HARRY B. PAUL  was the son of David Sutterly Paul and his wife, the former Rebecca Hillman. He was active in politically as a Democrat in the late 1880s and 1890s. He was appointed Postmaster of Camden in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland. The Post Office was located at 420-424 Federal Street when he was appointed to the position.  His efficiency was so noted that he was retained in the position of Postmaster even after the election of Republican President William McKinley. He was succeeded as Postmaster by Louis T. Derousse

On January 28, 1897 then Postmaster Harry B. Paul was one of several dignitaries who were in attendance at the opening of the Catholic Lyceum, attached to the the Church of the Immaculate Conception on Broadway at Market Street. Other attendees included the-New Jersey Governor John W. Griggs, Mayor John L. Westcott, late Attorney-General Samuel H. Grey, Camden city solicitor J. Willard Morgan, Senator H. W. Johnson, then- Assemblymen Louis T. Derousse and Scovel, Sheriff David Baird Sr., ex-Judge Armstrong, Architect Henry S. Dagit, J. J. Burleigh, George A. Frey, and H. L. Bonsall. The Lyceum would evolve into Camden Catholic High School

Harry B. Paul had passed away by June of 1903. His nephew, David Silvers Paul, later worked as a bank messenger for the Broadway Trust Bank. David Silvers Paul was kidnapped, robbed and murdered in October of 1920. His killers were arrested, tried, and executed in August of 1921.  

Camden Daily Courier - October 29, 1886
Alexander Schlesinger - John Heilemann
Eli Bacharach - John Pfeiffer
Dr. Conrad G. Hoell - Jacob Vissell
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Wilhelm Hage - Christian Killinger
David Goldenberg - Christian Eckert
John Hausbeck - Charles E. Wentz
Ernest C. Wentz - Solomon Seybold
Wilhelm Myers - J. Henry Sauers
Gus Weber - George Bristle
Joseph Meyer Sr. - George Hill
Theodore G. Mayer - Emmanuel Schneider
Conrad Spalt - Charles Bankert
Peter Dankelmann - John F. Riegen
George Horneff Sr. - Theodore Krug
Anthony Kobus - George Pfeiffer Sr. 
John Welsh Sr. - Dennis Lutenbacher
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A. Tegtmaier - Michael N. Voll
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Jacob Moeck - Gottlieb C. Moeck
Fred Geissel - John Bender
Peter Mucker - Christian Ebensperger
Louis Clipper - John Schnitzius
John W. Wescott
Harry B. Paul
Albert Hoffman

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 11, 1887



Jacob C. Daubman - Charles Fackler - Dr. Willis Hunt - Charles Pedigree - David Baird - George S. West Dr. James G. Stanton - William O. Sloan - Thomas Harned - George Barrett - John Campbell
William H. Chandler - William F. Reed - Dr. John D. Leckner - John Corbitt - John Blowe - Harry B. Paul George Pfeiffer - David M. Chambers - George A. Tenner - Benjamin M. Braker
John H. Doerr - David Jones - L.D. Sheppard - H.C. Hopper - A.J. Hoey - Frank Warren
Edward Dudley - B.L. Bonsall - John D. Glover - Peter Arrison - Dr. Onan Gross

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Philadelphia Inquirer
January 20, 1891

George Pfeiffer Jr. -  John Johnson
William "Billy" Thompson
John Heileman - Harry B. Paul
Thomas Devine - James Cleary
David Corbett - Patrick Whalen
William H. Getty - Patrick J. Farley
John McElwee -
William Guthridge
F.H. Burdsall -
Watson Depuy
George G. Felton - Sinnickson Chew
Charles F. Ware - E. Woodward
Weiling Schrack -
F. Wayland Ayer
William S. Scull - G. Genge Browning
Benjamin C. Reeve - E. A. Armstrong
Morris Hall - A. Elwood Jones
John S. Davis - Patrick Daly
South 9th Street - Division Street

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Philadelphia Inquirer - February 12, 1893

Harry B. Paul - William Smith - William H. "Gopher Bill" Robinson

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 22, 1893

North 10th Street
Penn Street
Mrs. Mary Shields
Eliza Clark
Harry B. Paul
Chester Street
George Horner




Trenton Evening Times - April 6, 1893
Samuel E. Lee - John Foster - Ralph Bond - Willliam Repley - George W. Anderson
John S. Smith - J. Harry Neutze - Harry B. Paul - William Davis - Caleb Williams

