FRANK SHAW was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as an extra man with Engine Company 1 on April 8, 1876 to fill the position of Charles Hagerman. He resigned on November 21, 1876 and was replaced by James McCracken. Frank Shaw was an active member of the local Democrat party in Camden and served as the turnkey, a position equivalent to that of warden, of the Camden County Jail in the mid-1880s.

Frank Shaw was born in New Jersey, around 1853. Exactly when is a matter of question, as census records yield dates from 1847 through 1853. There also  is a bit of confusion as to his full name. The 1880 Census lists him as Franklin Shaw, the 1910 Census indicates that his son's name was John F. Shaw, while the 1914 City Directory shows Frank Shaw and Frank Shaw Jr. living at the same address. Suffice to say that throughout his life, he was known about Camden as Frank Shaw.

Frank Shaw first appears in Camden's City Directories in 1870, living in the South Ward. He was then boarding with Keturah Conklin, and lived next door to the Lewis Buzine family. Lewis Buzine's sons, Samuel S. Buzine was then serving as a member of the Camden Fire Department, a younger son, also named Lewis Buzine would also become a Camden fire fighter. Frank Shaw married soon after the Census. His wife, Joanna, bore a sone, Frank Shaw Jr., around 1873. 

As stated above, Frank Shaw took an active interest in politics as a Democrat, and secured an appointment to the Camden Fire Department in 1876 when incoming chief Claudius Bradshaw mad wholesale changes among the department's personnel. Frank Shaw was working as a picture frame gilder at the time of his appointment, and was then living in the 500 Block of Spruce Street with his wife and son.

The 1878-1879 and 1879-1880 Camden City Directories show Frank Shaw at 918 South 4th Street and the 1880 Census has him at 342 Spruce Street with his wife and son. At 910 South 4th Street in those years and into 1881 lived Joseph Shaw Sr. and Joseph Shaw Jr., who were also worked with picture frames. Frank Shaw is listed at 433 Spruce Street in the 1881-1882 City Directory. The 1882-1883 City Directory does not list Joseph Shaw Sr., but does list Joseph Jr. and Frank Shaw both as living at 910 South 4th Street. It is likely that the two Joseph Shaws were Frank Shaw's father and brother. The 1884-1885 and 1885-1888 City Directories give Frank Shaw's address as 806 Market Street. 

Frank and Joanna Shaw had two more children after the 1880 Census. The identity of one is not known, however. The third child, daughter Regina Shaw, tragically died in November of 1895 when her clothes caught fire as she was burning leaves. She was but ten years old.

Political fortune smiled on Frank Shaw in November of 1884. Camden County Sheriff appointed him to the position of turnkey at the Camden County jail, a position akin to that of warden. Frank Shaw held the post through 1887. 

The 1888-1889 Camden City Directory indicates that he was operating a bar at Cooper Avenue and Pleasant Avenue in Stockton, and a newspaper article from June of that year states that he had it built. Cooper Avenue was renamed North 27th Street after Stockton was annexed to Camden in 1899. This property, at 576 North 27th Street, was still functioning as a bar into the 1960s. 

Frank Shaw's whereabouts and activities between 1889 and 1898 are not known as of this writing. The Shaws are not listed in Camden City Directories for these years. However, a newspaper article for 1895 places him at 591 Bridge Avenue. Frank Shaw reappears in the 1898 edition, living at 843 Federal Street, working again as a picture gilder. By the time the 1899 Directory was being compiled, he had moved to 905 Federal Street. He appears to have separated from his wife when the 1900 Census was enumerated, as she appears in the census living with her son, but apart from her husband. Frank and Joanna Shaw are reunited in subsequent records. The 1906 Camden City Directory shows Frank Shaw working as an ironworker, and living at 758 Federal Street. His son Frank Jr. (listed as John F.) was also living there. When the Census was taken in 1910, Frank and Joanna Shaw and their son were living at 924 Market Street. Frank Shaw's occupation was then "sheet iron worker". 

Frank Shaw ran for Camden County freeholder from Camden's Second Ward in 1910.

The 1914 Camden City Directory shows Frank Shaw at 906 Market Street. he was then working as a machinist. His son Frank Shaw Jr. lived with him. Frank Shaw, then in his mid-70s, was still living at this address with his wife and son as late as April of 1930, when the census was enumerated.

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 13, 1884
Richard F. Smith - Frank Shaw

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 15, 1886

Dr. Onan B. Gross
Frank Shaw

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 13, 1884

Frank Shaw - Benjamin F. Archer - Joseph J. Read
Edward Francis - Robert M. Patton
Thomas Gordon - Isaac H. Sharp - Joseph A. Starr - John C. Lee 

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 7,1888

Joseph E. Roberts
Edward N. Cohn
Locust Street - Mechanic Street
Knight Street
Front Street - Chestnut Street
Kaighn Avenue - Stevens Street
Broadway - Benson Street
Viola Street - Cox Street
Berkley Street - Pleasant Street
North 27th (Cooper) Street 
Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
Keystone Chemical Company
George Holl
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Frank Shaw

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 21, 1889
Chris Eckert - Philip Schmitz - Julius Gorish
German-Hungarian Beneficial Society -
Frank Shaw

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 22, 1889
James M. Cassady - Julius Gorish -  Frank Shaw

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 4, 1895
Bridge Avenue - Cooper HospitalFrank Shaw

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