H. Frank


H. FRANK PETTIT was born Harry Frank Pettit on February 8, 1859 to William H. Pettit and the former Abigail Ward. He rarely if ever used his full name, most records and news articles refer to him as H. Frank Pettit or Frank Pettit. His father was a farmer. The 1870 Census shows the family living near Blackwood, New Jersey, where William H. Pettit engaged in farming. The family came to Camden in the 1870s. The 1878 City Directory shows them living at 1234 South 3rd Street, where William Pettit had a grocery store. The Pettits were in Camden's Eighth Ward when the 1880 Census was taken, doing some farming, with no specific address given. 

H. Frank Pettit had wed prior to the 1880 Census enumeration. He and his young wife Deborah lived with his parents. William Pettit left Camden for Woodbury, where he passed away in 1885. H. Frank Pettit stayed in Camden. The 1884 and 1885 City Directories show him farming on the "Haddonfield Pike" in 1884 and on the "Haddonfield Pike below Kaighn Avenue" in 1885. At some point in the 1880s his marriage to Deborah ended, probably with her passing. He soon however would remarry and change careers.

On February 1, 1887 H. Frank Pettit married Anna Margaret Weber. A daughter, Mabel E. Pettit was born on June 23, 1889 in Camden. Active in the 1880s in fraternal circles through his membership in the Improved Order of Red Men and the Knights of the Golden Eagle, H. Frank Pettit also became involved in local politics. When a son was born on April 19, 1894 the Pettits named the boy Maurice Alexander Rogers Pettit, after Maurice A. Rogers, state senator from Camden in the 1890s. 

The 1887 City Directory shows H. Frank Pettit living at 1538 Kaighn Avenue and working as a salesman, a trade he would follow up until 1895. The 1891 City Directory shows him living at 410 Royden Street, the 1892 and 1893 editions at 614 West Street, and the 1894 and 1895 directories show him at 618 West Street. He also became involved in local politics in Camden. 

H, Frank Pettit's political activities resulted in him being given a position as a Lieutenant on the Camden Police Department in 1895 and later promoted to Captain. He was demoted from this post by Chief of Police John Foster and Mayor Cooper B. Hatch in February of 1899 and shortly after was dismissed from the Police Department. 

H. Frank Pettit and his family are listed in Camden City Directories from 1896 through 1898 at 445 Line Street. The 1900 City Directory and Census shows H. Frank Pettit at 457 Berkley Street, the family lived there as late as 1908. By 1909 they moved to 758 Wright Avenue in Camden's Ninth Ward. H. Frank Pettit was elected to City Council from the Ninth Ward in 1915. The Pettits lived at the Wright Avenue address as late as 1918. After leaving the police department, H. Frank Pettit worked as a traveling salesman, and spent a number of years in the pursuing that line of work in the lumber trade.

The 1920 Census, taken in January of that years, shows H. Frank and Anna Pettit living with relatives at 4 Springfield Avenue in Merchantville, New Jersey. H. Frank and Anna Pettit bought a home in Manasquan, New Jersey in the 1920s. H. Frank Pettit became active in local politics and served for a decade or so as Justice of the Peace in Manasquan. He passed away on March 27, 1935. Anna Pettit joined him in 1940.

Maurice Pettit stayed in Merchantville into the 1940s. He worked for the State of New Jersey for many years. When he passed in 1955 he had recently been appointed head of the Division of Motor Vehicles agency in Westfield, New Jersey.

George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey - 1886

In 1886 George Reeser Prowell wrote the following about Lenni Lenape Tribe, No. 2

LENNI LENAPE TRIBE, No. 2, is the oldest existing tribe of the order in the State, and in numbers and wealth the strongest and richest in the United States. It was instituted May 10, 1850, by Great Incohonee William B. Davis, assisted by Francis Fullerton, of Lenni Lenape Tribe, No. 8, of Pennsylvania, and Great Chief of Records of the United States. These were the charter members: Nathaniel Chew, William F. Colbert, John T. Davis, Timothy C. Moore, Sylvester Rainhard, Joseph Shipley, Daniel S. Garwood, William Beckett, George Wood, E.D. Brister, John Wood, Joseph Myers, Albert Robertson, John W. Hoey, James B. Richardson, Robert Maguire, Joseph B. Hawkins, James O. Stillwell and Anthony Joline. The officers were as follows: P., Timothy C. Moore; S., Nathaniel Chew; S.S., John Wood; J.S., William F. Colbert; C. of R., Joseph Myers; K. of W., Albert Robertson.

Lenni Lenape has had an eventful career, at times flourishing and at other times so short of funds that a few faithful members paid expenses and benefits out of their private purses, but persistence won at last and a flood tide of prosperity set in, which has continued until the Lenni Lenapes number seven hundred and thirty-two and the wampum belt contains $21,370.89.

