EDWARD T. MELSON was born in Pennsylvania in October of 1867 to George and Sarah Melson. The family had moved to Camden by the time the 1880 Census was taken. At that time he was the second oldest of the six Melson children at home, coming after George and before sisters Sadie, Margaret "Maggie", Lottie, and Allice. The Melsons then lived at 1125 Locust Street, just north of Kaighn Avenue in South Camden. His father then worked on the river as a waterman, i.e., aboard a boat. Edward Melson followed that trade briefly, but primarily worked throughout his life as a pile driver and wharf builder.

Edward Melson lived with his parents at 1125 Locust Street as late as 1891. He married Emma M. Morris around 1891. The couple lived at 1965 Ivins Street, the, by 1892, at 274 Liberty Street. From 1893 though 1897 their primary residence was 220 Mt. Vernon Street, the 1895 Directory however reports an address of 118 Kaighn Avenue.

A drinking man with a bad temper when drunk, Edward T. Melson got himself into serious trouble in December of 1896, when he shot former policeman Daniel Lee inside a George Dilmore's saloon on Kaighn Avenue. On trial for his life, he was acquitted in spite of what was thought to be overwhelming evidence.

Edward Melson returned to his wife Emma, and a daughter, Sarah E. Melson, was born in May 23, 1897. 
The Melsons lives at 1114 Cresson Street in 1898, the moved to 2017 Fillmore Street, where there remained into 1901, then moved to 336 Mechanic Street. The 1902 City Directory reports an address of 266 Sycamore Street, the following year found Edward and Emma Melson at 278
Mt. Vernon Street. Emma Melson does not appear in city directories after 1903 and it appears she had passed away.

Edward Melson got arrested again in 1903 and does not appear in Camden's 1904 Directory. The 1905 and 1906 editions show him once again at 1114 Cresson Street. In 1907 he was at 645 Van Hook Street, in 1908 at 234 Sycamore Street

The 1910 Census shows Edward Melson, a widower, living at 215 Chestnut Street with older brother George, sister Sadie, and widowed mother Sarah. Edward Melson is listed at that address in the 1911 City Directory. 1913 found him at 1468 South 3rd Street. He is not listed in the 1914 Directory, but the 1917 Directory shows Edward Melson living at 144 Cox Street. The 1918-1919 Directory has him at 209 Sycamore Street with Marion Richards.

The 1920 Census shows Edward T. Melson living with married woman, Marian C. Richards at 206 Sycamore Street, working as a teamster. A George Melson, aged 14, was also living at that address. Edward T. Melson was living at 206 Sycamore Street as late as 1923. Mrs. Richards moved to 1218 Knight Street the following year, but it is not known if Edward Melson went with her, moved away, or passed on. He is not listed in City Directories after 1923. Mrs. Richards was still living at the Knight Street address when the entire block was destroyed by fire on July 10, 1933.

Trenton Evening Times
December 18, 1896

Edward T. Melson
Daniel Lee

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 12, 1896


Daniel Lee - George Dilmore Sr. - Edward Melson - George Emley - John L. Westcott
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - Eli Morgan - George Morgan - James Burrows - Dr. Levi Hirst
George Dilmore Jr. - John A. Dall -
John Painter
South 4th Street - Mt. Vernon Street - Kaighn Avenue - Sycamore Street

The North American
January 20, 1897

Daniel Lee - George Dilmore Sr.
Edward Melson - George Emley
Charles Morgan -
Frederick Rex
George Dilmore Jr.
John A. Dall
John Painter
South 4th Street
Mt. Vernon Street
Kaighn Avenue
Walnut Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 21, 1897


Frederick Rex - Daniel Lee - George Dilmore Jr. - Edward Melson - George Martin - Maurice Hertz
Joseph Taylor -
John J. Welsh - A.K. Snyder - W. Kaminski - John Lee - J. Frederick Voight
Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Charles G. Garrison - Wilson Jenkins - William Carson
Monroe C. Bennett - James A. Rowland - W.H. Hogan - Frank H. Powell - Thomas Willis
Moses M. Mulford - James McNeill - Harry F. Renner - amuel Thompson - John M. Masters
Frederick Halloway - James Farraday - William Hind -
Mechanic Street

Trenton Evening Times
January 21, 1897

Edward T. Melson
Daniel Lee
Wilson H. Jenkins
Justice Charles Grant Garrison
Judge G.D.W. Vroom

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 7, 1910
Edward T. Melson - Charles V.D, Joline - Daniel Lee - Charles Smith