cason
William Laird
George Boone
Edward Simpson
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
James Ora Burris
William Buzine
Thomas J. Nicholas
Joseph Maxwell
Daniel Smith
Arthur Wingate
Newton Ash
Henry Knowles
Engine Company 7





Camden Daily Courier
February 2, 1914

Robert Brice
James Elberson
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley


Camden Daily Courier
September 23, 1914

Robert Brice
William W. Patterson
James Elberson
Robert Steer
Ephraim T. Hires
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley
James F. Walton
Matthew Tenniswood
James Neeley
Adrian Bateman
Engine Company 4

Camden Daily Courier
January 25, 1915

Robert Steer
William W. Patterson

James Elberson
Robert Brice
Ephraim T. Hires
Joseph Logue
Howard L. Currie
Joseph T. Daley
Howard Street
Rev. J.L. Surtees
Rev. Isaac Bagley
State Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Engine Company 4
John A. Stockton
Peter B. Carter
Walter Browning
Daniel Grimes
Charles Watkin
Engine Company 5
Robert Steer Jr.
Carrie Steer

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 6, 1917

Daniel W. Leach - William Walton - Howard L. Currie - Horace Cairns
Henry J. Gerke - Andrew Miller

World War I Draft Card

The registrar who filled in this card was C. Leonard Brehm, local politician and bar-owner

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 31, 1919

Howard Currie - William Judge - William Walton
William Rose John Plum - George Saunders
James Howell - Earl Vansant - Charles Gladney 

Camden Courier-Post * January 2, 1933
Roy R. Stewart - Charles T. Humes - Albert York - Clarence Thorn - David Hunt - Harry Haines Sr.
John Lutts - James R. White - William H. Miller Jr. - Major W. Greenwood - Adrian Bateman
Elmer Burkett - Robert M. Coffman - Howard L. Currie - James E. Navin - George W. Hollins
Richard S. Marter - Arthur A. WingateJoseph F. Ernst - Samuel E. Harring - Andrew "Fritz" Miller
Steward Bakley - William K. Buzine - Daniel Grimes - William H. Bennett

Camden Courier-Post
October 14, 1933

Engine Company 11
John Lennox
Robert Wonsetler
Harry Kreher - Edward Kreher
William Harring - Rollo Jones
Walter Mertz - Charles Errickson
William Mountney - Nelson Till
William Getner - John Peterson

Harry Hess
Michael Mungioli
Herman Kreher
John Mohrfeld
Howard Currie

Camden Courier-Post * October 27, 1934



Engine Company 11 - Harry Hess - Michael Mungioli - Herman Kreher - Engine Company 1
John Mohrfeld - Howard Currie - Cramer Street - Beideman Avenue - Sherman Avenue
North 26th Street - Highland Avenue - Haddon Avenue - Westfield Avenue - South 34th Street

World War II Draft Card