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June 4, 1922

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Camden Courier-Post * June 11, 1932

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Camden Courier-Post - February 9, 1938 

Vincent Gallaher to Be Named County Solicitor
by Freeholders To Replace Keown Tonight


Vincent J. Gallaher, of Collingswood, a Camden attorney and chairman of the Camden County Democratic Committee, will be elected county solicitor at tonight‘s regular meeting of the coalition-controlled Camden County Board of Freeholders.

This was learned through two unimpeachable sources yesterday. Gallaher informed close friends he would be chosen for the post.

Gallaher will be chosen despite claims of Walter S. Keown, present county solicitor, that he cannot he removed from the position. Reports last week that Keown had decided to resign without a fight to keep his job were declared by him to be false. He said yesterday he had no statement to offer.

Further it was learned that Keown was sworn in as county solicitor by Deputy County Clerk Truax on January 7. It was the first time he had even taken the oath of office.

Others Take Oath

Truax also admitted a number of other county officials were sworn in last month. No record of the other officials previously taking the oath of office is on file in the county clerk's office.

"As I understand the law the county solicitor does not have to take the oath of office," Truax said. "The act specifically sets forth that he shall be elected for a term of three years. Mr. Keown was elected county solicitor on January 1, 1937.

"An act does require the county physician must be sworn in by the county clerk or deputy clerk. Dr. Edward B. Rogers, who was elected county physician, neglected to take the oath.

It is understood that City Solicitor Firmin Michel recommended the appointment of Gallaher, who also is said to have the endorsement of Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, who successfully directed the coalition movement that wrested the control of the Board of Freeholders from the Republicans after an uninterrupted reign of 92 years.

Michel with Isadore H. Hermann and Edward V. Martino, all affiliated with the Camden city legal department, are said to have looked up the law and reached the unanimous conclusion that Keown can be ousted from his job and that Gallaher’s appointment will withstand all tests in the courts.

Other Jobs in Doubt

Other present Republican jobholders may also be routed out of office at tonight's meeting of the freeholders, it was indicated.

Apparently some who have held county jobs, many for long periods; anticipate the freeholders plan to replace them.

Among several known to have taken oaths of office during the last month are Mrs. Grace Anthony Riggins, superintendent of the county juvenile detention home; William B. Macdonald, county court stenographer ; George R. Braunwarth, custodian of the Court House-City Hall; his assistant, Thomas B. Dickinson, Jr.; Jacob Price, county supervisor of roads; Martin J. McNulty, county purchasing agent, and Dr. Lee J. Hammett, secretary-treasurer of the Camden County Welfare Board.

Ali members of the Camden County Park Commission have been sworn in. They include Leroy A. Goodwin, president; Dr. Frank O. Stem, treasurer; Horace L. Brewer, assistant treasurer; former Mayor Roy R. Stewart, William H. Dunn, of Collingswood; J. William Markeim, of Haddonfield and George Kleinheinz, of Camden.

Royden S. Matlack, assistant county treasurer and assistant auditor to the board of freeholders was sworn in on January 13, for both positions.

Truax did not attach any significance to the fact that the number of officials decided to take their oaths of office.

Following the appointment of Dr. David S. Rhone as county physician, Dr. Rogers did not legally oppose the naming of his successor.

Records of the county clerk's office show that Dr. Rhone was the first county physician to be sworn in and to sign the "book," as the official registry is called by attaches of the office.

Camden Courier-Post * February 9, 1938 

3000 Face Loss Of Parkway Jobs In Board Threat
Delay on Bond Issue By Freeholders Brings Lay-off Ultimatum
Showdown Demanded on County Fund for WPA Work


"Complete shut-down of all county parks projects and the dismissal of approximately 3000 WPA workers was threatened yesterday by the Camden County Park Commission.

A resolution was adopted advising the Board of Freeholders of such action unless the pending $350,000 parks bond issue is approved or the board, at its adjourned meeting next Wednesday night, provides emergency funds to carry on the parks program until March 9.

Failure of the freeholders to approve the bond issue at its meeting Wednesday night, when action on the bonds was deferred until March 9, precipitated a stormy meeting of the commission.

Yesterday's meeting originally was called to receive bids for equipment.

Markeim Threatens to Quit

For nearly an hour members of the commission commission debated what action could be taken to compel the freeholders to give financial relief and prevent the closing of all projects and the layoff of WPA workers.