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 7, 1893

Harry B. Paul - Edward Cooper - Samuel Bakley - William H. Butts - Harry Mines
Isaac McKinley
- John Pratt - James O. Weaver - Samuel Paul - William D. Comley
Casper Hart
- Benjamin Middleton - Jacob Woodsides - O. Glen Stackhouse
Frank Matlack - John Dall - James Rutledge - Edward Richardson
Harry L. Duffee - Michael Bradley - John E. Dunn - Thomas Murphy
John Logan - William Orcutt - Patrick Clark - Joseph Sloan - Amer Green

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 10, 1893

Harry B. Paul
Theodore Lambert
William J. Kairer Sr.
Mrs. Mary Manlove
Mrs. Frances Hutt
Jefferson Avenue


Philadelphia Inquirer
June 19, 1894

Harry B. Paul
Peter Brown
Emma Street
Stockton Park
Henry Jackson
Mt. Vernon Street
F. Joseph Rouh
Crowther Noble
Bernard J. Lyons
Thomas J. Sheeran
Jacob Seiser
Mary Hurley
John Beck
Charles Resse

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 28, 1895


William Joyce Sewell
Harrison H. Voorhees
James R. Carson
Andrew Blair Frazee

William C. Dayton
Martin J. O'Brien
Maggie Longworth
South 3rd Street
Royden Street

Church of the
Immaculate Conception

Martin Coyne
John M. Kelly
Francis X. O'Brien
Charles Livingstone
Ferry Avenue

Fillmore Street

John Foster
Samuel Dodd
Legion of the Red Cross
Harry B. Paul
Howland Croft
Oliver M. Smith
Mary A. Gregory
Mickle Street

Rev. J.B. Graw

Philadelphia Inquire - November 17, 1895
Dr. George Nicholson - Charles R. Bacon - Upton S. Jeffreys
James M. Fitzgerald - Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
Bertie Patterson - Belle Humphrey - Miss Riegel - Harry B. Paul



Philadelphia Inquirer
December 26, 1897

Louis T. Derousse
Harry B. Paul
John L. Westcott
Samuel Wentz
William Joyce Sewell

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 3, 1898
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George W. Jessup - David Baird Sr. - Thaddeus P. Varney - George Barrett - Harry F. Wolfe
Isaac Toone - John H. Fort - Philip Schmitz - O. Glen Stackhouse - Charles M. Baldwin
George R. Thompson - Frederick Kauffman - Benjamin Braker - David M. Chambers
William H. Davis - Dr. John W. Donges - Harry B. Paul 

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 27, 1900

George Pfeiffer Jr.
Harry B. Paul
John S. Smith
Howard Carrow
Joseph Nowrey
John H. Irwin
James Noone
Lewis Holl
George Horneff
Ben Maloney
William Hollmon
William Jennings
Frank H. Powell
Abel Lewis
William Petzel
Thomas H. Cook





Philadelphia Inquirer - March 25, 1900

William Joyce Sewell - E.A. Armstrong - Harry B. Paul - H.J. Rumrille - George E. Boyer - Lizzie B. Koehler
Elizabeth Read - William Schellenger - William Swindell - Sarah Mumford - Florence Ivins
 Rev. Joseph Garrison - W.A. Springer
North 5th Street - Cooper Street - Locust Street - Asbury M.E. Church

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 11, 1900
J. Wesley Sell - Francisco Abbatto - Robert L. Barber - Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. Alexander McAllister - Dr. Ernest S. Ramsdell - Dr. E.A.Y. Schellenger Sr. - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott
Dr. Joseph Nicholson - Dr. Paul Mecray - Upton S. Jeffreys - Harry B. Paul - Charles R. Bacon
William H. Cole - John S. Smith - J. Fred Voight - Martin J. O'Brien - Gennaro DeFeo

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 1, 1900

George Pfeiffer Jr.
Harry B. Paul
John S. Smith

Trenton Evening Times - October 25, 1900
Harry B. Paul - Howard Carrow - John S. Smith - William J. Thompson

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 7, 1903
Camden Lodge 293, B.P.O. of Elks - Masonic Building - North Baptist Church
George D. Borton - Rev. Dr. Clarence A. Adams -
Trinity Baptist Church
Rev. Dr. Kittredge Wheeler - Professor James C. Warhurst
Gideon H. Burt - Owen R. Jones
J. Oscar Nicholas - M.D. Dickinson - Harry M. Anderson - Joseph R. Feenier
Ernest H. Longstreth - Hamilton Markley -
Howland Croft
 John S. Mathis - Rev. Dr. George Gates - Charles F. Reese 
James McCormick - Charles K. McPherson - James Baird - William F. Claus
Harry B. Paul - George S. West
Frank S. Jones Christopher J. Mines Jr.