Among its members are these Past Great Sachems:’George W. Watson, John T. Davis, Charles H. Gordon, Thomas J. Francis and Daniel M. Stevens; and of its Past Sachems these are living: Timothy C. Moore, Henry A. Breyer, Lewis Zeigler, Samuel J. Fenner, Edward J. Steer, William F. Farr, Samuel D. Watson, George Horneff, George A. Cairoli (Brother of Mrs. Emma Horneff- PMC), Thomas J. Rowand, Samuel A. Owens, Benjamin M. Braker, Lambert Banes, George Pfeiffer, William Sheridan, Thomas F. Muckelson, Hope Sutton, James P. Moore, D.D. Worts, Leonard L. Roray, Benjamin J. Price, John A. Hall, B.S.M. Branning, Abraham Davis, Harry B. Garrison, Walter E. Garwood, George A. Rogers, William C. Davis, Frank P. Jackson, H. Frank Pettit, John A. Harbeson, John Quick, Angus B. Cameron, Lewis Z. Noble, George Leathwhite, Conrad F. Austermuhl, John K. Seagrove, Charles L. Vansciver, Harry Hoffman, Harry B. Tyler, James H. Reeve and George W. Davis. The officers are: P., G.W. Davis; S., Edward Francis; S.S., Samuel Baker; J.S., Joseph Watson; C. of R., L.Z. Noble; K. of W., C.F. Austermuhl; Trustees, T.J. Francis, T.F. Muckelson, J.K. Reeve, Leonard L. Roray and H.F. Pettit.

George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey - 1886

George Reeser Prowell wrote the following about this organization:


The Knights of the Golden Eagle is a secret benevolent institution, founded in Baltimore, Md., February 6, 1873, and is now in successful operation in the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, California, Ohio, New York, Iowa, Georgia, Connecticut, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois, Alabama and the District of Columbia. It is based upon the most liberal principles consistent with future prosperity, and has for its motto, " Fidelity, Valor and Honor," a trinity of graces which are taught in its ritual. 

The order has for its main object the promotion of the principles of true benevolence, associating its members together for purposes of mutual relief against the trials and difficulties which attach to sickness, distress and death, so far as they may be mitigated by sympathy and pecuniary assistance. It studiously avoids all sectarian and political controversy, and aims to cultivate the social, moral and intellectual feelings of its members, and to promote their welfare in all the walks of life. 

The Order of the Knights of the Golden Eagle was introduced into the State of New Jersey in the summer of 1883, Camden Castle, No. 1, being instituted in August of that year with twenty-four members. During the year 1884 four new castles were instituted, at Millville, Camden, Mount Holly and Salem, respectively. The membership, at the close of the year, being five hundred and eighty-four. In 1886 the number of castles was increased to ten, with a membership of one thousand and one, and from January 1, 1886, to the present time thirteen new castles have been formed, and the membership increased to over two thousand. 

The Grand Castle of New Jersey was instituted July 16, 1884, the officers at institution being : Past Grand Chief, John P. Price ; Grand Chief, Joseph H. Minnett; Grand Vice-Chief, William A. Garrison ; Grand Master of Records, Daniel M. Stevens ; Grand Keeper of Exchequer, P. P. Achenbach ; Grand Sir Herald, George J. Robertson ; Grand High Priest, Henry F. Bacon ; Grand First Guardsman, S. Luther Richmond ; Grand Second Guardsman, George W. Stevens. 

The present officers are: Past Grand Chief, William A. Garrison, Westville; Grand Chief, Henry P. Bacon, Salem (P. O. Box 200); Grand Vice- Chief, Irving W. Kelly, Perry and Montgomery Streets, Trenton; Grand Sir Herald, P. P. Achenbach, 712 Carman Street, Camden; Grand High Priest, John S. Broughton, Trenton; Grand Master of Records, E. D. Senseman, 580 Clinton Street, Camden; Grand Keeper of Exchequer, F. A. Buren, Merchantville; Grand First Guardsman, George Williams, Wrightsville; Grand Second Guardsman, William F, Perry, Quinton. 

The next annual session will be held in Camden on the first Wednesday in March, 1887. 

Camden Castle, No. 1, was instituted August 9, 1883, with the following officers: P. C, Joseph T. Fortiner; N. C, Charles Brown ; V. C, Joseph Rubicam ; H. P., John C. Newhouse ; V. H., Watson Stevens; K. of E., Charles Aston; C. of E., Herman Rosade ; M. of R., E. D. Senseman ; Sir H., Joseph C. Madara ; W. B., William B. Vannaman; W. C, John J. Pierson, Jr. ; Ens., George A. Bingham ; Esq., William S. Caume ; 1st G., John J. Pierson, Sr. ; 2d G., Thomas T. Madara. The present officers are : P. C, Robert F. Stockton ; N. C, Birtus A. Wagner ; V. C, Edwin F. Jones ; H. P., William S. Carels ; V. H., George Cook ; M. of R., Howard M. Sexton ; C. of E., Herman Rosade ; K. of E., Charles Brown ; S. H., William P. Fowler. 

