EDWARD CURRIDEN was the son of William J. Curriden. He was born in New Jersey on April 28, 1873. He was one of at least six children, the others being William, Ida Jane, Harry, Josephine and Samuel Curriden. His father was an upholsterer.

The 1880 Census shows the family at 606 North 5th Street. By 1897 William and Mary Curriden and Edward had moved to 140 North 11th Street. Edward Curriden was then working as a driver for the Knickerbocker Ice Company. He married soon afterwards. By 1906 Edward Curriden had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He then lived at 925 Pearl Street. The 1910 City Directory shows him at 921 Pearl Street. He and his family were living at 915 Pearl Street by 1914.

When he registered for the draft in September of 1918 Edward Curriden and family still lived at 915 Pearl Street. The 1920 Census shows Edward and Mary Curriden living at 918 North 7th Street with their children William, Mary, Ida, and Josephine, and two stepchildren, Edward McCarthy and Anna Immendorf. The family was still living at that address in 1924. By that time Edward Curriden had been promoted to captain. His last years with the Camden Fire department were spent as a Captain at Engine Company 11. Captain Curriden was granted his retirement pension in August of 1926. 

The April 1930 Census shows Edward and Mary Curriden living in Oaklyn, New Jersey. He was then working as a house carpenter. By 1931 he had moved to Mount Ephraim. MAry Curriden passed away in January of 1949. It was reported in the Camden Courier-Post on October 7, 1949 that Edward Curriden was still alive and in good health.

In May of 1894 Edward Curriden's older brother Samuel Curriden was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, along with Joseph Logue, William Patterson, George Cox, David Andrews, John A. Dold, William Jobes, William O. Sawyer, and Albert James. Samuel Curriden did not remain with the fire department for long, however. He was let go on March 28, 1895. He was active in the Civic affairs of Camden relating to the war effort during World War I. At wars end, he served as the Chairman of the Decorations Committee, which directed the erection of all Victory Arches and decorations for receptions to the returning troops, Admiral Henry B. Wilson Jr., and the Peace Jubilee. The rest of the committee consisted of the following men: Andrew B. F. Smith, William S. Abbott, W. H. Turnbull, Charles S. Boyer, John W. Kelly Jr., Walter L. Campbell, and Charles M. Curry.

World War I Draft Card
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Camden Post-Telegram
August 6, 1925

Edward Curriden
Engine Company 11