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G. FRANK TRAVIS was born Giuseppe F. Travascio in Italy in July of 1861. Originally a tailor, he came to the United States in 1885 and followed that line of work for almost twenty years. In the late 1880s he married Julia Capelli. The family was living in Philadelphia at the time of the 1900 Census, and had been blessed with six children, Agnes, Rosa, Adelena, Joseph, Frederick, and Lydia, all but Lydia still alive when the Census was taken. A son, Albert, was born in 1901.

G. Frank Travis brought his family to Camden shortly after the Census. The 1901 Census states that his home was still in Philadelphia, but that he was working as a cloth cutter for Harry A. Nutt, who had a tailor shop at 413 Market Street. By the time the 1902 Directory was compiled, G. Frank Travis had moved to 443 North 9th Street and had opened up a tailor shop with Michael A. Priore as "Travis & Priore" at 425 Market Street. The Travis family remained at 443  North 9th Street as late as 1904. By the time the 1905 Directory was compiled, G. Frank Travis had moved his clan to 320 Spruce Street, in the heart of Camden's "Little Italy".

G, Frank Travis was a man of talent and ambition, and he expanded his business ventures, became involved with fraternal organizations and was active politically. His activities in many ways shadowed those of Antonio Mecca, who, after engaging in different business ventures, went into the undertaking business and was quite succesful at it. G. Frank Travis' business ventures included real estate, bottling, a steamship ticket agency, and ultimately undertaking. Active in Republican politics, he served as a Justice of the Peace in 1907. He was also a member of the Camden Lodge 293 of the Elks.

In 1910 G. Frank Travis had a building erected at 849 South 3rd Street, the corner of South 3rd and Spruce Streets. This building was known as "The Travis Building" and also as Columbus Hall. G. Frank Travis ran his steamship ticket agency and undertaking business from this address, and his bottling business from 320 Spruce Street.

With both his and the 
Antonio Mecca funeral home, located around the corner at South 4th and Division Street, competing for the funeral trade in the Italian community, G. Frank Travis decided to look for a new territory for his businesses, and settled on Trenton, New Jersey. By the time the 1914 City Directory was compiled, G. Frank Travis had relocated to Trenton and had established a funeral home there. He disposed of his businesses in Camden, and in November of 1914 sold the Travis Building and an adjacent property on South 3rd Street.

G. Frank Travis was active as a funeral director in Trenton until his retirement in 1945. He passed away there in April of 1956.

April 18, 1906

Camden Lodge No. 293, B. P. 0. E.

CAMDEN, N. J., April 13, 1906


You are requested to attend the regular Stated Meeting, April 18, 1906, at 8 o'clock, at which time the following named applicants for membership will be balloted for:


Thomas H. Edwards

37 Shoe Man'f''g 423 Benson St.

John H. Switzer

Bro. John Harris
Bro. W. Penn Corson
Bro. Asa L. Roberts

Francis. J. Bicker M.D.

46 Physician

Fillmore & VanHook Sts.

John S. Smith

Bro. H.H. Davis
Bro. J. Willard Morgan
Bro. George B. Bond

Charles W. Bossle

31 Hatter 706 Linden Street

Joseph Bossle Sr.

Bro. J.R. McCabe
Bro. H.B. Francis
Bro. B.H. Shivers

John Morgan Jr. 

27 Real Estate Agent Merchantville, N.J.

John W. Barr

Bro. William F. Rex
Bro, D. Harry Condit
Bro. Frank E. Gardiner

Howard Callingham

23 Bookkeeper Orston, N.J.

Joseph Bossle Sr.

Bro. Tomas J. Moore
Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster

G. Frank Travis

34 Tailor 320 Spruce Street

John W. Barr

Bro. John H. Switzer
Bro. William G. Maguire
Bro. Charles W. Brecker

Theodore Stiles Jr.

42 Meat and Provision Dealer 27 N. Third Street

C.W. Brecker

Bro. Wm. Shillingsburg
Bro. James T. Bailey
Bro. P.S.D. Johnston

C.F. Taylor

35 General Storekeeper Collingswood, N.J.

Thomas J. Moore

Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster
Bro. H.I. Cooper

Frank Reiss

  Cotton Duck Salesman Collingswood, N.J.

S.H. Wilkinson

Bro. Thomas J. Moore
Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster

Edward M. Wright

35 Produce
Com. Merchant
Merchantville, N.J.

John Stewart

Bro. Al. L. Smith
Bro. M.W. Taylor
Bro. H.H. Voorhees

      Attest: J. FRED. NEWTON,                                                           ALEX. J. MILLIETTE,
                                             Secretary.                                                                              Exalted Ruler.

Philadelphia Inquirer * January 13, 1907

Antonio Mecca - G. Frank Travis - David H. Goff - Marco Marino - William B. Knight

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 13, 1911

Knights of Columbus - First Italian Republican League
Louis Bantivoglio - G. Frank Travis - Charles H. Ellis

South 4th StreetSouth 3rd Street & Spruce Street
Columbus Beneficial Association - Columbus Hall
Catholic Lyceum
- Rev. Joseph Egan - William T. Boyle

The Travis Building - Northwest Corner of South 3rd Street & Spruce Street - 1912

Early 1910s - Bottling business

Camden Post-Telegram - May 7, 1914

Oldest Liquor Man in Point Of Service Disposes of Business

After thirty-seven years in the saloon business, William F. Sand last night had his license at 571 Haddon Avenue transferred to James D. Thompson. “Billy” Sand, in point to consecutive years of service, was the oldest dispenser of liquor in the city, and one of the best known. James D. Thompson is a son of John Thompson, who, for a number of years, had a saloon ant Second and Chestnut Streets and later at 306 Federal Street. The young Mr. Thompson is widely known in athletic circles, very popular and his management will no doubt be all that a licensed place should be.

 Other transfers granted are:

            Elizabeth J. Middleton, 451 South 3rd Street, to James Monahan.

            Benjamin Klein, 817 Broadway, to Harry Galbraith.

            Wilhelmina Foehl, widow of Gottlieb Foehl, 1041 Cambridge Avenue, to her sons, Jon and William Foehl.

            G. Frank Travis, 320 Spruce Street, to Charles Epifanos.

            William F. Turner, 806 Kaighn Avenue, to George N. Ware. 

An application from Koeton Oleswicz for the right to sell at wholesale at 1152-54 Atlantic Avenue was refused.

A communication was received from the Camden Retail Liquor Dealers Protective Association placing itself on record as being opposed to gifts on Christmas.

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 11, 1914

Harrison Avenue - Alfred Cramer Jr. - Rudolph Detweiler
Charles W. Lang - Frank H. Smith - Mary Facht
G. Frank Travis  - Joseph Palese
Rocco Fanelle - Domenico A. Loscalzo

Trenton Evening Times
April 13, 1956

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