EARL H. BUNDY was born around 1914 in Virginia to Solomon and Annie Bundy. The family had moved to Penns Grove NJ by January of 1920, when the Census was enumerated. In the late 1920s the family came to Camden NJ. The Bundy family was living at 1113 Locust Street, just above Kaighn Avenue, in the neighborhood known as Foggy Bottom, a few doors away from Barag's Grocery, which stood at 1121 Locust. 

The Bundy family moved to 114 MMt. Vernon Street by 1929. In December of 1930 Earl Bundy was indicted for breaking and entering.

By of October of 1931 the Bundy family had moved to the 800 block of Sycamore Street. Earl Bundy again came to the attention of the police, this time for his involvement in an armed robbery that took place at Second and Mt. Vernon Streets. He again was arrested in October of 1936, this time for bootlegging.

By 1947 Solomon Bundy had passed away. Earl Bundy and his mother then lived at 755 Walnut Street, a house that had previously been occupied by Rebecca Somerville-Wortham. Earl Bundy was working as a laborer at the time. Available records indicate that he passed away in 1973.

Camden Morning Post
December 9, 1930


Samuel M. Shay - John Cullen - Stanley Janasz - John Makowski
Earl Bundy -  West Jersey Hospital - Lansdowne Avenue 
South Common Road

Camden Courier-Post * October 16,1931


Police last night cleaned up an old case of highway robbery that occurred at Second and Mt. Vernon Streets last August when Edward A. Turner, 48, of 1104 Cresson Street, was robbed of his watch, chain and knife.

At the time of the hold-up, Turner told police there were four or five colored men in the robbery. Detectives Robert Ward and Clifford Carr arrested Earl Bundy, 17, of 819 Sycamore Street, who they said had the articles in his possession; also Charles Wing, 17, of 1012 Francis Street; Sherman Smith, 17, of 161 Ivins Street and William Jackman, 16, of 152 Sycamore Street. The last three pleaded guilty and were sentenced to Rahway Reformatory by Judge Samuel Shay.

Bundy pleaded not guilty and was lodged in the local jail. 

Last night Ward and Carr with Patrolman Luke captured Oscar Moore, 19, of 135 Mt. Vernon Street as the fifth bandit. He will be held without bail on the same charge as the others..

Camden Courier-Post * October 22, 1936

Lewis Liberman - Samuel P. Orlando - John Burns - John Huston
Herbert Richardson - Robert Ashenfelter - Francis Murtaugh
John Ercolani - Edward Hargrove - James Walter

South 8th Street - North 34th Street
Penn Street - Sycamore Street

Camden Courier-Post - February 2, 1938
Excuse of Breaking in ‘Just to Buy a Drink' Fails to Move Court

John H. Fagen, 34, of Macon, Georgia, was sentenced to four months in county jail yesterday by Judge Clifford A. Baldwin in Special Sessions Court, on charges of breaking and entering a saloon January 17.

Fagen was arrested after Olga Cinaglia, daughter of Peter Cinaglia, proprietor of the saloon, at 702 South Second Street, heard him and wakened her father. The father and a brother caught Fagen after he climbed out a window of the saloon. Fagen told the court he entered the saloon to buy a drink.

George Zimmerman, 33, of 53 Marlton Pike, was sentenced to six months in jail in default of $300 fine as a result of his arrest three weeks ago by state ABC agents who found five gallons of untaxed alcohol in his home.

Earl Bundy, 824 Sycamore Street, and Grant Green, 723 Sycamore Street, were given jail sentences as a result of their arrest in the latter's home. William West, of Second street and Kaighn Avenue, complained to Policeman Earl Wright that he was attacked by Bundy when he went there to buy liquor. Wright found five quarts of illicit liquor in the house.

Judge Baldwin sentenced Bundy to 30 days for assault and battery and three months for the ABC violation. When Green admitted he had the liquor and said Bundy was innocent, Judge Baldwin said:

"Misery loves company, and as long as you are so fond of Bundy you can keep him company in the county jail for two months."

Harold Smith, of Lawnside, arrested by Bayard Sullivan, ABC agent, for operating a still In a vacant house, pleaded that he was ill and subject to "spells." Judge Baldwin sentenced him to a "spell" of six months in the county jail.

Former Recorder William Branch, of Lawnside, was found not guilty of malfeasance in office. On May 15 Jerry Whitledge, also of Lawnside, was arrested on a charge of drunken driving. At a hearing be· fore Branch. Whitledge was sentenced to 30 days or $100 fine. Whitledge appealed and his attorney, William A. E. King, served the appeal papers on Branch. Under the law. Branch should have sent an immediate discharge order to the county jail for Whitledge's release but Branch failed to do so for several days. Because Branch's term has expired and because neither King nor Whitledge appeared to prosecute, the court discharged him.