FRANK CRAWFORD was born in New Jersey on July 14, 1880. He joined the Camden city police department on August 1, 1912. In 1920 he was living with wife Katherine and son William, then 16, at 550 Spruce Street. In 1924 he resigned from the force to open up a seafood store, Consumer's Fish Market, at 1003 Broadway. He returned to the police force in 1930.

At the time of the April 1930 census, Frank and Katherine Crawford had moved to 569 Spruce Street. Their neighbors at 571 Spruce Street during these years was the Albert Stutzke family, their son John Stutzke, would become prominent in Masonic affairs in Camden. Katherine Crawford passed away sometime thereafter, and Frank Crawford married for a second time, on February 1, 1936 to Mrs. Reba Monroe, and moved into her home at Chestnut Street.

Frank Crawford re-joined the Camden police in 1931. He was promoted to Detective in 1932, and received a citation from then Police Chief John Golden. He was promoted to Acting Sergeant by January of 1933.

Frank Crawford applied for his pension in July of 1950, a mandatory retirement at 65 law having been passed covering police and firemen. His last day on the police force was August 31, 1950, when he retired along with Captain Samuel E. Johnson, Captain John T. Garrity, and Patrolman Harry Stahl. At the time of his retirement, Captain Crawford lived at Chestnut Street in Camden.

Frank Crawford was still living at 578 Chestnut Street as as late as October 1959. Not long afterwards he moved to the Parkview Apartments in Collingswood, New Jersey. Reba Crawford died on January 5, 1962. Frank Crawford passed away in June 4 1971.

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 31, 1913

Philadelphia inquirer
February 16, 1914

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Camden Courier-Post
December 21, 1932

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Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1933

Man Gets 50 Days For Taking Taxi To 'Fool' Friend

What he declared was intended only as a practical joke sent a South Camden man to the county jail for 50 days when he was arraigned in police court yesterday on a charge of stealing a taxicab.

Police Judge Pancoast failed to see the humor of the situation when Walter M. Drake, 23, of 539 Newton Avenue, said he had taken the taxicab only because he believed it was in charge of a friend and he wanted to play a practical joke on him. He earned later, he admitted, that the cab was not operated by his friend, but by another driver.

Acting Police Sergeant Frank Crawford testified he was on Sixth street when he saw Drake enter the driver's seat of a taxicab and drive away. Crawford said he overtook the cab and arrested Drake, who appeared to be intoxicated.

Drake told the court he had been married only two months ago and asked for leniency. Judge Pancoast fined him $50 and sent him to jail for 50 days when he was unable to pay the fine, after the judge had been informed Drake is on parole from New York, where he was sentenced for stealing an automobile.

Camden Courier-Post - June 2, 1933


A youth was given three months in jail by Police Judge Pancoast yesterday on charges of stealing an electric drill from a South Camden garage. A man charged with buying the instrument from him was fined $50.

George Brown, 18, colored, of 1411 South Fourth Street was arrested Wednesday night on complaint of Isadore Mesrau, of 1411 Broadway, and confessed that he stole the drill because Mesrau owed him $1. He told Detective Frank Crawford that he sold the drill to John Casto, of 763 Chestnut Street.

Casto when arraigned yesterday denied that he bought the drill but was found guilty and was fined..  

Camden Courier-Post - June 15, 1933


AA woman found beaten at Second and Penn Streets early Monday was sent to the county jail yesterday for 30 days by Police Judge Pancoast

The woman, Mrs. Margaret Templeton, 20, of 1148 Kaighn Avenue, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of being intoxicated. She had been hit with a blackjack and robbed, she told patrolman Walter Patton when he found her and took her to Cooper Hospital.

Questioned by Judge Pancoast as to who she had been with, the woman said she knew him only as "Harry." She said they had been to Gloucester. When arrested she gave her name as "Martha Shay," and several addresses which proved incorrect.

