GEORGE TABOR QUINN was born in New Jersey on January 23, 1875 to Davis Quinn and his wife, the former Estelle Abel. The family, which included older sister Violet, lived at 448 Benson Street as early as 1878 and were still there in 1888. Two younger children were born durung this time, Leila A. Quinn in 1880 and Albert Quinn in 1886. By 1890 the Quinns had moved to 450 Benson Street. The 1900 Census shows George T. Quinn had married. He was living with his wife of 1 year, Clara, at 538 Federal Street, and that he worked as a paperhanger. Fire Department records show him already to have been working as a fireman, however. 

The 1906 City Directory gives Geroeg T. Quinn's address as 453 Royden Street. By April 22, 1910 George T. and Clara Quinn had relocated to 622 South 5th Street, where they stayed for at least the next 20 years. The Quinns were never blessed with children, but did raise a nephew, Charles F. Mills, who lived with them from the 1920s through the 1930s.

George T. Quinn was appointed to the Camden Fire Department at some point in the 1890s. He was serving as a ladderman with the Hook & Ladder Company, later known as Ladder Company 1, by November 1, 1898. On November 4, 1902 he was reassigned to another company, possibly the Chemical Engine Company, (later Engine Company 8) on Kaighn Avenue. He returned to Ladder Company 1 on May 1, 1903 and worked there until August 26, 1903, when he was again reassigned. George T. Quinn was serving with Engine Company 8 on March 19, 1906 when the Sixth Regiment Armory on West Street between Bridge Avenue and Mickle Street burned down, taking the lives of three Camden firefighters. George T. Quinn was in a party of eight firefighters and a civilian guide who had entered the building, were caught in a ceiling collapse. Three men, George Shields, William Hillman, and William Jobes lost their lives. Not long after this incident, George T. Quinn left the Camden Fire Department. On January 1, 1908 George T. Quinn was appointed to the Camden Police Department. He was still working as a member of the Camden Police Department as late as April, 1930.

The April 1930 Census shows George T. and Clara Quinn living at 622 South 5th Street, along with nephew Charles F. Mills, 24, who worked as a laborer in one of Camden's shipyards. Neither George or Clara Quinn is listed in the 1940 Camden City Directory. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1906

George Shields - William Hillman
William Jobes
- Josiah Sage
Seth Monnell - George Quinn
Martin Carrigan - J.W. Simpson
James Elberson
- William Elberson Charles Worthington - Harry Dease
Isaac Toy
Harry A. Haines Sr.
Joseph Ernst - Joseph T. Daley
Samuel S. Elfreth
- William Schregler
Charles H. Ellis
- West Street
Mickle Street - Beckett Street
Kaighn Avenue - Line Street
South 8th Street - Mt. Vernon Street Clinton Street - Cedar Street
North 4th Street - Taylor Avenue 
Penn Street

Haddon Avenue - Bridge Avenue

Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2

Engine Company 4 
Chemical Engine Company




6th Regiment, New Jersey National Guard - Farmers & Merchants Market
Camden Opera House -
Frank G. Hitchener - William Morgenweck
Sperry & Hutchinson - Camden Bowling Alleysn - H.W. Wilson
M.W. Taylor Theatrical Agency - John Sherwood - Louis Certain
Gardner Corson - Richard Carpenter - Daniel Mehlin - Mrs. Ida Paul
Mrs. Farley - John Campbell - Harry Chase - John WIdden - Mrs. Borquin - Charles M. Alsott

Gardner Corson was appointed to the Fire Department in November of 1907.

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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 22, 1906
Charles H. Ellis - First Baptist Church - Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church
George Shields - William Jobes - William Hillman - Kaighn Avenue
Rev. John S. Heisler - Samuel S. Elfreth - Samuel Price - William Deno
Charles Robinson
- Peter Carter - Joseph Ernst - George Quinn

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis
Edward Hyde - A Lincoln James
E.B. McClong - Edward Hartman
John Brothers - Fred Schwetzer
William Bryant -
Charles Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox
Walter Stanton - John Barnett
Tabor Quinn - John Gilbert
Joseph Palese - William Haines
Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland 
William Kiker - James Hutt
George Krown - Ule Andrews
Daniel Stanton - Albert Archer
Harry Bakley - John Shuman
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins
Frank Koplain -
Edward King
George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott

Philadelphia inquirer
February 16, 1914

Charles Rudolph
Margaret Rudolph
Milton Stanley
Edward S. Hyde
Elbridge B. McClong
Frank Crawford
Peter Gondolf
William Lyons
Harry Miller
Arthur Colsey
Thomas Reed
William Potter
Tabor Quinn
Charles Whaland
George W. Anderson
Albert Shaw
Thomas Cunningham
William C. Horner


Camden Post-Telegram
March 23, 1914

Charles Worthington
John A. Stockton
George B. Wade
James White
James Orrington Burris
William Laird
George Tabor Quinn
Joseph T. Johnson
Harry Hankins
Charles Cook
William B. McCauley
William Elberson
Joseph Allen
Charles Meincke

World War I Draft Card