HORACE P. CAIRNS was born in Pennsylvania around 1872. The 1906 Camden City Directory shows Horace Cairns living at 515 Newton Avenue. He was then working as a streetcar conductor. 

When the census was taken on April 15, 1910 Horace Cairns was living at 497 Newton Avenue in South Camden with his wife Annie, mother-in-law Mary Coile and brother Michael Coile.

On July 1, 1910 the Camden Fire Department's Engine Company 7 went into service at its new firehouse at 1115 Kaighn Avenue. Horace Cairns was one of the original members of the company. He was then living at 621 Newton Avenue. This was still his address in 1918. Horace Cairns was promoted to captain during the 1920s, and was assigned to the newly formed Engine Company 10. By 1924 he had moved to 623 Newton Avenue. He was still living at 623 Newton Avenue when the census was enumerated in April of 1930. Shortly afterwards he retired. Fire Department records from 1931 show him living in Atlantic City, New Jersey..

Horace Cairns was last a resident of 115 Oakland Avenue in Audubon, New Jersey. He passed away on March 11, 1942 and was buried at New St. Mary's Cemetery in Bellmawr, New Jersey.

Camden Fire Department - 1914 Chief Engineer's Report

Engine Company No. 7

Location 1115 Kaighn Avenue. Second-class Metropolitan Engine and Combination Chemical and Hose Wagon. Went into service July 1, 1910. Carries 900 feet of 2-1/2-inch hose. 

Rank Age Residence Salary
Charles A. Todd  Captain  52  618 S. Fourth Street  $1,140.00 
Joseph Sparks  Lieutenant 31  624 S. Fifth Street $960.00 
John A. Dold   Engineer 53 1301 Park Boulevard  $1,140.00
Elmer Burkett  Stoker 47  1009 Penn Street $1,020.00 
Roy Smith  Driver 30   607 Carman Street $960.00 
William Hunsinger Driver 37   741 Walnut Street $ 960.00 
George Boone  Hoseman 38   605 Mt. Vernon Street $ 960.00 
Sylvester McGrath  Hoseman 35 605 St. John Street $ 960.00 
Horace Cairns  Hoseman 42 621 Newton Avenue $1,020.00 

Camden Post-Telegram
March 25, 1914

Engine Company 7
Horace Cairns - Haddon Avenue
George Boone - Mt. Vernon Street
Charles Worthington
Roy A. Smith
Mrs. Elizabeth Caston - Sycamore Street
West Jersey Hospital


Engine Company No. 5 at 14th and Federal Streets, with newly converted hose wagon. Originally a horse drawn rig, it was modified to electric power by the Commercial Truck Company of Philadelphia PA. A storage battery powered each wheel. 
Pictured with apparatus are (I to r): Chief
Peter Carter, Fireman
W. Scott Franklin, Chauffeur Bert Coffman, Firemen Edward Kelley, William Buzine, John Prucella, Charles Schultz, Horace Cairns, Daniel Grimes and Chief's Aide, Fireman Harry Hankins.

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 6, 1917

Daniel W. Leach - William Walton - Howard L. Currie - Horace Cairns
Henry J. Gerke - Andrew Miller

Camden Post-Telegram
March 22, 1918

Peter Carter - Louis Neuman
George H. Pursglove - Roy DeHaven
Julius Hubert - Harry Stone
Joseph Sparks - Samuel Whitzell
William Elberson - William Schucker
Walter Mertz - Horace Cairns
Robert Knox - Allen Palmer
Clarence Pursglove - Anthony Paradise
Harry B. Maxwell - Robert Welsh
William B. Vile

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1918

Peter B. Carter - Harry B. Maxwell - Allen Palmer - Louis Neumann - George H. Pursglove
Roy DeHaven - Julius Herbert - Harry W. Stone - Joseph Sparks - Robert Knox - Clarence Pursglove
Anthony Paradise - Robert Welsh - Walter Mertz - Horace Cairns - Samuel Whitzell

Philadelphia Inquirer

March 26, 1918


Camden Daily Courier
May 21, 1920

Engine Company 10
Ladder Company 4
James White
Horace Cairns
Mortica Clark
John Vickers
Charles Watkin
Herman O. Kreher
John A.S. Hunt
George Hunt
James McDermott
William Miller
Harry Selby

Joseph T. Daley
Roy A. Smith
Seth Monell
William Madison


Camden Daily Courier
September 18, 1920

Horace Cairns - William Miller
Harry Selby - Charles Gall
Spencer Smith - Howard C. Walker
Rocco Fanelli - Harry J. Zander
Mortica Clark - James McDermott
James Durkin - Frank Burt
George C. Wade - Samuel E. Patton
William Reynolds - Harry Hallowell
Howard Harrington - Henry Baumgartel
Walter Carter - George Henry Johnson
Louis D. Stevens - Roscoe Tribbett
Benjamin Walters - W. Scott Franklin
George Cattell - Joseph Daley 
Anthony Valentine - David Smith
Carlo Lombardo - George Pursglove
John Hunt - Robert Gick
Nelson Till - Herman Kreher

Engine Company 10 - Ladder Company 4 - Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 2  - Engine Company 7
Engine Company 8  - Engine Company 9
Hose & Chemical Company 2 (Engine Company 11)

Engine Company 10
Photo from 1924. Horace Cairns, Captain; Howard Walker, chauffer

Camden Courier-Post
March 11, 1943










Camden Courier-Post
March 12, 1943









Camden Courier-Post
March 12, 1943


Camden Courier-Post
March 18, 1943