J. William Markeim threatened to resign if the others did not demand a showdown. Markeim and Horace L. Brewer engaged in an argument after which the former repeated his threat to quit. LeRoy A. Goodwin, commission president, said he was "bitterly disappointed" because the freeholders failed to hold a public hearing and approve the bond issue of $350,000.

John H. Osier, Jr., chief engineer, submitted a report in which he declared the future of the parks projects is dubious because of lack of funds.

Mandamus Plan Defeated

The engineer pointed out that unless more money is allotted he would be forced to recommend to WPA officials the immediate lay-off of at least 2000 workers, and asserted a complete shutdown would force the dismissal of about 3000 workers. The monthly payroll loss, he said, would be about $210,000.

Brewer moved the commission solicitor, Henry M. Evans be empowered to institute mandamus proceedings to force action by the freeholders.

The motion was opposed by William H. Dunn, of Collingswood. Goodwin said the situation called for calm and deliberate judgment and he said nothing could be gained by mandamus proceedings.

"There is no use of the members of this commission sticking their necks out any more," Brewer said. "The people of Camden county twice voted for bond issues for parks. The freeholders promised the commission this money. If these men are laid off and thrown on relief the blame cannot be put on the park commissioners. The freeholders will have to take the rap, whether they like it or not."

Goodwin explained that out of the $150,000 appropriated to carry the projects to December 31 last approximately $21,000 has not been allocated. He warned that this sum could not possibly carry on the work more than two weeks.

Markeim Urges Layoff

"It is high time we took a stand," said Markeim. "We're a bunch of fools, if we don't force the issue. The Freeholders make promises and we believe them.

"If we don't have the money we cannot continue to keep the WPA workers employed. Let us shut down every project and lay every worker off. It's time for a showdown."
Brewer suggested the engineers make a quick check-up and survey and determine just how long the WPA workers can be continued on the job.

"That's the whole trouble," Markeim shouted. "We make surveys and we listen to promises but we don't ever do anything but wait and wait and wait.

"I don't intend to waste my time sitting in meetings of this commission when we can't get anywhere simply because the freeholders are playing politics with human misery and poor devils who can barely exist on WPA a pay.

"I tell you all that unless you take definite action right now I will quit as a member of this commission."

Goodwin asked Evans if the freeholders could legally move up consideration of th« bond issue from the March 9 date.

The solicitor said such a procedure would be illegal and would surely affect the credit standing of all park bonds. Goodwin said the parks projects could not be continued another month.

"Unless the freeholders give us financial relief in less than 10 days we must shut down every project and lay off virtually every WPA worker," Goodwin said.

Emergency Fund Sough

Goodwin suggested the freeholders may be induced to make an emergency appropriation to prevent the shut down of projects. Evans said he thought this could be done if the freeholders agreed,

"We must have the guts to demand a showdown," interrupted Brewer. "There is no time to spare. We must take action right here and put this matter right in the laps of the freeholders."
Brewer moved to communicate immediately with the freeholders and demand action at its Wednesday night meeting.

The resolution was dictated by Goodwin who asked for a vote. The vote was unanimous. Those voting were Brewer, Dunn, Markeim, former Mayor Roy R. Stewart, George Kleinheinz and Goodwin.

An adjourned meeting will be held Wednesday. No action was taken on a suggestion that members of the commission attend the freeholders session.

Verga Gets Crane Work

Eugene F. Verga, local contractor, was awarded the contract for the rental of a gasoline powered crane with pontoons, all equipment and with operators at a charge of $7 an hour for 300 working hours.

Other bidders were Emil E. Estoclas, of Philadelphia, whose bid was $7.60 an hour, and W. H. Todd, of Camden, with a bid of $8 an hour.

Bids were received for the purchase of two reconditioned caterpillar cranes with equipment.
J. Jacob Shannon, of Philadelphia, submitted bids of $2950 each. The Service Supply Company bid $3550 and $3600 on the two cranes.

The Locomotive Crane Company, of Philadelphia, offered a bid of $5491 and Estoclas gave a price of $2850.

Payment of $2800 to the Eastern Engineering Company tor two reconditioned cranes was approved. Payment of $9685 to Verga for a steam pile driving machine also was authorized.

Camden Courier-Post
August 1, 1940

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