Wade III

GEORGE BYRON WADE III was born in Camden, New Jersey on January 8, 1915 to George Clayton Wade and his wife, the former Adelaide Brangoll. He was named after his grandfather, George B. Wade, a legendary member of the Camden Fire Department who served for 37 years, retiring as the City Fire Marshall in 1929 after having been a Battalion Chief. His father, George Clay Wade, often referred to as George Wade Jr., also served with the Camden Fire Department starting in the mid-1910s until he retired in April of 1935.

When his father registered for the draft in September of 1918, the Wades were living at 1441 Broadway. By January of 1920 they had moved to 924 South 5th Street where they stayed with Adelaide's parents. The 1924 City Directory has them at 1436 Broadway, and the 1929 edition shows them at 461 Mechanic Street, where they stayed as late as 1931. During the early 1930s George C. Wade and his family moved to 513 Chestnut Street. The Wades were at 1244 Browning Street in the late 1930s. 

By 1940 George B. Wade III had married. He and his

wife Margaret lived with his parents at the Browning Street address when the 1940 City Directory was published. Not long after George C. Wade registered for the draft in the spring of 1942, he and his wife moved to moved to 3007 North Congress Road in Fairview. George B. Wade III was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on September 23, 1942. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows George B. Wade III and his wife Margaret were still at 1244 Browning Street.

George B. Wade III had worked as a clerk at one of the many A&P grocery stores in Camden for seven years, spent four months in then United States Navy in 1941, then worked for a year with his father at the Camden Forge Company before being appointed to the Fire Department. He reported for duty with Engine Company 1 on October 1st, and stayed there until January 15, 1951 when he was transferred to Engine Company 9, where he remained for exactly six months. On June 16, 1951 George B. Wade III began a term of service at Engine Company 3 at 1815 Broadway. On May 6, 1963 he was sent to Fire Communications. George B. Wade III's last assignment began on November 8, 1965 when he was assigned to the Fire Marshall's office. He retired on pension on July 1, 1975 after 32 years and 2 months service, only to pass away on July 3, 1975. 

George B, Wade III's father passed in 1959. Fire Department records indicate that George B. Wade III moved from Browning Street to North Congress Road and was residing there at the time of his passing.

Engine Company 3 and the 3rd Battalion in quarters, Broadway & Ferry Avenue, South Camden. 1956.

Left to right, standing: Chief Edgar Ellender, Fireman George Wade, Fireman Howard Lewis, Captain Edward Michalak; Kneeling: Fireman George Torgun, Fireman Dominick Dalanni, Fireman Henry Keubler.

Director of Public Safety Edward Garrity presents
Chief of Department
Edward MacDowell with a municipal proclamation
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Witnessing, from left: Fireman George Wade, Fireman Harrison MacNeir,
Fireman John Gaffney Sr., Fireman James Troutman, Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, Captain Allen Hess, Fireman John Yates, District Chief Harry Wagner (obscured), District Chief Edward Michalak, Fireman Dominick Dalanni, Fireman
Howard Lewis, Fireman Henry Keubler

In the staff office at Fire Headquarters (kneeling from left) Fireman Ernest Tartaglia, Fireman Howard Lewis, Fireman Harrison MacNeir; (standing from left) Captain Allen Hess, Fireman Dominic Dalanni, Fireman Henry Keubler, Chief Harry Wagner, Fireman James Troutman, Chief Edward Michalak, Fireman James Smith, Chief Edward MacDowell, Fireman John Yates, and Fireman George Wade. - 1961