The lodge meets every Friday evening at Lincoln Hall, Third and Market Streets. The membership is three hundred and forty. 

Washington Castle, No. 3, was instituted April 4, 1884. The officers at institution were : P. C, John N. Madara; N. C, Daniel M. Stevens; V. C, H. Frank Pettit; V. H., Andrew G. Vannaman ; H. P., James H. Reeves ; K. of E., Elmer E. Cox; C. of E., Samuel A. Barto; M. of R., George W. Stevens ; Sir H., George S. Fox ; W. B., C. O. Pedrick; W. C, James Hoagland; En sign, Lemuel Pike; Esq., James Hartley; 1st G., John Allen ; 2d G., W. B. Waters. The present officers are : P. C, Joseph W. Jackson ; N. C, James Spence ; V. C, William B. Gibbs ; H. P., H. W. Howland ; V. H., John P. R. Carney ; M. of R., George W. Stevens ; C. of E., Charles Sayre ; K. of E., Elmer E. Cox ; S. H., William B. Slocum. 

The lodge meets every Friday night, at Wildey Hall, Fifth and Pine Streets. The number of members is two hundred and thirty-three. 

Red Cross Castle, No. 6, was instituted January 2S, 1885, with the following officers: P. C. W. H. Tyler; N. C., F. T. Steinbach ; H. P., Adam Hoffman ; V. H., Hiram Walton ; M. of R., Geo. S. Bundick; C. of E., Isaac Buzby. The present officers are : P. C, Frederick Fearn ; N. C, Adam Hoffman ; V. C, Joseph M. Taylor; H. P., E. O. Smith; M. of R., Walter Hart; C. of E., John Neff; K. of E., Moses Gour; S. H., D. Ewan. 

The lodge meets every Monday night, at Gour's Hall, 249 Kaighn Avenue. The number of members is seventy-five. 

White Cross Castle, No. 19, was instituted August 20, 1886, with the following officers: P. C, William H. Snyder; N. C, Richard Twelves; V. C, W. D. Reel; H. P., Morris E. Michel; V. H., Joseph Engard ; M- of R., W. H. Wagoner ; C. of E., Richard A. Outwater; K. of E., Frank Mester; Sir H., George W. Reese ; W. B., E. W. Shallcross ; W. C, Harry E. Horner ; Ens., Morris Odell ; E-q., C. E. Swaney ; First Guard, W. H. Strang; Second Guard, C. E. Bowker. 

The lodge meets every Monday night at the northwest corner of Second and Federal Streets, Camden. The present membership is ninety. 

Monarch Castle, No. 9, was instituted November 11, 1886, the officers at institution being: P. C, George L. Frazee ; N. C, Charles E. Lane J V. C, Samuel R. Murray ; H. P., N. N. Wentz; V. H., J. K. Hibbs ; M. of R., Frank S. Fithian; C. of E., Abram H. Allen ; K. of E , Thomas B. Woolston ; S. H., James Rudolph; W. B., Horace J. Parks; W. C, C. P. Baker; Ens., William H. Smith, Jr. ; Esq., George Ewan ; First Guard, Charles H. Savidge ; Second Guard, George Ewan. The present officers are P. C, John W. Mickle ; N. C, George C. Vankirk ; V. C, Edwin S. Titus; H. P., R. M. Coffman ; V. H., D. P. Steiner ; M. of R., E. D. Senseman; C. of E., Abram H. Allen; K. of E., Washington Bucknell;. Sir H., William M. Callingham; W. B., Charles Kain ; W. C, Theo. Austermuhl; Ens., William M. Strohl; Esq., John F. Wilkins ; First Guard, Jacob E. Miller; Second Guard, William P. Riker. 

Meetings are held every Wednesday night at the northwest corner of Fourth and Federal Streets. The present membership is one hundred and thirteen.

