GEORGE W. ANDERSON was born in New Jersey in May of 1862. He married around 1882, by the time the census was taken in 1900 his wife Lizzie had bore eight children, four of whom were living at the time, Harry, Nellie, Herbert, and Russell Anderson, another son, Albert, was born around 1902. George W. Anderson was already serving as a member of the Camden Police Department, having joined the force sometime after 1890. The Anderson family was then living at 711 Carman Street, in what was then Camden's 9th Ward. The Andersons had moved to 605 Carman Street by 1906, and remained at that address through the summer of 1910. 

By 1914 the Andersons had moved to 582 Clinton Street, where they would remain through 1920. This home had been the residence in the 1880s and 1890s of Camden educators Professor Horatio Draper and his daughter Agnes Draper

George W. Anderson had been promoted to Sergeant by 1916, and was still on the Camden police force in January of 1920.

In 1921 Sergeant Anderson took ill. He was operated on in Philadelphia, surviving only due to the availability of blood donated by his brother officers. He took ill again in January of 1922. George W. Anderson and Lizzie Anderson do not appear in the 1924 City Directory or the 1930 Census. It is likely that they had passed on by then. Son Herbert Anderson joined the Camden Police Department in the early 1920s and rose to the rank of lieutenant before passing away in November of 1939. Another son, Russell J. Anderson, served with the Camden Fire Department for over 27 years, from December of 1930 until his death in June of 1958.

Trenton Evening Times - April 6, 1893
Samuel E. Lee - John Foster - Ralph Bond - Willliam Repley - George W. Anderson
John S. Smith - J. Harry Neutze - Harry B. Paul - William Davis - Caleb Williams

Camden Post
February 11, 1896

Harriet Smith
Sue Smith Kinsey
George W. Anderson

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 18, 1897
George W. Anderson - North 6th Street - Mickle Street


Philadelphia Inquirer
June 12, 1897

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Freedom C. Lippincott - George G. Felton - George W. Anderson - Cooper B. Hatch - Volney G. Bennett
Elbridge B. McClong

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Elbridge B. McClong - Alfred L. Sayers - George W. Anderson - William H. Butts - Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde - Henry C. Peters - Henry Peters - Howard Ever - Thomas Glenn - James Carter
Henry Cooper - John McDonald - Frank Whitaker 
South 7th Street - Walnut Street - Joint Alley - Pine Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 7, 1898
Elbridge B. McClong - Harry J. Schaefer - George W. Anderson - William J. Hopper
North 10th Street - Market Street - Vine Street - Federal Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1899
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South 3rd Street - W. Harry Getty - Charles Metz - Walter H. Keefer - James Boone - George Armstrong
Charles Loriaux - George Smith - Victor Thompson  - George Sterling - Washington Ketline

William D. Hart
- Hugh Boyle - John Painter - Albert Shaw - Robert F. Miller
- John Foster
George W. Anderson - H. Frank Pettit - Harry Miller - Isaac C. Brown - Joseph Nowrey
South 4th Street -
Benson Street - North 17th Street - Federal Street  

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 14, 1910
J. Oscar Weaver - George W. Anderson - James Clay - Edward S. Hyde
James E. Tatem - Charles Whaland - Howard Smith - George Cooper 
Albert Shaw - Harry Mines -
Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia inquirer
February 16, 1914

Charles Rudolph
Margaret Rudolph
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Edward S. Hyde
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Frank Crawford
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Harry Miller
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Thomas Reed
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Charles Whaland
George W. Anderson
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Thomas Cunningham
William C. Horner


Philadelphia Inquirer - January 29, 1916
Lewis H. Stehr Jr. - Arthur Stanley - Charles H. Ellis
George W. Anderson - Lillian Hoffman - W.P. Wingender
Frank Neutze - Walter McGonigle

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 17, 1916

Arthur Stanley
George Anderson
Harry A. Corson

Charles H. Ellis

Fred Lechleidner
George Nowrey
Lewis H. Stehr Jr.

Camden Post-Telegram

July 18, 1916

Charles Becker - Mary Hamilton - Howell Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 13, 1917
George W. Anderson - Frank E. Wade - North 4th Street

Camden Courier - January 9, 1922

The many friends of Sergeant George W. Anderson of the Third District will be sorry indeed to learn that he is again seriously ill at his South Camden home, 582 Clinton Street. Several months ago Sergeant Anderson underwent an operation in a Philadelphia hospital, his life being saved by the transfusion of blood from the arms of heroic comrades. Last week he suffered a relapse from an internal ailment and yesterday was said to be in a critical condition.