Frank Chambers

FRANCIS D. "FRANK" CHAMBERS was born in  September of 1869 to Jacob Chambers and his wife, the former Jane Dardis. The family lived in what was then Newton Township. In 1871 Newton Township was united with Camden, forming the Seventh and Eight Wards. His father was a brick mason, and had only recently brought the family to New Jersey from Pennsylvania when Frank Chambers was born. Besides Francis there were six older children, William, James, Joseph, Mary, Jane, and Hannah Chambers. The family is listed in City Directories of the 1870s and early 1880s at 246 South Street. South Street was renamed South 10th Street in the mid-1880s, and the houses were renumbered.

Jacob Chambers died in 1882. The family stayed on South Street (South 10th Street) through the 1880s. 

By 1890 they had relocated to 1051 Ferry Avenue, a home at the corner of Ferry Avenue and Mulford Street. Mrs. Chambers operated a boardinghouse there until her passing in November of 1895.  

Frank Chambers learned the shoemaker's trade as a young man. The 1887 City Directory shows that he was working for Edward A. Richardson. He is listed in the 1892 Directory at 2022 Broadway, but returned to his mother's home on Ferry Avenue prior to the compilation if the 1893 edition. 

Frank Chambers married his wife Lizzie around 1893. A son, Francis D. Chambers Jr., was born on August 13, 1896. Another child, daughter Elizabeth, was born shortly before the 1910 Census. 

Frank Chambers and his family stayed at 1051 Ferry Avenue into 1898. The 1899 City Directory shows that they had moved to 1934 Fillmore Street, and the 1900 and 1901 Directories show him at 561 Van Hook Street. All through these years Frank Chambers worked as a shoemaker. 

By the time the 1902 City Directory was compiled, Frank Chambers had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. The 1902 Directory gives his address as 557 Van Hook Street. From 1903 through 1906 they were at 568 Ferry Avenue. The 1907 edition gives an address of 1822 Fillmore Street. The family was on 571 Van Hook Street from 1908 through 1911, at 1606 Fillmore Street from 1912 through 1916. 

On July 29, 1915 Chief of Department John Stockton retired. Deputy Chief Peter B. Carter was promoted to Chief, William W. Patterson was made Deputy Chief, and Thomas J. Nicholas, who had been Captain of Engine Company 3, was promoted to Battalion Chief. The promotions took effect October 1, 1915. By thattime Frank Chambers had been selected to take over as Captain of Engine Company 3. 

By the time the 1916 City Directory was compiled, Frank Chambers and family had moved to 1645 Broadway. The 1920 Census shows that Frank and Lizzie Chambers were still living at 1645 Broadway with their two children, and also were renting lodging to August F. Haverkamp, a young electrical worker at the nearby New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyard. The Chambers' had known Haverkamp as a boy on Van Hook Street. August F. Haverkamp was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in November of 1920.

Shortly after the Census was taken in January of 1920, Frank Chambers and his family moved to 2013 Arlington Street.

Frank Chambers was still working for the Camden Fire Department when he died, on April 25, 1923.

Camden Courier
June 13, 1895

Albert James
Samuel Cox - James O. Smith
Gabriel P. Johnson -
Samuel Peoples
Thomas Buchanan - George Chambers
Frank Chambers - Benjamin H. Thomas Jr.

Young Republican Club of the Eighth Ward

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 1, 1896

Frank Chambers

Camden Evening Courier
November 29, 1900

Albert James
Frank Chambers

Engine Company 3

Philadelphia Inquirer September 10, 1902

Peter Steubing - Elizabeth Haverkamp
South 6th Street - Van Hook Street
William Loudenstein -
Frank Chambers

Camden Evening Courier
April 21, 1904

Eighth Ward Republican Club
Church of Our Savior
Alfred Snow
Mary Collins
Frank Chambers
William James
James Harker
Albert James
Samuel Cook
Alexander Purnell
Harry Schorpp
Frank D.L. Covely
James Croker

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 29, 1909

William Deno - Frank Chambers

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 8, 1909

Lewis Buzine - Frank Chambers

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 13, 1910

George Cox - Frank Chambers - Peter Gray - Joseph Maxwell  

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 30, 1915


John Stockton - Peter B. Carter  
Thomas J. Nicholas - William Patterson
Charles Cook - Walter Mertz
William Casson - Robert Whitley
T.G. Middleton -
John H. Lennox 
John A.S. Hunt -  George Cattell
Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 4
Walter W. Johnson - Walter W. Lee
Clarence Baler -
Walter Wolverton
Albert Denise - William Barr
Bowman H. Shivers


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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 2, 1915
  John A. Stockton - Peter B. Carter - Thomas J. Nicholas
William Patterson - Walter W. Browning - George P. Cox
Engine Company 3  

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 19, 1916

Chris Waldenmaier - Emerson House
Broadway - Emerald Street
Engine Company 3 - Frank Chambers