ELWOOD PAUL MARTZ SR. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 19, 1890. He was living at the Girard College for underprivileged boys when the Census was taken in 1900.

The Martz family moved to Camden around 1910. Elwood Martz married his wife Catherine around 1911, and a son, Elwood Jr., was born in 1914. The City Directory for that year shows him living at 1009 Segal Street in North Camden. The family lived at 1065 Segal Street when Elwood Martz Sr. registered for the draft.

Elwood Martz Sr. was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in July 1, 1922 and reported for duty on August 1, 1922. He was living at 1013 Segal Street when the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled. Brother firefighter James Young lived next door at 1011 Segal Street. By 1927 Elwood Martz had moved to 925 Howard Street. The 1929 Camden City Directory lists Elwood Martz at 339 Erie Street. When the census was taken in April of 1930 Elwood Martz, wife Catherine, and children Elwood Jr., William, and Anna were still living at 339 Erie Street. The family had moved to 101 State Street in the early 1930s and were still living at that address in 1943. 

Elwood Martz Jr. served as an auxiliary fireman in Camden in the 1940s. He was one of the first 50 to serve, after completing the seven-week training course in the spring of 1941.

Elwood Martz Sr. served with Engine Company 6 at Front and Linden Streets until April of 1943 when he was assigned to the Fire Marshal's office. Elwood Martz Sr. had moved to 213 North 3rd Street by the time the 1947 Camden City Directory was being put together. Promoted to Deputy Fire Marshall, he continued to serve the City of Camden until September of 1955 when, having reached the mandatory retirement age, he left on pension. Elwood Martz Sr. was still living at 213 North 3rd Street when he retired, and was still at that address as late as the fall of 1970. He was still a resident of Camden when he passed away on February 23, 1975, survived by his wife and sons.

World War I Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post * February 22, 1938
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World War II Draft Card


Camden Courier-Post * February 25, 1975

February 25, 1975