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 23, 1888

Knights of the Golden Eagle
Monarch Castle

H. Frank Pettit
W.H. Strang
Daniel M. Stevens
W.A. Fowler
H.K. Seddinger
George L. Frazee


Philadelphia Inquirer
November 8, 1889

Knights of the Golden Eagle
H. Frank Pettit
E.D. Senseman
George L. Frazee
F. Wayland Potter


Philadelphia Inquirer
February 24, 1897

H. Frank Pettit
John L. Westcott


Philadelphia Inquirer
December 8, 1896

H. Frank Pettit
Samuel Dodd
Federal Street


Philadelphia Inquirer - October 14, 1897
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Emma Zane - Sarah Shaw - Eli Shaw - Wilson H. Jenkins - Line Street

Samuel Dodd - John Foster - John H. Beard - Edward Zane
Harry G. Geesey - John J. Doonan - Charles Kleeman - Stockton Park Hotel
West Jersey Hotel - John Polk - East Camden
Foster S. Zane - Beckett Street - Charles Higgins - Howard Ross - South 3rd Street
Pine Street - O.B. Blizzard  - James H. Carey - Liberty Alley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - William A. Husted - Thomas Benkert - Martin J. O'Brien
William Anderson - Charles Folwell - John Irwin - Rev. John W. Marshall
Broadway M.E. Church - Rev. William A. Massey - Wiley M.E. Church
James Hough - Policeman Albert F. Meyer
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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 30, 1897
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Emma Zane - Eli Shaw - Wilson H. Jenkins

Henry S. Scovel
Dr. William S. Jones - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - William A. Husted - Thomas Benkert
Martin J. O'Brien - William Anderson - Charles Folwell - John Irwin
Elwin Steen
Harry Delameter - O. Glen Stackhouse - John Foster - H. Frank Pettit
James E. Tatem - Frank B. Haines - Albert Fogg - John Painter - John H. Beard - Albert Hollingshead
William Stein - Charles M. Lane - Elwin Steen
John Sinclair - Mrs. Anna Knight

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Philadelphia Inquirer
December 22, 1897

Eli Shaw
Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. Marcus K. Mines
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott
John Foster - H. Frank Pettit
John Painter
Charles Lane - Alonzo Lane
Elwin Steen - John Sinclair
Albert Shaw
George Mordorf
Lawrence Mather

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Here's Camden's Finest, With Whiskers, in 1898

Camden Courier-Post - July 15, 1930

William A. Schregler
William "Rex" Comley
Jules Bosch
John Foster

Samuel Dodd
H. Franklin Pettit
Harry Mines
Edward Hartman
Charles Wilbur
Thomas Brothers
Ralph Bond
John Dall
George Kappell
Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde
William Selby
Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Powell
John Sinclair
William Laird
Benjamin Middleton
Alfred L. Sayers
John Anderson
William Butts
John Painter
Frank Matlack
Thomas Hicks
Alfred Hayden
Abe Jackson
Albert Shaw
Edward Steen
Samuel Bakley
Caleb Williams
Elisha A. Gravenor
Thomas Buchanan
Samuel Cox
George Horner
Godfrey Eisenhardt
Harry Curtis
George B. Johnson
John Barnett
Casper Hart
Charles Fitzsimmons
A. Lincoln James
J. Oscar Weaver Sr.
Charles Ridgely
William Fish
George Cooper

Harry Mines, not named above, is in the first row between H. Frank Petttit and Edward Hartman. In the fifth row, at the far right, "John Barnett" was a guess on the part of A. Lincoln James. Another person guessed George Johnson. Both were wrong and it is not known who that policeman is.

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 16, 1898
Jack the Hugger

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 15, 1898

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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 18, 1898
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Samuel Dodd - John Foster - H. Frank Pettit - John S. Roberts - Charles E. Day
George W. Jessup - Cooper B. Hatch - Charles V.D. Joline - Harry C. Kramer - Thaddeus P. Varney



Philadelphia Inquirer
April 4, 1898

Rev. William A. White
H. Frank Pettit
Line Street

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Philadelphia Inquirer
August 30, 1898

John Foster - H. Frank Pettit 
Cooper B. Hatch
- Joseph Nowrey
J. "Denny" Clark
Frank Rawle - Annie Murray
South 6th Street - Spruce Street
South 2nd Street - Chestnut Street

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Camden Daily Telegram
February 17, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch
H. Frank Pettit
John Pedrick
Hugh Boyle


Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1899
Charles G. Garrison - H. Frank Pettit

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1899
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South 3rd Street - W. Harry Getty - Charles Metz - Walter H. Keefer - James Boone - George Armstrong
Charles Loriaux - George Smith - Victor Thompson  - George Sterling - Washington Ketline

William D. Hart
- Hugh Boyle - John Painter - Albert Shaw - Robert F. Miller
- John Foster
George W. Anderson - H. Frank Pettit - Harry Miller - Isaac C. Brown - Joseph Nowrey
South 4th Street - Benson Street - North 17th Street - Federal Street  

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 23, 1917
Charles Chronister - Sylvester Corson - George L. Fox
John Prentice - Redding Havens -
H. Frank Pettit