Evelyn Turner, aged 16

EVELYN MARTHA STEWART was born at 406 Berkley Street in Camden, New Jersey on April 20, 1900 to Charles Frances Turner and his wife the former Emma Catherine Zattau. He grandfather, Frank Turner, was a member of the Camden Fire Department. On June 24, 1900 she was baptized at the First Methodist Church at 301 South 6th Street in Camden. Evelyn Turner was the second of five children, coming after Louise Turner and before a son who died as an infant in 1901 and sisters Emma and Elinor.

The Turners were still living at 406 Berkley Street when the Census was taken in 1910. By 1914 the family had moved to 404 Berkley Street, where they resided through at least 1926.

Evelyn Turner completed the six-year course of instruction at the Camden Normal School, which consisted of four years of high school courses plus an additional two years of courses designed to prepare her for work as a school teacher. She graduated in June of 1919, a member of the last class to graduate from the school, which was shut down as a result of the State of New Jersey opening up a new teachers school at Glassboro, which today is known as Rowan University.

Evelyn Turner began teaching at the Broadway School at Broadway and Clinton Streets in September of 1919. She stayed at the Broadway School until her retirement in June of 1956.

Sadly, on April 22, 1920 older sister Louise, who had served in the United States Navy during World War I, died of the Spanish flu. On July 26,1926 father Charles Turner passed away.

On August 3, 1929 Evelyn Turner married Paul Mood Stewart. The Stewarts took up residence at 10 McPhelin Avenue in the Batesville section of Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey, just outside of Haddonfield, in a house Paul Stewart owned. Evelyn Turner Stewart's widowed mother Emma and siblings Howard, Elizabeth, and Elinor lived a few doors away. The Stewarts divorced in 1937, but remarried in Detroit, Michigan on July 8, 1942. Evelyn Turner Stewart was still living at 10 McPhelin Avenue when the cenus was taken in 1940. Her mother and sisters also were living there at the time.

At the end of the school year in 1956, Evelyn Margaret Turner Stewart retired from the Camden School system, having completed 37 years service.

A resident of Cherry Hill until her last day, Evelyn Stewart died on November 26, 1984. She was buried at Harleigh cemetery two days later. Her husband joined her in 1988.      


Louise Turner, age 8, and
Evelyn Turner, age 5

Memories of Broadway School

I spent two years,1946-1947, first and second grade. I clearly remember the two teachers as though it were yesterday, Mrs. Bastian and Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Stewart being the nicer of the two. I got of on the wrong foot when my youngest sister Bernice took me to school on the first day and I threw a fit and kicked Mrs. Bastian. Needless to say from there on the two of us didn't exactly have what you would call a close relationship. 

Joe Wishart
April 28, 2008