Haines Sr.


HARRY ALBERT HAINES SR. was born in New Jersey in April of 1866 to Eliza and Henry Haines. He was one of at least six children; the others, according to the 1880 Census, were Jacob, Sarah, Mary, Anna, and Nettie. The family the lived at 1214 South 4th Street. Henry Haines was a glasssblower by trade, and may well have worked at the glass factory that operated a short walk away on Kaighn Avenue. When the census was taken Harry Haines's occupation was "works in a glass house", which probably refers to the same factory. When that factory burned down, Henry Haines found work in Philadelphia. The family remained at 1214 South 4th Street until late 1885 or early 1886, when they relocated to 349 Liberty Street.

Harry Haines moved around his South Camden neighborhood quite a bit in the late 1880s. He married Mary J. Hickman in 1886, a son William was born in January of 1887. The 1887 Directory shows the Harry Haines family at 349 Liberty Street, and the 1888 Directory at 249 Sycamore Street. Daughter Ethel was born in December of 1889. By the end of 1890 the Harry Haines family had moved to 276 Sycamore Street. A son, Harry Albert Haines Jr., was born on May 8, 1892.

The family lived at 276 Sycamore Street until the compilation of the 1898 City Directory, when they moved to 294 Sycamore Street, near the corner of South 3rd Street and Sycamore  in South Camden.. Also living at the Sycamore Street address was Mrs. Haines' brother, William Hickman. Camden policeman Charles H. Fitzsimmons lived a few doors away at 1135 South 3rd Street in 1900, City Assessor Lewis Stehr Sr. was at 1131 in 1910. Lewis Stehr Jr. served as Camden's Chief of Police from 1928 until his death in 1930.  

Harry Haines Sr., worked as a glassblower, as his father did before him, from the time of the 1880 Census through 1896, according to the City Directories. He and his father were both working in Philadelphia in that trade as late as 1896. About this time Harry Haines Sr. secured an appointment to the Camden Fire department. He served with the Camden Fire Department as a ladderman with Ladder Company 1 in 1897, 1898 and 1899. The 1900 Census indicates that he returned to glassblowing, but by 1904 he was once again a member of the Camden Fire Department, where he served until the 1930s. 

In June of 1912, Hook & Ladder 2 and the Chemical Engine [Engine Company 8 - PMC] were responding first due to an alarm at Third and Liberty Streets, South Camden. Both companies turned west on Kaighn Avenue, their horses at a full gallop. At the comer of Broadway, a traffic cop attempted to stop a motorized truck to clear the street for responding apparatus. At the last moment, the commercial truck's brakes failed to halt the vehicle as it rolled across the intersection. Ladder 2's driver pulled hard on the reins and stopped short to avoid a collision. A terrific crash was heard as the Chemical Engine ran into the rear of the ladder company. Fireman Fred Hall, the driver of Chemical Company 2 sustained leg injuries while pinned under the crushed dashboard. Fireman Harry Haines, the ladder company tillerman was also injured in the jarring collision. Both horses of the Chemical Engine were seriously hurt, Ellis with a large gaping hole tom in its flank when the end of a ladder was shoved into the animal requiring seven big stitches to close. The mate was skinned and cut along its entire side. Both steeds were removed to the veterinary hospital for treatment.

Harry A. Haines Sr. was single and was still living at 294 Sycamore Street in South Camden when his son Henry registered for the draft on June 5, 1917. Not long afterward Harry and Mary Haines, along with Harry Jr. moved to 1175 Kenwood Avenue in Parkside, the home of daughter Ethel and he husband Charles King who had married in 1909. The move may have been sparked by the failing health of Mary Haines. Mary Haines died of diabetes in March of 1918.

Harry Haines lived with Ethel and Charles King at 1175 Kenwood Avenue through at least 1924, according to that year's City Directory. Harry Haines Sr., still with the Camden Fire Department, was by this time Captain of Engine Company 2.  

Harry A. Haines Jr. married Anna Miller around 1926. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on July 1, 1926 and reported for duty the same day. He was assigned to Ladder Company 1 and served with that unit until December 24, 1926 when he was temporarily re-assigned to Engine Company 2, both units located at the old Fire Headquarters on North 5th and Arch Streets. On March 16, of 1927 Harry Haines Jr. returned to duty with Ladder Company 1

The 1927 Directory states that Harry Haines Sr. had moved to 1244 Mechanic Street. Harry Haines Sr. was Captain at Engine Company 7 on Kaighn Avenue by 1929. Harry Haines Sr. remained active with the Fire Department for a few years thereafter, finally retiring on December 31, 1932. In 1938 he moved to 126 Maple Avenue in Woodlynne, New Jersey. Harry Haines Sr. died on July 4, 1941 at the age of 75.