Detective Frank Crawford, who investigated the case, said Mrs. Templeton and her husband, William, of 722 Cherry Street, had been estranged about a year. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 15, 1933


Charged with carrying concealed deadly weapons, a South Philadelphia man was sent to the county jail yesterday for six months by Police Judge Pancoast.

Sebastian Grace, 24, of 1819 South Street, Philadelphia was arrested by Detective Frank Crawford, who testified he was called to a South Camden house where Grace is alleged to have threatened to shoot a girl. Manuel Canto, 26. of 947 South Street, Philadelphia, held as a material witness, was given a suspended sentence. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 29, 1933

Others Captured on Roof· of Vacant House; Oldest 13

Three small boys were arrested last night as lawbreakers.

John Greely, 13, of 419 Cedar Street, charged with malicious mischief and breaking and entering, was arrested by Detective John Kaighn on complaint of Carl H. Brummer, of 629 Clinton Street, manager of an American Store at Fourth and Elm Streets, who said he found the boy hiding in the cellar of the store.

The other boys, Victor Linkletter, 13, and William Hoy, 12, both of 506 Penn Street, are charged with trespassing. They were arrested by Detective Sergeant Gustave Koerner and Detectives Kaighn and Frank Crawford, who from windows of the detective bureau in new city hall, said they saw the boys on the roof of a vacant three-story building at 427 Market Street.

Climbing up the rear of the building they said they cornered the boys hiding behind a chimney, apparently planning to enter the building.

All three will be arraigned in police court today.

Camden Courier-Post - August 4, 1933

Shoe Clerk Held in Robbery On Refusal to Name Thief

The police court cannot be used to compound a felony nor to aid criminals in defeating the ends of justice, Police Judge Pancoast declared yesterday when he held a shoe store clerk without bail for the grand jury because he refused to name his alleged aide in a robbery.

The clerk, Maurice Serotkin, 25, of 902 Cooper Street, who was employed in a shoe store near Broadway and Chestnut Street, was charged by John Burk, 511 Market Street, Philadelphia, the manager, with breaking and entering, conspiracy to rob and stealing $225 of the store's receipts.

Detective Frank Crawford testified Serotkin had confessed to the theft and said he implicated another man. Serotkin, according to Crawford, said he received $35 for telling the other man where the money could be found. Serotkin entered a plea of not guilty.

Asked by Judge Pancoast who the other man was, Serotkin refused to answer.

"It looks to me like this defendant is keeping quiet until the money is returned to the store, and then the charges will be dropped," Judge Pancoast said. "Well, the charges will not be dropped. If this court permitted such a move, it would be com­pounding a felony and would be aiding a criminal to escape justice. This court is not going to do anything of the kind."

Judge Pancoast instructed Detective Crawford to get in touch with Prosecutor Clifford A. Baldwin, and held Serotkin without bail for the grand jury.

Camden Courier-Post * August 11, 1933

Big-Scale Payroll Forgeries Feared as Man Dupes Dentist

Large scale forgery of payroll checks drawn against a Philadelphia laundry is suspected by Camden police in the passing of a check against a Camden dentist.

Dr. Edward Schiff, dentist, of 602 Federal Street, reported to police that a strange man passed a $25 check on him after obtaining treatment for a toothache. The check, drawn to "Herman Kragen" against the Holland Laundry, Philadelphia, and dated March 3, was returned to Schiff by the Market Street National Bank, marked as a forgery.

Detective Frank Crawford declared Dr. Schiff was unable to identify any rogues' gallery photograph as that of the man who passed the check to him.

Police fear the check may be the forerunner of an epidemic of payroll check forgeries similar to that found here two years ago when merchants were fleeced by men garbed in working clothes. At that time checks were forged against the RCA Victor Company. 

Camden Courier-Post * August 16, 1933

South Jersey Police Believe Majority of Those in 'Ring' Are in Jail

Flooding of South Jersey with counterfeit money was believed by police to be effectively stopped yesterday with a total of 12 suspects now held for prosecution.

