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GEORGE ROBESON THOMPSON was born in New Jersey around 1871 to a family that has a long history in the city. His father, John Reeve Thompson, was a member of Camden's first City Council. His son, Marshall Thompson, had a long and distinguished career with the Camden Police Department.

George R. Thompson first appears in Camden's City Directories in 1890, living with his father at 337 Kaighn Avenue. George R. Thompson was working as a clerk in 1890, but after his marriage, went into the real estate business. where he worked as a clerk in a real estate business,

George R. Thompson married Harriet Isabella Winkler around  1892. There were at least nine children born to the Thompsons. The children were John, Martha, George R. Thompson Jr., a veteran of World War I, Helen, Marshall, Margaret W., Robert, Myrtle, and Mary Thompson. 

The Thompsons stayed at 337 Kaighn Avenue through 1899. By the time the 1896 City Directory was compiled, George R. Thompson had been elected Justice of the Peace. From 1896 to 1896 he kept an office at 1139 South 4th Street and in 1898 at 903 South 4th Street. . By the spring of 1900 the Thompsons had moved to 1113 South 4th Street where they stayed through 1904. City Directories from 1905 through 1908 show the family at 350 Sycamore Street, and from 1909 through 1912 back at 1113 South 3rd Street. From 1904 through 1910 George R. Thompson served as a Justice of the Peace, Alderman, and engaged in real estate to one degree or another, with an office at 1145 South 4th Street. On February 29, 1912 he made a career change. George R. Thompson was appointed to the Camden Police Department. He served for at least 19 years, and was promoted to Detective in the late 1920s.

George R. Thompson moved his family to 251 Mount Vernon Street in 1913. The 1915 City Directory indicates a move to 239 Mount Vernon Street. City Directories from 1917 through 1919 show the family at 325 Walnut Street. By 1921 the Thompsons had moved again, to 252 Mount Vernon Street, where they remained into 1926.

The 1927 Camden City Directory shows that George Thompson and his family had moved to Cramer Hill, taking up residence at 1223 North 28th Street. By the following year the family had moved to 900 Beideman Avenue, where they remained through the spring of 1930.. 

On March 1, 1928 George R. Thompson's son, Marshall Thompson, was appointed to the Camden Police Department along with the following men, Francis Guetherman, August Riehm, William Schriver, Edward Shapiro, John V. Wilkie, Earl Wright, Edward Cahill, Walter Vecander, Stanley Bobiak, Paul Edwards, Leon Feltz, George Getley, Joseph Lack, Thomas Stanton, Otto Toperzer, and Frank Wilmot. At the time of his appointment to the police force, Marshall Thompson and his family were renting a home at 943 North 32nd Street in Camden's Cramer Hill neighborhood. 

Still employed by the Camden Police Department as a detective, George R. Thompson appears in the 1931 City Directory at 918 North 31st Street. George R. Thompson retired from police work during the 1930s. The 1936 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory lists George R. Thompson at 221 North 42nd Street.

By the spring of 1940 George R. and Harriet Thompson had moved to 224 North 36th Street in East Camden.

George R. Thompson passed away on April 14, 1942. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden.

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 18, 1895
George R. Thompson - Broadway

1896 Camden City Directory Ad

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 3, 1898
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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 4, 1904
George R. Thompson - Philip T. Colding

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1905
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Philadelphia Inquirer - February 25, 1906
George R. Thompson - Sycamore Street - Henry Moffett

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 2, 1908
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Philadelphia Inquirer - February 29, 1912

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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1919
George R. Thompson - Walnut Street - George R. Thompson Jr.

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 21, 1932
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