EDWARD SMITH POWELL JR. was born in New Jersey on February 28, 1847 to Edward Smith Powell and his wife, the former Jane Beideman. He was the third of thirteen children born to the Powells. The family was living in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey when the census was taken in 1850. 

The 1860 Census shows Edward Powell living in Newton Township with his grandparents, Mary and Zachariah Powell. The Census indicates that Zachariah Powell was a member of the United States Navy. Edward Powell did not serve in the military during the Civil War. Edward Powell appears in the 1870 Census in Camden's North Ward, living with his parents. His father had a farm in what is now North Camden, on State Street east of North 6th Street. Edward Powell was  working on his father's farm when the census was taken. He married in the late 1870s. 


The 1879-1880 City Directory shows Edwin Powell working as a teamster and living at 222 Erie Street. His brother Belin lived next door at 220 Erie Street. The 1880 Census shows Edward Powell, his wife Emma, and children Clarence 3, and George, 1, at 222 Erie Street. Edward Powell and his brother Belin had gone into business selling kindling wood. Belin went back to farming after awhile, Edward, however, was still in the kindling wood business in 1883. 

Edward Powell is not listed in the 1884-1885 or 1885 Camden City Directories. He is listed in the 1887-1888 edition, living at 801 Linden Street. He had by this time been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was still with the Fire Department in 1888, but had moved to 335 North 9th Street. Edward Powell had left the Fire Department by January 19, 1889. He worked as an engineer with Camden's Water Department in 1889. On January 1, 1890 he was appointed to the Camden Police Department, taking the place of George H. Wheaton, who had resigned..

The 1890-1891 Camden City Directory shows that Edward Powell had moved to 603 North 6th Street. He had been appointed to the police department. Edward Powell served as a Camden police officer until May of 1898, when, along with many other officers, he was let go by Mayor Cooper B. Hatch. The 1899 Camden City Directory shows that he had gone into business with Samuel S. Bakley, selling springs. The business was known, appropriately enough, as Powell & Bakley, and operated out of 603 North 6th Street. Both men had served together in North Camden as police officers throughout the 1890s.

The 1899 City Directory also indicates that Edward Powell's wife was named Mary, it is not not known at this point whether this is the same person he was married to in 1880 or not.

The 1900 Census shows Edward Powell, wife Mary, and daughter Sallie living at  603 North 6th Street. Boarding with the Powell family was Camden firefighter Amedee S. Middleton

Tragedy struck the Powell family in 1900, when Mary Powell, whom had been ill for some time, committed suicide.

By 1906 Edward Powell had moved to 506 North 5th Street, and had gone into the fish business. Sadly, by 1910 Edward Powell was a widower. When the census was taken that year, he was living at 431 Vine Street with a widow, Sarah Rowley, and her daughter and son-in-law, Gertrude and Albert Eadon. 

The 1914 City Directory shows Edward Powell had moved to 527 Spruce Street in South Camden. He was was operating an oyster house at 506 North 5th Street. Edward Powell was still in the oyster business at this address as late as 1927. 

Edward Powell did not stay in South Camden for very long. By 1918 he had moved to 614 North 5th Street. The 1920 Census shows him living at 510 North 4th Street, and that he had remarried. It appears that his wife was the former Sarah Rowley, with whom he was living with at the time of the 1910 Census. The Powells were still residing at this address as late as April of 1930. 

Edward Powell later moved to 312 York Street. He passed away on August 6, 1934 and was buried at Evergreeen Cemetery.

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