Dr. William

DR. WILLIAM S. MOSLANDER was born in Camden NJ on January 3, 1860. His father had served as a naval officer during the Civil War, and as a sea captain after the war. The elder Moslander was lost in a ship wreck in 1882. 

William Moslander worked from the age of seventeen, and studied medicine on his own. At the age of twenty-four, he began studies with Dr. Melbourne F. Middleton. He attended Hahnemann School of Medicine in Philadelphia, and graduated in 1889.  Dr. Moslander set up practice in Camden, and served on the Board of Health, and served as its President for two years. As a student, he lived at 835 Penn Street. By 1890 he made his home at 837 Penn Street, where he was located as late as 1897. He later moved to 901 Cooper Street. Prior to his graduation from medical school, Dr. Moslander was an organizer of and in 1885 elected a trustee of the Linden Baptist Church.

Dr. Moslander passed away by the 1920 census. He was survived by his wife Anna, and a son, William M. Moslander. 

Dr. Moslander's half-brother, Amedee St. Clair Middleton, was a career member of the Camden Fire Department.


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