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 4, 1899
C. Schrack & Company - Carman Street - South 15th Street - Harry Haines Sr. 
Christian Schrack - Henry Upjohn -
North 26th Street - John Stulb Jr. - William Gosh
Townsend Willets - Joseph Stulb Jr. - Edwin W. Stulb -
Casper T. Sharpless
Cooper Hospital - Ladder Company 3

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 4, 1904
William Hill - Josiah Sage - Harry Haines Sr. - Samuel S. Elfreth - Harry Bassert - John M. Carroll
Fries-Breslin Rug Manufacturing Company
Ferry Avenue - Atlantic Avenue - Webster Street - Broadway - Emerald Street
Engine Company 1 - Ladder Company 1 - Chemical Engine Company 2
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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1906
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George Shields - William Hillman
William Jobes
Josiah Sage
Seth Monnell - George Quinn
Martin Carrigan - J.W. Simpson
James Elberson  - William Elberson  
Charles Worthington

Harry Dease - Isaac Toy
Harry A. Haines Sr. - Joseph Ernst  
Joseph T. Daley - Samuel S. Elfreth
William SchreglerCharles H. Ellis
West Street
- Mickle Street
Beckett Street - Kaighn Avenue
Line Street - South 8th Street
Mt. Vernon Street - Clinton Street - Cedar Street - North 4th Street
Taylor AvenuePenn Street
Haddon Avenue - Bridge Avenue

Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2

Engine Company 4
Chemical Engine Company

"Joseph Gail" was Joseph T. Daley




6th Regiment, New Jersey National Guard - Farmers & Merchants Market
Camden Opera House -
Frank G. Hitchener - William Morgenweck
Sperry & Hutchinson - Camden Bowling Alleys - M.W. Taylor Theatrical Agency
John Sherwood - Louis Certain - Richard Carpenter - Daniel Mehlin
Mrs. Ida Paul - Mrs. Farley - John Campbell - Harry Chase - John WIdden
H.W. Wilson - Gardner Corson - Mrs. Borquin - C.M. Alcott

Gardner Corson was appointed to the Fire Department in November of 1907.

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 17, 1906

Dunn Oil Cloth Works - Story Furniture Company - Kaighn Avenue - Railroad Avenue
Miller Street - Broadway - Chestnut Street - Sycamore Street - Jefferson Street
John Schmidt - Harry HainesSamuel Elfreth

Camden Post-Telegram * December 27, 1910

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Charles Robinson
Samuel Price
Harry Haines
Mortica Clark
James McDermott
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
Peter Gray
Harvey Watts
Samuel S. Elfreth
George P. Cox
Mrs. Tillie Sackett
Harry Ehrlich - Lena Ehrlich
Florence Ehrlich - Martha Ehrlich
Edward T. Sackett - Harry Pinsky
Mary Palosky - Joseph Hermann
Harry Nurock
Albertson L. Matlack
Engine Company 7

Camden Post-Telegram - December 11, 1914


Master Street - Mary J. Ball Home & Day Nursery - Thomas Nicholas
Dr. Emma Richardson - Frank Gondolf - Charles H. Fitsimmons IV
James H. MacDermott - Mortica Clark - Harry A. Haines Sr.
Charles Sturgis - Eva Grey - Mary McKeown
"Brown" is George C. Boone
Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 3

Camden Courier-Post - December 31, 1932
Charles T. Humes - Albert York - David Hunt - Clarence Thorn - James R. White - Harry Haines
William H. Miller Jr. - Charles H. Ellis - William G. Schregler - Wilson Ashbridge
Charles Powell - "Honest John" Brunen - James Navin - George W. Hollins - Richard S. Marter
Arthur Wingate - Joseph Earnest - Samuel Harring - Daniel Grimes - Andrew Miller - Steward Bakley


Camden Courier-Post * January 2, 1933
Roy R. Stewart - Charles T. Humes - Albert York - Clarence Thorn - David Hunt - Harry Haines Sr.
John Lutts - James R. White - William H. Miller Jr. - Major W. Greenwood - Adrian Bateman
Elmer Burkett - Robert M. Coffman - Howard L. Currie - James E. Navin - George W. Hollins
Richard S. Marter - Arthur A. WingateJoseph F. Ernst - Samuel E. Harring - Andrew "Fritz" Miller
Steward Bakley - William K. Buzine - Daniel Grimes - William H. Bennett

Camden Courier-Post * July 5, 1941

Camden Courier-Post * July 5, 1941