GEORGE WEBER JR. July 31, 1912 in Camden to George and Mary Weber. George Weber Sr. had lived with his parents, John and Barbara Weber his entire life at 712 Walnut Street in South Camden. By 1898 John Weber had died. His widow and son remained at that address through 1910. City Directories and the 1910 Census shows George Weber Sr. living with his widowed mother, Barbara Weber, at 712 Walnut Street. He worked as a machinist, in 1910 an iron works, later at a shipyard. The family was still  at 712 Walnut Street as late as 1914.

George Weber Sr. married shortly after the 1910 Census was enumerated. By September of 1918 he was living with his wife Mary at 739 Spruce Street, working as a machinist at New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyard. The January 1920 Census shows the Weber family, which included son George Weber Jr. at the Spruce Street address. The Webers had three boarders living with them at that time. Mary Weber gave birth to two more sons, Leo, on June 11, 1920, and Harry, on May 8, 1923. The Weber family remained at 739 Spruce Street into the 1930s. 

Sometime after 1920, George Weber Sr. took 6 years off if his age, probably in connection with obtaining his job on the police force. George Weber Sr. joined the Camden Police department on May 17, 1922, and was still with the department as late as January of 1949. 

George Weber Jr. married prior to the 1940 Census. He was living with his wife Johanna in Cramer Hill at 1231 North 30th Street when the Census was taken.

George Weber Jr., who appears in City Directories as George T. Weber, joined the Police Department in 1940.  The 1947 City Directory states that George T. Weber lived with his wife Johanna at 737 Line Street.

George Weber Jr. had retired from the Camden Police Department by June of 1968. He passed away in December of 1978.

Camden Courier-Post * December 4, 1940

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Camden Courier-Post - July 1, 1941

Resemblance of C. C. Chalfonte, state motor vehicle inspector, to a salesman, resulted yesterday in an automobile driver being arrested on charges of drunk driving.

Chalfonte was sitting on his porch at 752 Wright Avenue when Raymond Stafford, 26, of 218 Glenwood Avenue, Merchantville, drove up in a car.

Stafford had an engagement to meet a salesman at Haddon and Wright avenues, and on seeing the inspector, thought he was the person. Stafford urged Chalfonte to "hurry up and get in the car," but the inspector, observing Stafford's condition, called police.

Patrolmen John Trout and George Weber Jr. took the driver to police headquarters where he was ordered held for a hearing in police court this morning.