Middleton Sr.


GEORGE H. MIDDLETON SR. was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876 as an extra man with Engine Company 1, filling the position of his brother-in-law George Horneff who had been promoted to Assistant Engineer. George H. Middleton Sr. was one of the many new firemen brought into the department when Claudius Bradshaw was elected Chief. Bradshaw was Chief for just three years, and most of the men he brought into the department only served a year or two. George H. Middleton Sr. served for one year. He was replaced by Joseph Green on April 8, 1877.

George H. Middleton was born on December 14, 1843 in Camden to Deborah and Joseph H. Middleton. The 1850 Census lists the family in Camden's North Ward. Joseph H. Middleton worked as a laborer to support his family. By 1860 they family had moved to the Middle Ward. Besides George H., the family included older brother William and younger siblings Joseph H., Abigail, Mary, Rebecca, John D., and Sarah. George Middleton did not serve during the Civil War. Not long before the 1870 Census was taken, George Middleton married Cordelia Horneff Shields. When the census was taken, George H. Middleton, his wife Cordelia and her son from her previous marriage, Samuel Shields, were living in Camden's South Ward. The Census states that George H. Middleton was working as a ferryman, given where he lived, he probably was working at the Kaighn's Point Ferry at the foot of Kaighn Avenue. Not long after the Census, the Middletons were blessed with a daughter, Amanda. Sadly, she died the following year. In November of 1872 a son, George H. Middleton Jr. was born.

When appointed to the Fire Department in April of 1876, George H. Middleton and family were living at 433 Riley Street in South Camden, and they were still there at the beginning of 1878. By years end they had moved to 434 Mount Vernon Street. This would be George H. Middleton's home for the rest of his days. 

As indicated above when the Census was taken on June 9, 1880 the Middleton family, which then included George Jr. and Samuel Shields, Cordelia's child from a previous marriage, was living at 434 Mount Vernon Street. George H. Middleton Sr. was working as an engineer aboard a steamboat. Cordelia Horneff Middleton died on November 13, 1880. On February 3, 1887 George H. Middleton Sr. married Martha M. Hoffner in Camden. He continued to work as an engineer aboard ships well into the 1900s. By 1910 he hat retired and was living on pension. George H. Middleton Sr. passed away on June 20, 1912 in Camden. 

George H. Middleton Jr. was still living at 434 Mount Vernon Street in April of 1930. He passed away on October 19, 1932. His widow, Agnes Middleton, was still at that address as late as 1940. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 14, 1896
Samuel C. Curriden
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