Six men, all of Philadelphia, arraigned yesterday before Police Judge Garfield Pancoast, were held in ball of $1000 each for possession of a spurious $10 note which one of their number tried to pass at a Camden gasoline station last week.

Two men were held by U. S. authorities in Atlantic City on Monday for allegedly passing counterfeit half dollars, and three men and one woman, all of Philadelphia, are to be arraigned here today before U. S. Commissioner Wynn Armstrong. Two of the latter four were arrested in Philadelphia Monday, and two at Somerdale on Saturday.

The six men held here had been in jail for a week pending yesterday's hearing. They were held for the grand jury.

Two of them, Edward Duncan, 36; of 805 South Sheridan street, and James Wilson, 33, of 2023 West Norris street, have, confessed to City Detective Frank Crawford and Department of Justice agents that they purchased $100 worth of bogus money for $30 from a man in Philadelphia, Crawford testified.

Duncan and Wilson told the agents the name of this man and he is now being sought. Agents believe his capture would provide an important step in their crusade to stem the flood of false money in South Jersey.

When they were arrested they declared they had received the $10 bill as a payoff for hitting the "numbers." They tried to pass the money at a gas station at Haddon Avenue and Sycamore Street owned by Samuel Goldberg last Tuesday, Crawford testified.

The detective stated that the agent did not "want" the other four prisoners arrested with Wilson and Duncan. But Judge Pancoast refused to release them, naming the same amount of bail for them and saying that the prosecutor's office would take over the matter.

The latter four gave their names as Aaron Howell, 46, of 2008 North Twenty-first Street; Samuel Coles, 38, of 1936 North Twenty-second Street; Fletcher Hammond, 28, of 2007 Merville Street, and Frank Henderson, 47, of 2021 North Lambert Street.

Camden Courier-Post - February 24, 1936

Detectives Learn They're Not So Wise as Crawford
Breaks News

Camden detectives are supposed to know everything that is happening in Camden.

It was left for one of their own members, Acting-Sergeant Frank Crawford to show them they were not so wise. Last night he revealed he had been married since February 1.

Crawford's bride is the former Mrs. Reba Monroe, 578 Chestnut Street.

The marriage was solemnized by Rev. Reiges Larkin, O. M. C., at Seaside Park, and the couple decided to keep it a secret for a time after returning to Camden.

Crawford, a widower has one son, William, 34. He joined the Camden police force in 1912 and after serving 12 years, resigned to enter business. He conducted the Consumers Fish Market, 1003 Broadway for six years and then returned to the police force. He has been assigned to the detective bureau for two years and has been an acting-sergeant a year.

Mrs. Crawford is the mother of Miss Olga Monroe, a teacher in the Broadway School, Broadway and Clinton Streets.

Camden Courier-Post

August 5, 1936

Thomas Murphy
Jasper Street

Camden Courier-Post

August 10, 1936

Everett Joslin
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Frank Crawford
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Charles E. Williams
North 28th Street

Camden Courier-Post - October 26, 1936


Camden Courier-Post - February 4, 1938


Mrs. Marion Miller, of 257 Mount Vernon Street, reported to police today that a burglar broke into her home Wednesday and ransacked the second and third floors. The intruder was frightened away without any loot.

Detective Frank Crawford found that entrance had been gained by taking a pane of glass out of a side window. Crawford said that he had obtained fingerprints.

George Stinsman, of 14 York Street, reported that someone had broke into his home and stolen a washing machine valued at $59.

Camden Courier-Post
February 25, 1938

South 8th Street
Liberty Street
Walter Gintoft
Edwin Mills
Frank Crawford

Camden Courier-Post
October 29, 1940

Stanley Geda
Gene R. Mariano

John Miller
August Pfleiderer
Joseph Mardino
Frank Crawford
Albert Brager
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Clinton Street








Camden Courier-Post
February 8, 1943

Camden Courier-Post * March 9, 1946
William Redlus - Erie Street

Camden Courier-Post - July 7, 1950
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